Wednesday, 31 July 2013

One to go

It is Ornament Onsdag, and I have bought an ornament so one day in the near future I will start it. But since I am being a good girl and finishing my Wips and WiSPs I am not going to start anything until I have finished at least one! And since I have only one segment left on my "not so secret project number 3" I know I can manage. The goal is in sight. After the last small part I have only a little tweaking left.

 Then I will start something new! I have two choices: My new kit from Sweden that I bought last Saturday and the rabbit magnet ornament (pic). Now, what to start, the planning is a lot of fun isn't it? That and deciding who to give it to and of course stash-building, nothing can top that!

In other news bunny and I are home alone and bunny is NOT pleased. One less hand to pet her, one less hand to hand over treats and one less leg to lick. She satisfied herself by letting me know I was not a good substitute and sitting on boyfriends chair and licking. I tried to call for her and she gave me a look of disgust and left to under the sofa with lots of feet-flicking. I know when I am not wanted so I ate some chocolate and felt sorry for myself.

I have listened alternately to the thunder and jpop, happily the same three songs on repeat. There are some pros to being home alone after all. Bunny agreed and jumped up into the sofa with me. When boyfriend is home the sofa is way to small for such a big bunny says my 1.5 kilo bunny.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Tuesday One for the One.

I am hoping it is Tuesday and time for tuesday tunes. Anyway. I am rather exited for this song actually.
My favorites from both Berryz Koubou and C-ute singing a waaaay overdue duet. 

The - Fu part is the best, but the -Ah part is not that bad either, the dance is rather pleasing too. I like that they actually have a background, but what does that motorcycle have to do with anything is beyond me.... Another thing beyond me is what that "One for the One" line means.

 For those of us who remember W and their covers of The Peanuts and Pink Lady, this song has the same feeling. I can so picture Tsuji and Kago singing this. They always looked a bit more like twins than Sugaya and Suzuki though. (Since they are singing about twins in the song). But if Risako had a black wig they might look more like sisters, maybe not identical twins...

I think we have another contender in the harmony- department, after Tsuji-Kago there was no one to pick up the legacy. Dia Lady is great, not as great as GAM or W, but they might come far, and if Tsunku never gives Kudou and Satou a duet I fear we will suffer the loss of such great harmonies...
Also if Tsunku pairs Kudou and Satou up for a duet then we have another fun paring almost akin the infamous two-top! 

I have finished another portion of my "not so secret project" and I will show you in another post.
And then there is one.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Two to go

I am seeing the end of this now, and to be honest, I loved it up until now, but the two last sets are so full of that pesky background (working with one strand is a pain) that I would rather backstitch! Did you hear that? I would rather backstitch! Oh, I want to stick with it as I am almost done, but I also want to enjoy myself.... So I don't really want to start something new, I want to FINISH! So, I have two options; persevere, or finish something small. I have not decided yet.
What do you think? 

Atleast I can't start something new as I don't have anything small to start:P
Sounds like I need more stash, right?

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Aah, Lets not just see the wood for trees?

It is Tuesday Tunes day. I think, it is vacation time for me so I am not overly confident that I can tell the days apart....

I truly love this song, it has been going on repeat the entire weekend :) It is very summery and sweet. I like how it is really japanese as well.

Up Up girls

I love the fact that Mori (meaning wood) is singing about mori mori... Very punny.
Oh, how I love puns. And she is green too, the punage.

I haven't really followed this group, but after seeing this, their first MV, I must say, I think I should....
Mori (the green one) and Konatsu (the pink one ) are my favorites. Yes, I already have favorites, I kind of like Saho Akari too (yellow) even if I sometimes forget her name and call her Aho (meaning stupid, oops, sorry.)

I used to like her way back when she was in Aa! 2, with Airi and Miyabi, ahh, that song was great!

Anyway I will be back with more stitchy stuff shortly.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Three to go

Another one is finished, I know that I should be doing WiSP day today, but I just did not feel like it and wanted to finish another piece. Which I did, and now, there is three. And some border left.

I was home alone this weekend, and bunny and I watched about seven episodes of Criminal minds each day. She was even a sofa bunny in between. It has been really hot these past few days, too hot in fact to do anything but sit still and drink something cold. Even bunny was in hiding more than usual.
She has been flopping on the floor until way past midnight and then started chewing on the table and under the sofa just to show me that she was lonely without my boyfriend present and maybe because of the "bad" weather;) Neither of us deal with heat well, so we just turn into blobs and hope for the evening when it is possible to do something.

Sorry for the boring post, apparently, heat makes my brain melt too.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Four to go

I did another one, and the backstitching on this really went by fast!
And I might, if I don't jinx it, have a tiny bit more of a handle on those pesky French knots, because somehow, he seems to have proper eyes. (Even if I do have to secure them).
Other than that. There are no news.

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Five to go!

Yes, yes, I caved in and only worked on the Not-so-secret project number 3 today and finished another set....
But, we did have visitors most of the day, so stitching was rather limited as I really wanted to follow the conversation with my cousin. <3

And No WiSPing occured this day either.
But best laid plans of mice and men or whatever.
I will do better next time.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Six to Go

I finished another bit of this not-so-secret Project number 3 on Friday, but as we were at a gathering (yes, I do stitch everywhere) and came home late I did not put up this post until today.
I almost forgot half the background too, but I worked around it;) And it looks fine now.

It is really hot in these parts of the woods so boyfriend and I (who just started my vacation) have not been much up and about lately, mainly just sitting on the sofa watching "Fringe" (may be the reason why we plowed through season 1 in one week) and sewing (me). Mimle is a couch potato too, but under and not on the sofa, just dozing off in the heat and not becoming active until sundown. When she     
insists on fun activities... 

Anyway, tomorrow I am hoping to do some WisPing and maybe a little work on my boys too.
Even if I am really in love with the not-so-secret project number 3 and want to do that constantly.
I will stick to my plan!
(If I don't revise it)

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Seven to go

Another segment from the "not so secret Secret Project number 3".
Seven left.

I finished this little guy in three evenings. Boyfriend and I have been watching season 1 of "Fringe" and it is really exiting. I have to do something simple while I watch that show because there is a lot going on that I don't want to miss, so the other men are staying behind.

While I am on the subject of my other men, I found out that the event I am doing Fred for is going to get another present, which means I can do him just for fun and gift him when finished and not at a specific event. Very good too, since I am still not halfway through.

And Henry is having a rest.

Mimle has gotten a new box because in the other box she had been naughty and peed in it:P I will try and take a picture of her new home. Bunny says it is a lot more like a home now that she has wrecked the place up a bit as I say, and home-decorating as she would have said.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Yes, yes, it is a new beginnig

Look at these lush colours. I must say that Bothy threads have really wonderful colour-combinations. Not that Henry lacks in that department either, his colours are wonderful too.

Yes, yes, it is a new start. But I did tell you guys that since Gorjuss was done I needed something small, and folks, this is it. This took me about two evenings, so I think it might be a quick stitch, just like I hoped.  And yes, it is "Secret Project Number 3", the not so secret one. That backstitching was a breeze too, took me no time at all. Now only eight more to go. 

Bunny contemplating hopping onto the sofa, but saw me and instantly ran off. Now that I am sitting in front of the computer I can hear someone suspiciously digging from over there. About time to give her some expensive hay with extra flavours, so she'll leave me and the sofa alone while I finish off here. 

I think I will take out Henry now and see if there is a certain part of him that screams loader than another for me to start on.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Snailing by Friday

I didn't really do any more on Henry this past week. I just finished my page and then had a bit of indecisiveness on exactly where to continue. Should I redo the Tudor-rose that had a small mistake, should I finish Henry, should I continue down the lady's dress or to the left? Too many choices, so my mind refused to think about it any more and so I picked up "Fred" and we had a lot of fun until it was dark and I took out "Almost Perfect". As you can probably see, they have been on a rotation, those two. Steadily working on Fred while it being light and bright and taking out the angel when it was raining or nearing bedtime. (and sometimes even going to bed while it was still dark!). 

Another book is almost done. Think I will finish in another week, if you can see the horizontal line then you can see how much further I have to do in that direction. When that portion is finished I am 1/4 parts through. Still not looking forward to the backstitching on this one:P

I have started on the dreaded backstitching on this. Just because. Look, the naughty one is peaking! I love his innocent look.

Today boyfriend and I bought a used little table for my Wip's. So they don't clutter up the table when I decide to switch to another stitch in the middle of another movie. I like the old look, and it's ricketiness. Boyfriend is hoping my things will stay in this table and not slowly expanding onto the other table. I think it is futile as everybody knows stash expands rapidly.

We saw another little guy. With Zebra stripes, but he was not using the zebra-crossing so I hope he arrived safely where ever he was going and avoided the cars:P

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Another Song

So, it is again time for the song of the week. Tomorrow I am off to work and I really should be getting to bed. So without further ado, here is the song stuck in my head at the moment. ^^

Song sung by: Momoiro Clover Z called Saraba, Itoshiki kanashimitachi yo.

From the japaneste drama "Akumu-chan", meaning little nightmare. Gackt is even in it!

From the drama, which incidentally I loved and highly recommend. Akumu-chan is the one singing in the end, she sounds just like me too, no wonder I like her.