Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Will you be my Christmas Angel?

Number 22. of the gifts...

Can you tell what it is? Is it christmassy?
Is it an angel? A bear? A cake? What is it? If you know me at all, your guess may be a rabbit. But honestly, a rabbit? Where are the ears?

I love making things, and today my last batch from Sewandsow arrived.

I am in love with the little angel hanger. The cat I will give away as a present without sewing it 0.O

Can you see the little embellishments laying on top of the wolf? They look very cute, I wonder what I will embellish using them....

Oh, well, lets go and make number 22.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

How do you feel when all is said and done?

Oh Joy. Spock Is Done. I love him, it looks so great. And I am sure she will love him even more.

I read a book yesterday, it was not as sad as the "The time travelers wife", but it was a good book. And so I recommend it. It was called "Her Fearful Symmetry".

Now, what will I stitch while we watch Star-Trek? Maybe it is time to make another Character? Lets finish the 22 Christmas presents that are left first then maybe...

Number 22:

So, now, I have started another stitch, another Christmas present.
Can you see it? Man and I were listening to Busted and singing along while I stitched yesterday. And both wondered why we didn't do that more often.

My guess is because we watch approximately three episodes of Star Trek a day.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Resist nothing

I think boyfriend was mistaken when he estimated that I would spend 20 hours on this thing.... I can hardly believe I have, and as you can see, this is the progress I made yesterday. He looks rather handsome don't you think?

And I like the fact that the whole series is made in different shades of the colour the characters wear on their uniforms.

I must get this done quickly before I get too attached and feel a resistance in giving him away to a good home.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Go, go Gadget needle

Oh, how I am loving this project. It is coming along like a dream! Love love love...

I need to make the set, no doubt about it. Boyfriend estimated that one will take approximately 20 hours. And I think I am halfway...

Now, off to babysit.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I could not help myself

Halfway through Star Trek ; The original series and I started a new project. I can see why my little one love this person so much. So, this will be a present for her.
I want to make the whole series ^^ That would look really cool.

The design is from deviantart. *black-lupin. I love this design.


Jeg lager gave til min lille kusine. Hun liker virkelig denne mannen fra Star Trek. Hvis jeg finner en av Picard, så skal jeg lage den til henne også.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A small finish

I made my first christmas-card of the season. A freebie from the newest Cross stitch Cardshop magazine.
I changed the eyes a little.

I made a cozy for our coffee cups. I think I should make a couple.
I love this colour.

I am sorry for being so boring, but not much is happening here.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Will I jinx it now I wonder?

Another Christmas present. I am getting a good go. I liked this singing angel, and on sale from our favorite sewing store. Sewandsow.

Enda en julegave. Jeg er kommet godt igang. Jeg likte denne syngenede engelen, og den var på salg også fra vår alles favoritt sy-butikk. Sewandso.
Here is the batch I bought. All on sale. And all will be christmas presents. We will see who gets who as it is not yet decided upon. I feel like I will actually be done this year before Christmas Eve;)

Her er det jeg kjøpte. På salg. Og alt vil bli til julegaver. Vi får se hvem som får hva, siden jeg har ikke bestemt meg enda. Jeg tror jeg faktisk kan bli ferdig før julaften iår.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

I am well ahead

Actually, not well ahead, but at least I am getting a start on the list of presents;)

This will eventually be a birthday card. But I will not show it after the recipient have got it:)

Dette blir tilslutt et bursdagskort. Men jeg vil ikke vise det før mottakeren har fått det:)

And, done. At least the angels are. Will not show this finished until after Christmas either.

Og, ferdig. Eller, englene er. Kommer ikke til å vise denne heller ferdig før etter jul.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Look What I am making

A Christmas present.

I guess it will be a post-envelope-hanger.

I have really fallen for this design, it is the third time I am using it.

Jeg lager en julegave. Det blir til slutt en julekort henger.
Jeg må si at jeg liker veldig godt disse små engelene, det er tredje gangen jeg bruker oppskriften.

My new friend.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Monkey dance

Yesterday I made this. I did make some alterations.
Like the border.

Can anyone guess what she is?

I am also making a brown monkey from the same designer. I think her name was Maria. Here is the link to her ravelry site. And, can anyone guess who will get the little monkey?

Igår lagde jeg denne. Den er litt forandret fra orginalen. Som borden rundt.

Kan noen gjette hva hun er?

Jeg lager også en brun ape fra samme designeren. Jeg tror hun heter Maria. Her er en link til ravelry-siden hennes.
Bildet kommer når apekatten er ferdig. Gjett hvem som skal få apekatten?

Monkey dance Nippon Yuke Yuke.
This picture was almost impossible to take, but it is possible to view the monkey.

And yes, this song has been on my mind the entire time I made the monkey-thing.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Once, I made these cards, then I forgot

I have some best-friends, as most fortunate people have. And here are some of the cards I made to some (well actually two) of them.
All my friends love cats, so I made one cat. Because I however am more of a rabbit person. This is Card number one. Remember the Cat-pillow I made? I used the scrap-floss and made a Margaret Sherry cat in a teacup.
And since I have a very nice and craftsy aunt, I am the proud owner of a thing that cuts out shapes of paper. And woe and behold, the kit contained one that made cats, how fortunate.

Another friend another card^^ This time, a cupcake card. She likes to bake. ^^ Not that much to say, except cards are a great way to use up scraps. And it looks so good too.
The chart is from a cross-stitch-a-day-calender.
Oh, and my friend likes purple.

Eeyore, all un-stained and clean. Thank you.

And dear family, today I can't be bothered to write this in norwegian. You can surely understand this English? Good night.