Monday, 31 August 2015

Nineteen more days

I am glad the bunnies are relaxing, because there has been some frantic activity these past few days here, but it has resulted in some progress at least, so that is good. Even if the vacuuming is being neglected...

My dress is sooo close to being finished, I have nineteen more days to go.
And if I don't finish the ornaments I don't care, I could always just spread the leftover crochet flowers over the tables instead.

Boyfriends corsage is finished, and then his friend has to have one too, but I only need to assemble that one... I am thinking to sew a paperclip to the back to pin it in place in boyfriends chest pocket, but I need to buy some paperclips first because those somehow got lost in our move.


But the things that are left are less frantic and more enjoyable now, because I have finished a lot and the rest are not essential to the day just add ons and I still have nineteen days to finish.
So I am good.

Saturday, 29 August 2015


Or rather I want to share this excitement


 Bunnies say hello, I haven't  featured them in a while on my blog and they are feeling a little under-appreciated. That may be because they have been constantly molting all summer, Mimle has gone from shedding from her head and in stages all the way down and is now currently to the patch just above her tail. Paws crossed the end is near and she doesn't start all over again. It is after all almost fall so the winter-fur needs to be in place soon! Phew. I am glad I am not a bunny.
Valmin is shedding all over, he is generally an all over the place bunny so it fits.

So what is new with me? Not much, the dress is assembled, almost all yarn-ends have been sewn in, the frill is done. I am contemplating how best to make a few rounds around the armholes, the three rows in the pattern make the previous rows all scrunch up and I can't seem to get the right tension, so I might just do something else entirely. And then there is the last five rows on the bottom, ironing, stretching and then I am sewing on some frills I think, and then there will be a tadah.

These flowers were found at gosyo, but drops has a lot of free flower patterns too.

Another tadah that is on the steps is my flowers. I am thinking of making the ones in the bouquet in the softer hues and using the ones in darker shades as decorations, but I might change my mind. Boyfriend and I bought some beads, fabric and glue to assemble everything with later.

I made some new leaves, the colours are not completely accurate, it is a soft sort of pistachio colour, that I think goes great with the soft pinks and purple of the current layout of the bouquet.

Also I just remembered I need a smaller bouquet for my friend and boyfriend and his friend
needs a corsage of some kind, but I bought the essentials for that too.
I am not so sure these flowers are more cheap than real flowers anymore, but they are certainly more fun!

And they'll last forever too.
Like us.

Monday, 24 August 2015

You´re a winner

I am sorry for being absent for a bit, I know I said I would check who won my giveaway ages ago, but since there was only one applicant  I was waiting to see if anyone else wanted to join, but since there was only one there could only be one winner! So lucky Virpi won and gets to choose which of the three prizes she wants and I will send it to her soon:)

The rest of the gifts (and more) will go in my next giveaway next month when I have my blogoversary, so stay tuned!

I am busy making flowers for the special day and I think I may soon have enough! All the yarn-ends have been voven in finally.

The last side panel of the dress is coming along, and then there is only small adjustments and embellishing left.

And I am busy making decorations, I hope I will have enough time to make the rest, but it won't be the end of the world if I don't finish.

Oh, and happy birthday to my friend, I hope to see you soon!

Virpi send me an email with your address because I forgot.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

And then: Summerrain.

My blanket is coming along nicely, I did a lot at my mothers cabin last week and it now measures 45 cm from tip to center and it was at 26 cm a few weeks ago so it is a lot bigger. It still needs a few rounds, I think I'll just keep it as a project for when all my other projects are a bit too difficult.

At the cabin there was loads of blueberries, we now have six small boxes in the freezer and boyfriend is very pleased. We went on walks with my family and did some odd jobs around the cabin. I read two books which I enjoyed a lot. Even if one of them had the shortest chapters I have ever read! There was two chapters consisting of only one sentence, imagine that. My aunt stated that even she can write books if the chapters only has to be that long. 

Just one sentence.... But I did like the book and I would recommend it, even if it was a bit sad.
The titles of the books I read are: The elegance of the hedgehog by Muriel Barbery and Speed of dark by Elizabeth Moon. Which also was a bit sad.

It rained a lot at the cabin though, so we drank a lot of tea, had a fire in the mornings and wore wool undershirts. I thought summerrain was supposed to be hot?

Don't forget my giveaway!

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Tuesday Tunes Again

It is Tuesday today and the next song from Morning Musume 15's single is here.
And it is a Maa, Miki lead. 
Have I ever mentioned that Masaki is my favorite Momusu? 
This song sounds rather difficult to sing too.

This is the second of the three songs on the single, I still think Ima Sugu tobikomu Yuuki is the best, then Oh my wish and sukatto my heart is last, but overall I think this single is rather strong and I do like all of the songs and am definitely going to buy it. Just hope iTunes for once has all songs.

400th giveaway

Blogpost giveaway!

Since I have shockingly reached 400 posts I thought a giveaway was in its place and all you have to do to win is to be a follower, post about it on your own blog and comment on this blogpost so that I know you want to win. I have three prizes that all include yarn and some cross stitch freebies. I might put something more in each prize if I find anything really cute.

First prize, lovely alpaca yarn, a set of three butterfly cross stitch and a set of warm alpaca wrist warmers crochet by me and lastly a reflective badge of Moomin.

Second prize is two purple alpaca yarns a cross stitch kit of some pink flowers and a Moomin reflective badge.

Third prize is some green cotton yarn, an all our yesterdays cross stitch kit, a pattern leaflet in cross stitch and a pink bunny iron on transfer.

You must submit before the 19th of August as I will announce the winners on the 20th of August.
Good luck and spread the word.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tuesday My Wish

Actually i really like all three songs in this single, but this is the first MV that has been put up, so I can´t comment on the others yet. They usually put new videos up on Wednesdays so I have to wait almost a week to show them off for Tuesday Tunes, which is annoying, but then I get almost a week to listen to it and think about what I like....
...and here are my thoughts on this particular song and video.
I am so happy that some of the background girls get to shine in this song, and the dance group is rather genius. Morning Musume15 are famous for their formation dances at the moment so changing it up a little while still doing the dance thing is smart in my book. 
I think the only thing I don't like is the talking part but you can't love everything about a song can you?
Everyone looks and sounds good, I am pleased that Kanon and Duu sing a lot in this, because they are good singers, and with Maa and Sakura it sounds great. Harunan does her best and does not sound bad in this either so I am pleased. 
Maa-chan in particular looks and sounds great, no wonder she is my favorite. ^^
Some people complain that the video looks cheap, but they always do, and some people always complain, this time though they are filming on location, which is a plus, there is only so much you can do with a green screen after all ...
I LOVE the sparkly silver dresses the dance team has. The white looks a bit plastic, I am not the only one who thinks of naughty nurses right?
I hope this single sells well, and I can't wait for the two other music videos. 

The lyrics are inspirational again, I am very happy they subtitle their videos these days. Sasuga Tsunku-san.

You loose when you run away.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Something small

In the series of finishing things, even little things that gets put off count. So I finally attached my button and made a button loop on my iPad cover. 

And I think it looks great!

Now my iPad is covered with both the protective sleeve and a warm wool cover so that it doesn't freeze. I hate it when that happens. My last mp3 player froze one winter all the time when I was taking the bus and it took me the entire bus ride to thaw it out to listen to music. So I am taking precautions so that this piece of electronics won't freeze and freeze on me.