Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Ornaments are done Onsdag

I am very happy to say, I have made another Christmas ornament, and since it is a gift, that is another gift to tick of my to-do-list. 
So I am showing off my Christmas angel cat and the one I made before. I rather like them.
I have thought about it, and I need to make four more in this series this year. 
Since I have used the floss double I am already out of white floss, but since I have heaps in my stash I am not too worried.

What I AM a little worried about lately though, is a present that I have been doing on and off for the past two years. I was seeing the light in the end of the tunnel and not a moment too soon because I was out of a particular colour thread. And then it happened, the repeat I was doing did not match up with the other side…. Oh the horror, the first repeat I made is one square to much up and the entire repeat must be frogged and done again. And as I said earlier my predicament lies in the thread that is alas empty. I do not think that I can manage frogging and keeping all of the floss I have, there is bound to be some spillage and then I am sort that particular thread. And it is a weird DMC thread too, no number and very thick orangy. Oh, well I must throw in the towel and ask Permin for a replacement and hope that it will come in time for the holidays… Wish me luck.

It is the square one here…. And as you can see, it will look really wonky if I don't fix this mistake...

Monday, 25 November 2013

A hole in the Hol and a workshop

My friend joined me and we drank some Christmas Fizz and then we made a cat each. I have the grey one and she the white. I think they turned out lovely once we found the strength to abandon the instructions, because face it, they were making us more confused.

Now to decide who gets my lovely cat…. I have already started another, as there were 13 in the kit.

Then later the same day bunny helped boyfriend to assemble a Hol from IKEA. And I have no idea how she knew, but she acted like it belonged to her before we even put her stash in. She now has a small house were we are giving out hay. Hopefully she will keep the hay inside the box and not drag it everywhere. Because as you all know hay must be eaten either straight from the bag or from the floor, but if it stays on the floor for too long, it turns inedible soon. But somehow after weeks of being on the floor behind something it turns edible again if there is enough dust in it…. Bunnies.

And here she is hopping out of her table house. Boyfriend's father made the hole for us.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Moar Cards and a tomte

You know, I was looking at my to-do-list yesterday, and I have started the gifts for most of the people on it. And some are even finished! 

I made another coaster:
I like this one, on sparkly aida. I have really enjoyed making these coaster and I can see myself making more of them. I get to use up stash, I find the charts from my magazines, and all I have to buy is the coaster itself, and it is super cheap. It goes fast and there is no making up afterwards, just jam it in and close. My kind of project. And tadah, finished.

Here is another stitched card, There is only one left of the stitched variety and about eight non-stitchy cards, I think I will be able to send them out next week. Last year my mum bought the stamps and we signed all the cards together and sent. Maybe she wants to do that this year too? It is nice to send home made cards and I like sending them with my mum because we have been doing that forever. Plus it is never stupid to share the cost of the stamps;) Most people still think of my mother and me as a set anyway so a card from us and my boyfriend together might not be a dumb idea. I think I will ask them and see what they think. :)

Look at the poinsietta Bouffle is holding, that really is the most Christmasy flower I know of. I am thinking about buying one in plastic though because it is very toxic to bunnies and my bunny can get to anything she puts her mind to. To be honest I am fairly certain she can make people do whatever she wants by telepathy. The other day I found myself giving her a small banana bite even though I was adamant she would not get any as she had already gotten apple from boyfriend when suddenly I heard her nommin away on the banana…. Wonder how that happened.  

 So more cards. I like making simple cards, the lovely green aida is from a Bothy threads kit I did years ago and still had in my stash. There was not that much left, but I still keep the little pieces just for instances like this. I usually use fray-stop- glue on them immediately after cutting them and keeping them in my stash, because I hate for them to fray into something unusable just by being in the stash.

  God Jul means merry Christmas in Norwegian. I have used a Permin letter font from their God Jul heart ornament stitch that I bought the other day.

And I have also updated my bunny ornament stash!

This little darling was a shop display, but since she was broken I got her cheap. They are selling off the rest of their ornaments on the 22nd. I have my eyes set on one of them. Bunnies prefer bunny partners after all.

And, I have my first proper bunny christmas ornament. I see bunny ornaments on blogs all the time, but the only ornaments made for adults come during easter, and since Christmas is my holiday I want tons of bunny Christmas ornaments. Look at the little fellow, he looks like a proper "fjøsnisse".

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Tuesday Tunes JuiceJuice

Yes, there is a Morning Musume member in this dance, but Karin is fine, she just had a fractured ankle and could not dance, so they had a dance-in in the form of Ayumi from Morning Musume.

I love this song, obviously since I am showing it on Tuesday Tunes. 
And black and red clothes look cool, even if they have used that particular combo before. Like in High King or Ai no Gundan.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Christmas fun

So I am still chugging away at the secret season projects. But there are some I can show you. I have also been busy with the Christmas cards, and I think I am halfway down now. ^^ 
I know I have only one more cross stitched one to go. But here is a card that I don't count as cross stitched, I really liked how this turned out. I gave it a little hanging so that the recipient can hang it about in the entire snowing season. The reason I don't make that many elaborate cards are because most people love getting cards, but throws them out or forgets about them too soon for me to think that there is a point in all the hassle, but some put them up year after year and those are the people that get the full on cross stitch ornaments cards. At least from me.

 I love the secret season, I love making gifts, and since the stress still has not made an appearance I am feeling like this season is still fun, Saturday I bought Christmas tea, and here in the cellar we have been drinking GLØGG for weeks now. The fun.

And here are some gifts, I like them even if they are simple, they are going to a couple which is why they are matching. And coasters are handy I think. I try to make gifts that are usable, but it is not always that easy if I want to cross stitch, knitting and crocheting are much easer to make handy gifts with, too bad I am not yet that skilled that I want to send them to others. But this year I am making something crochet. Four of the same design actually, but since at least two of the recipients read my blog, that particular reveal have to wait until after christmas;)

I am not about to slack off, but to tell you the truth, there are not that many presents left to make, still a lot of finishing off, but I thought all the finishing off would be best left to one day in so that I don't have to schlep my sewing machine about too much;)

Saturday, 9 November 2013

4 of 8

or something....

But look, I have made another Christmas Card, and I am still busy with making presents, and since some of the recipients read my blog I will not feature pictures until packages are received. 
Since for some reason people like to be surprised.

Also I am reading a lot lately, and when I am done with this series of three books I will tell you about them, if I still like them that is;)

So that was a little sneek-peek from me here in the basement.