Monday, 31 March 2014

So lonely that I can't sleep, you know there are days like that

Since The recipient now has received their card and this little coaster I thought it would be nice to show it off. See, I haven't abandoned my stitching completely… I am also knitting something, but you won't see it until after Christmas, because yes, it is another Christmas present. But you might get a sneaky peek at it later.
My crochet blanket is soon to be finished too, only about six more squares and a border. Lately I have been thinking about giving that one away for Christmas too, that way I can make another just for me in less brown colours:P I am thinking blue and pink and white, or something, we will see. I have to wait for them to have another take three pay for two sale.

Since I am not the sanest person I know, I am still addicted to the same songs I was last week, but with one added and this time it is from a familiar group (morning musume 14) and language (japanese). 

I want their hair decorations, sparkly is always a hit with me.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Kpop Tunes and dance covers

What has Vilje been listening to lately?
Well, Kpop, I have been really experimental lately and listening to something that is not Japanese and not even female :P

I just love the dance:) And the video is so like a scary movie:P And the clothes are perfectly silly and fun. I like things that are funny and silly. My favorite part of the dance is the poses they do when they sing ho! I plan on doing that every chance I get.

And for those of you who watched a lot of Ylvis and the fox, this is the band that they danced with on MAMA 2013. Although I love the first dance and song better than this one (This one is called Bar Bar Bar), I guess I have to show you the Ylvis clip too. Crayon Pop is going to be a starting band for Lady Gaga on her tour too I hear, that would be worth going to see…

I have one more song to show you that I really love, and I want to show you how I found these groups in the first place. As most of you know I love a group project that is called Hello!Project, and they have this group that does dance cover videos of other korean groups. And here are two videoes of that, first is Crayon Pop UFZS dance battle and the second

is a korean boy group called 2pm and their song "I'll be back", boyfriend is so tired of this song poor thing… So I try to listen to it when he is not home. My usual listening to a song for four hours while I do everything else can be tiring even if you like the song and even if I use headphones because I like to drown out all other noises, I really need some noise canceling headphones, oh well. For now I listen at night and while he is out. Bunny doesn't seem to care if I listen to one song or twenty as long as she gets her treats.

But I must confess that I love watching people who is dressing  outside of their usual gender.
UFSZ  dancing in this looks a bit more "manly"  and stiff than usual, but some of them should have learned the lyrics better if they were planning to lip synch:P I know singing a language you are not used to is difficult, but they should have practiced a little more on that anyway, if I shall be nit-picky.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Tuesday Miyavi

So, this is Japanese, like most of the music I love, but J-rock was something I loved before J-pop, even if j-pop is what I currently listen most to. But then my favorite bands disbanded or changed directions, although all of Miyavi's singles can be said is a different genre, luckily I recently rediscovered Miyavi, too bad I didn't do it in time, because last week he had two concerts in two of my neighboring countries. Oh, how I wish I could have gone. Not that we have the spare money, so let's hope he does another European tour next year.
But I have seen him live once, so I will not be devastated if I can never see him again….
Oh, and somehow he has new tattoos on his torso where one of his best tattoos used to be. And no more lip ring:S

Oh, Miyavi, you are so random.
I love the lyrics to this song btw.  

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Planning ahead

So, boyfriend and I are getting married sometime. In a year or so, we'll see, and since I like being prepared I have started looking around for ideas and things. Boyfriend likes to be prepared too though, he just isn't as vocal. 
As I love crafting I knew I wanted to make some of the things myself to make it feel more me, I think it is better to have lots of time, that way I can test ideas and make things for fun and not be too stressed about it. Granted I am not crazy so just a few things will be handmade, and some will only be half handmade I guess. But one of the things I found I wanted was a flower bouquet in yarn. I want crochet flowers (or knitted) in pinks and white. With some leaves scattered about. Here is where I got the idea from: Follow me.
Boyfriend and I on our first vacation together.

And I thought it would be even more special if some of the people I know and love would make one or two too. So if you want to help make a wedding bouquet here is your chance. You have plenty of time, just let me know if you make any. I might even have other collaborations as well later if I find something else I want.

Boyfriend and I on roller skates around our first apartment.

My friend also gave me this link and wondered if that was something to make on our wedding.
Boyfriend and I agree that we need to have this as well, hopefully it is not too difficult so we better start practicing. ;)

And I do have a secret cake decoration thing that I bought just before Christmas, we are actually thinking multiple cakes so no cake topper. Then people can bring their own and people with intolerances and allergies know what cakes to eat and which is best to keep away from and everybody will hopefully have some cake that they like. Oh, except not nuts, no nuts at the wedding.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

A Start and a Story

I deceided to show you a preview, currently I am cross-stitching a card for someone that came in World of Cross Stitch number 214. So far all you can see is a bird and some scattered brown dots.
And I do not have to justify small starts like this because cards are always allowed, so there!
I haven't really much to show for the past few days, we have been on a couple of walks, trips to the store, done some housework.

Oh, and Mimle almost died.
Silly bunny ate pellets yesterday and almost choked on them. She is a ravenous little bunny who loves food. Honestly sometimes I think she thinks she is a hamster the way she stuffs her cheeks full without chewing. Anyway she was munching away on a really big pile of pellets stuffed in her mouth when I saw she was having trouble, she started to spit the pellets out and I saw her looking like someone who wanted to throw up. I knew something was wrong and went to put her up to perform the bunny heimlich , but before I could reach her she shot under the sofa. Boyfriend helped me to get her out from under there and I studied her in my arms. She seemed fine, she breathed normal and her lips and nose looked a healthy pink. I opened her mouth and saw only teeth so I assumed she was ok for now. 
I studied her for a few more minutes where she was back to eating hay with pellets in between, (as opposed to before where she was munching them up from the floor without chewing).
I called the emergency vet who said that since she could breathe and was not yet dead she was most likely fine. If there was something unthawed in her belly it would be pellets and easily digested so I was not to worry. He also told me what to do if it happened again.

Mimle is on a no pellet diet for a while now, and minimal treats too, because she has apparently not learnt her lesson and eats treats with the same vigor and no thought to chewing.

And just to be on the safe side, she will soon go to her annual vet appointment and I will have them look at her teeth thoroughly, just in case…

Stupid bunny, I think my pulse has barely gotten stable.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

In other news

Sorry I have been a bit awol. But I have been busy, mostly with my crochet, but I haven't really that much to show for it yet, but I will post when it is finished. :) I have decided that my alpaca blanket needs another row so it will be wider. Bunny and I have been busy taking afternoon naps as well.

I have made this little guy from the latest Cross Stitch Card Shop. I really liked him. And look at the lovely tablecloth boyfriend bought for me. It has everything! It is Springy, has a bunny, a crochet border and dots! I LOVE it. Even if yellow and green are two of my least favorite colours I somehow seem to gravitate towards them when spring is coming….

I have also made something for another swap, but I can't show that until it is sent and received;) But I can tell you it is cross-stitched and easter themed, and this may shock you, but I did not make a bunny this time o.0

Yes, we have a new sofa, the old one sort of died. But this one is almost the same, except it is not as roomy underneath says bunny, but she still hides under there for her afternoon nap.
I have made another few rows of this blanket. I have no idea how long it will turn out to become as it is really slow going and all those yarn ends that will need weaving in later…. Also some of the yarn as I have said before is nearing an end, so I will either try to find replacements or finish it when there is no more yarn left. We'll see how patient I am. 
Which usually I am.

Also, we are really happy here in the basement lately because boyfriend has got a job. He starts on monday. These are indeed lighter times.

One of my friends have an older relative who knew I crocheted, she has almost finished this duvet cover, two panels are completely done, and two started. To have it on a single bed it need six panels but she didn't think she could finish it and passed it on to me. I love filet crochet and even if white somehow makes me feel a little colour deprived it could be a nice pause from the very colorful blanket above:) This will truly be the year of the blankets. Sorry for the bad pictures, even if it is sunny since we live in a basement the pictures usually suffer.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Tuesday Tunes take it all

First it is last weeks single, this is another double sided single and here we finally have the mv.
I love the dance, and C-ute really brings the danceable songs don't they, even I, who never move feel the urge to let loose.
And I like the melody too of course. 

Juice=Juice has another single on the steps, and their musical sound is still mature even if it is less jazzy and more latino this time. It really does remind me of both "Namida no Iro" by C-ute and Morning Musume, (back when they were still just musumes) Iroppoi Jirettai. 
I love this song too, and if I close my eyes to the lyrics it's fine...

Sunday, 2 March 2014

I like my buns

in all shapes and forms, the edible kind and the huggable kind.
  (to be honest it is more like the cuddling when bunny demands and otherwise stay on hand to give edible treats to her).

It is "Fastelaven", so we made buns, with cream and ate them. I much prefer the dough to the buns myself, but that is just because I take good care of my inner child.

While I was baking and making food I cut my finger a little, and it was hard to crochet, so I took out this little project that I never got around to tell you about. (I guess I felt I needed more finished before I could justify another start, but this is the year of the blankets indeed, so here it is, a knitted blanket.)

My variegated thread knitted blanket.

I am practicing my stitches, I want them to be neat. I am also practicing my starting, which I always seem to forget how to do, so I always have to google the casting on part. Casting off is easy. My friend and I agree that I am now so good at knitting that it is time to do something other than just squares. But squares are nice for those days where your head really is on a vacation. This week has been like that, so I have gotten many squares done. And some on my crochet blanket too, but I have not yet attached them so I will show those another day.

Another arrangement. I have only sewn together seven squares at the moment. So I have no idea how big this will turn out. But my wish was to make something that sort of look like the master blanket. An unholy mix match of colours, but in the same yarn size and material. So I went through my stash and saw all these threads.. Most are from when I made the Granny Square Slippers four years ago.

And since it is Bunday:
Here is Mimle who was not very interested in my photographing my finishes. There were no treats involved, the cruelty!