Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday finished

I was gone for a bit these past few days and these guys do not approve. Mimle keeps hovering over me to make sure I am ok, but I smell weird so they would rather not I touch them, but don't worry bunnies, I will shower soon and then I will smell like me and not the hospital! 
And then there better be bunny kisses is all I am saying. 
And we have rather bought the best bunny present for Christmas this year so they better be good.

Also I have a finish as after all that is what Friday's are for,

the lizard shawl,  Which I started way back in March, then it looked like this:

I bought some balls of yarn on sale when my lys started out but I know I have added quite a few more balls of yarn since crochet always consume more yarn than you think...

I did some #crochetonthego in Japan on the Shinkansen.

Crocheting while waiting at the dentists office soon it was growing so much I couldn't take it out of the house anymore...

And then it was done, I added two rows of sc instead of just one but it was still more a ball of something crocheted than a scarf. So I started blocking. One section that could fill my blocking quilt at a time.
And it went from this... this...

 to this, all done, blocked an ironed and modelled on my pretty haired friend who matched her outfit quite coincidently with my finished object. ..

I love the variegated thread. Viking Frøya in colour 274.

243 grams, so five balls of yarn.

It is quite long, longer than my arms when I stretch them out I think, I like the effect of this pattern and it was easy to follow but somehow it didn't really flow all that well for me. Perhaps it would be better in a different yarn? But I am quite happy with it and now that something is finished I can start something new with a clear conscience.  

and I feel a lot better now and am healing quite well so I guess I will be back into mischief with the bunnies soon.