Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Framing myself

Here is what I have been doing the past few days, and, I have actually awoken by myself each morning really early. (which never happens) Between 5 30 and 8. Bunny is thrilled, because she loves cuddles in the morning on the sofa with a little jogging on the rug in-between.

 I did some interior decorating of bunny's toys, needless to say, she was not impressed.

 I framed the "all I want for christmas..." piece. Now I can pack it up for next season.

Here is how far I got on my Sunday WISP. I am loving this idea.
All day I sat stitching with some kinder-egg chocolate and Charmed on the TV. 
(I am now on season 4, Oh, Prue, I miss you)

I framed my Gorjuss piece. Another frame from flea-market this fall, I wanted to go with a light woodcoloured frame from IKEA, but they have stopped making them (I used one here, the Peter one). So I went home and looked through my stash, and found this pretty little frame, which needless to say, I love!

Sunday, 27 January 2013


Today I want to share with you a tip. Most of you may already do this, but Istad is half price to the ones I found at the supermarket and bigger too.
 Now, I realized that in the moving process some of my charts or bits of floss got lost, so I have bought lots of plastic bags from IKEA ( who is my friend) I bought the big ones (15x6L and 15x4,5L) and they fit most projects just fine. I have now promptly sealed away all my wips and put them in a box next to the sofa for next WISP Sunday.
And being see through you know what is inside without opening them, and because they are re-sealable (is that a word?) dirt cannot penetrate it. Istad:

This is Henry all tucked away waiting for WISP Sunday to be over so that he can be sewn on again.

And here is gorjuss bunny, safely packed away until I find the right frame and can frame her, and somebunny who is waiting for me not to be mad at her and finding my mistake so that we can continue our relationship.

Whilst at IKEA I also bought this frame and framed minnie and mickey for my boyfriend.

 I started something new, but I have not been naughty I promise, because 1: It is part of my WISP collection and today is WISP sunday. 2: And I have a finish. I bought this kit ages ago, and had only just opened it, so I decided to start it properly. I wonder if this is one I will keep for myself or not....

This, is definitely for me, could you tell that it was for me? It has a bunny so it must be for me:

A bit later I will continue on a secret WISP, which I will give to one of my friends next christmas. I said it, so I have to keep to it now. 

Bunny has been sleeping inside her box all day with small interior-decorating breaks so I have been unable to paparazzi a picture. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Gorjuss Bunny

The last couple of days I have been feeling a bit ill, so Henry has had a vacation. But I did find an old WIP. And have started it again. And besides a little weirdness in the dress I have no idea why she was put aside. ( I am guessing it was because she is for me and maybe I had to make something for someone else and she was just forgotten in the mix)
So far I have finished the face and feet and now I am on the background and then I have the backstitch left. I will finish this before I start on Henry again. The place I found this also held a lot of WISP's, so I have another goal. One day a week will be WISP day. SO there.

I am very ashamed but, here you go from waay back.

I slept all day yesterday and awoke around five in the morning hungry, so I gave in and made something to eat. Bunny was trilled I was awake and sat on the sofa chirping her teeth at me ( the equivalent of purring). It was indeed a gorjuss moment.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I am human and I need to be loved

I framed "Somebunny to love collecting flowers" from waaaay back here: and backstitching here:

To be honest, the framing was a nightmare, and I sort of cheated, but only because this frame was one of my flea-marked finds and I love love love it.... 
Even if it was a bit broken at the back so I had to duct-tape the entire thing.  Even if it doesn't fit with the rest of my "Somebunny to love" framings. Even though it might have looked better with a more romantic picture in it, I love it just the way it is.
But all is well that ends well. 
( since the duct-tape is no where near the piece I think I am safe regarding aging and glue etc)

Boyfriend tried to eat an apple today. Here is what frantically ensued:

 ....a bit later we saw bunny running under the sofa with a piece looking stuck in her throat, scared she had actually stuck the apple somewhere, we moved the sofa and saw: bunny happily munching away.... sigh.

Oh, and look. I am even further now, and my 100 stitched aday goal is currently not too much, hope I can show you a bit more of their dresses soon. Or should I go all the way to the right before I start sewing upwards? Haven't really gotten the hang of bigger kits yet...
I want to finish one of the wifes this month. Think it is too much? Oh, and isn't this particular kit suppose to come with beads? Because mine didn't? I have sent an email to DMC but I have not gotten a reply yet. (been three days already though)

I am now at season 3 in charmed.... can not say I look forward to the last episode in season three though because we all know what happens then.... :(
(the title today is from the Charmed theme song, which as you can probably tell is stuck in my head at the moment, that and all of Tuuli's songs. Got her CD for Christmas and am loving it. Maybe I'll show you a song next time?)

Friday, 18 January 2013

My current BIG WIP

So, this is how far I had gotten on "Henry the eight and his six wives" yesterday. One leg down.
I have been thinking I want to stitch this one grid at the time, to minimize mistakes. And I have a goal, to make 100 stitches a day, which I feel at the moment is manageable.

Last night bunny-chan really wanted cuddles right before I went to bed, I gave her a little and then opted for bribery so that I could leave the room without much fuss. She got herself stuck in the remnants of her tunnel in the search for alfalfa hay.

Luckily I was there to help her out of it (after I took these pictures) and removed the toy from her cage. Guess this toy is now only for supervised fun.

As of this nights session "Anne of Cleves" is also begun. Now that I have started this kit I want to read Philippa Gregory's books again. Does anyone know if the movie of Anne Boleyn is any fun?
 It might be a bit more contemporary to watch whilst stitching this particular piece than Charmed. ( I am btw almost done with season 2). The Tudors might fit too, and I have that series on DVD, so my goal with this stitch is to finish at the same time that I have watched all of Charmed and The Tudors. Think it is possible?

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

First things first

These days i just can't seem to fall asleep at proper times, so I keep stitching and watching Charmed on really low volume as to not wake anyone up. Bunny keeps coming up on the sofa to cuddle several times a night, which is lovely and she hardly does that during the day, but I wish I could sleep whilst the rest of the world (on this side of the earth at-least) sleep.

But I have not come here to rant about my bad sleeping habits, I have a finsih to show off.
 I started this on Friday, with a bit of a vague IDEA that I wanted to make a rabbit biscornu. I did find a pattern, but I did not like the back that much and I changed the wording a bit from bunch to munch, since it was carrot and rabbit teamed. The back I just did the border like the front (or back if you feel you are in another mood) and added a bunny I saw on the internet. ( front: and backish:)

But without further ado, here is my first biscornu, and I hope to make a lot more. I mean, even the sewing together was fun, but next time, I want to use an aida with smaller holes.

Front: (or back)

 Back: (or front)


Oh, and I made something completly different, A DRAGON. I've had this chart in my stash for a long time, just found it on the internet somewhere. (Here:)
 Later, I will make some more in this series, but for this dragon I used the floss my friend gave me for christmas. To be honest I think I will use it up not before long.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

I & U, Du och Jag Alfred

 From the secret-season revealed: One other Christmas present for a friend!
I forgot to take a picture before I gave it away. But when I went to visit my friend she had put the picture up so I ninja-snapped a picture to show you. I adore this design, so cute.
It is this japanese idol group by the name of W. ( Pronounced Double U.) On the left ( in the real picture) there is Kago Ai and on the right is Tsuji Nozomi. (in the cross-stitch it is opposite) My friend and I loved them, and one year even cosplayed as them. Sadly now the group is disbanded and both girls are now married with children. Anyway, this is my first own design, but I could not show it because I really wanted it to be a surprise and if I had shown the design she would have known it was for her.
 I made them deliberately as Kokeshi-dolls because my friend has a thing for kokeshi-dolls. 
(if anyone is interested in the design I'll put it up)

 On Friday, I had some friends over, and one of them helped me to grid my new big project. My first real big project. Can you guess which piece it is? It is from DMC, but that is all the hints you'll get;) As of Saturday, this is how far I got.

This is today, but I hope to make a lot more on it before I'll call it the night,

On Saturday bunny I and I was home alone and she sat on the sofa for a bit letting me pet her, whilst I sewed and watched Charmed. The entire Charmed boxset was a gift from boyfriend and I love it so much I saw ten episodes in a day.