Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The preview full viewing on presents

So this is what I did show you before. The stitching was really difficult because there were a lot of smaller stitches.

And so here is the backing fabric, and can you tell yet what I made? You can maybe tell that there are cats on the fabric, and yes, that is a clue.

Here it is. The cat, almost done save for some back stitching and fabric. What am I making?
Can you tell what I am making the cat into? A wall hanging perhaps?

Look. it is 90% done. It does look like something to put on the wall, no?
But it isn't. It is a pillow. Unfortunately I could not find a pillow which was the same size as the cat. So I bought a very inexpensive one from IKEA, who is everyones friend and I took out my scissors and took off one side. Then I took out as much stuffing so that it was the size of my cat and sewed it shut. Then all I had to do was make the backside of the pillow. And there I used another fabric and I got to use my new sewing machine. I will show you those pictures later, because they seem to have gone AWOL.

Toodeloo. And Cheerio and so on.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Blanket me in Alpaca

I have not been idle. I have in fact since the new year started, finished my pillow. It needed only to be sewn together, but it was tough. My hand were killing me it hurt so bad. But I am done, and it feels so good to have something finished. At least since I started this pillow way back in this last summer. Hence the summery colours and flowers. I realized too late that the flowers should have been ironed before being sewn on, but oh well. Looks good anyway. Sorry about the crappy quality of the picture, but it is nearly impossible to take good pictures during the winter.

And, another TA-Dah. I made a babyblanket. And I just decided that it was big enough. But the person who will receive it is not the biggest person so:P
And no, there are no babies being planned at the moment, for any of my friends or otherwise. But my kids will bloody well have to deal with pink everything that I am going to make. I do sometimes think about others and use purple or something, but _I_ am the one going all go-go eyed making the stuff, so my saying counts the most.:P So there.

And don't worry, I have already started the next babyblanket, all in alpaca yarn. Viking Superfine. It is the cuddliest of all yarns that I have ever felt or worked with. It is a delight. So it doesn't bother me that I spent the last of my birthday money on it.
(Weeeeell, to be honest it does, but never mind, I am stupid so.... Yarn is way better than candy, not chocolate, but candy anyway, and less expensive.)

And today I cuddled a baby bunny, so all in all the best day in a while. I want, no, need a bunny.:( Alas it was not an angora, but a hermelin.