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 At the moment Fred and Henry are Wips and the rest WiSPs, and we will see who I can whip into shape first.

My Frederick the literate, this is a gift to someone who might or might not like books and might or might not like cats. All I can say is that it is perfect for the recipient(s?).

This is how it will look finished.

WIP: Henry the 8 by DMC, I have gotten a little further than this too.

I will sew this Easter project into something. Someday. A Lizzie Kate design. It is not quite a WiSP, as the stitching is all done, but I added it anyway in the hopes of actually finishing it.

WISP: Almost perfect by dimensions

Secret Project Number 3, from Bothy Threads, and no, it is not a Gorjuss piece for once. Even if I want to start one again soon.

Ornaments that are started:

 Cards that are started and some lost in some bag or other:

Kiri the cat.

A lovely bear, I think I might have lost some threads on this one.. Oh well.

I didn't feel like making any more christmas cards, so this is waiting for another season.
Why have I not finished this? And more importantly where is it? I am pretty sure it is in a bag somewhere because I was going to stitch it in-between. 

 This little rabbit card was already stamped and I did not notice, so it has been a bit hard going as it is not that fun to just stitch over....

Boris Hare, from the woodland series, I started about a year ago, and miscounted. I need to start again soon.

I really loved doing this, even if the beads bugged me. It is on plastic canvas after all. So I put it away for a bit, and now all the floss have disappeared...

My cousins wife and I bought one each on a sale and have been having a bit of a stitch along. Sadly she does not have that much time for stitching and I moved further away from them so we hardly see them anymore.

A lovely table cloth my mother gave me. I love it, but it gets rather heavy on my lap and in my arms. From Permin. But I really do love and cherish this. I will give it to my mother when finished.

I got this Somebunny to love from a friend, and finished the rabbit and miscounted the rocking horse, so it is at the moment tucked in the back of my to-do-pile.
Done and framed

A Peter Rabbit. I like it. But for some reason I never finished. I must be close to finishing this?

Another sampler from Jane Austen. I have miscounted somewhere here to and did not feel like unpicking, so I just left it as it was and started something else.

I think this was my WiSP with the least stitches, I was always so proud of myself because I hardly quit things without a reason, but for the life of me I can't find a reason why I stopped stitching this little guy. BUt maybe I'll remember when I pick him up again for WiSP-Sunday.

Another stamped nightmare, and only one large block of colour left. I was planning to do this as a gift for someone in the Christmas of 2010?, but I didn't have time to finish and so it fell down in the pile of doom.

This is rather a nice picture, but I have decided to stitch on it only in the fall as it is so autumny, I think it will be a gift for my mothers cabin in the forrest.

I got this from boyfriend, it is on linen, and after doing the same mistake and unpicking twice I was fed up and rammed it back in its plastic sheet and tried to forget about it. My anger towards it are starting to simmer down to approachable levels.

And lastly, Eeyore, another miscount that made me leave him for greener pastures, I really hate counting, can you tell?
Done, just not blogged about it yet, since I have a plan.

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