Friday, 28 December 2012

Oh, lucky me

My new cool stitching-stash.

Finally, after years of wishing, I got a magnetic needle-bunny.

 And, from boyfriend I got a needle cutter pendant and ring. ^^Now I can take my stitching on the plane with me!

And from my friend I got all of her leftover floss from all of her kits, about four of those! :) Guess how many cards I can make from these!

 And, from her leftover stash that is now mine, mwhahahaha, I made this bell from the same series as the one I made the other day. ( Guess who has plans to NOT make presents until thee 23rd of December next year? That would be me, so I am making a head start, I have bought a small thing for boyfriend, which was on half price sale, and now I have made these two starts! I am going to finish them like in the last post, with just filt backing and front and a little bow. )
 I felt so good about myself I made another one in the series, my cousins wife started it and I finished it. You know, when I go somewhere I always bring enough stitching for me, and if someone wants to have a go, and on more than one occasions it has turned out great. At this family- party I stitched the bell and she wanted to get back her stitching mojo, and did half the star, but then she had to go home with her kids who were getting tired and could not wait for her to make JUST-ONE-MORE-STITCH! So I came to the rescue. I am guessing that the cousin who got the first snowflake from the previous post will get this star next christmas^^ ( oh, and the aida on this one is pink too)

Oh, and it is STILL snowing, :)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Last Christmas

The last Christmas-ornament. Made from "World of cross-stitching" number 183, with slight alterations. 

This is the last needlekeep I made, for my cousins wife.

One Needlekeep for my friend that I made with my friends in this post.

 One for my mother:
 One for me: (After this picture was taken I went a bit overboard and added a couple of more buttons:P)
 All of them. (one friend still has not opened hers, but since everyone is now talking about them and she has seen mine I let the cat out of the bag;)

I really enjoyed making them, and by the time I had gotten to the last one I felt that I had really gotten good at it;)

This week we've been woken by the bunny really early, clearly she has not heard of christmas holidays... Other than that it has been snowing all week. And tomorrow I am going to show you some of the stitching stash I got this year:) I'll give you a hint, it is something someone like me who always looses her needle has been in want of for ages, shaped like a bunny ofcourse.
And I will show you my secret skill. ;)

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

So, this is Christmas

Now that the secret season is over, here are some of the gifts I made this year:

Here is boyfriends Christmas-gift. The Star-Trek design I made and Michael Dorn's autograph. 

I made this pillow for last Christmas, but I didn't finish it, this year however I did. And a good thing too, because the books I bought for my friend didn't come in time for Christmas.

I made this design, After Rhona's bookmarks in a Cross stitch (crazy?) magazine. Because I was going to give my friend (same friend as in the above text) some Sherlock Holmes books I thought this fitted and made an awesome gift, less awesome I guess without the books. You might not even know it is a bookmark without the books.

Oh, and I have new glasses. Yay. What do you think? Thank you to my mum who bought them for me.

 This was also a gift I started last year.... But didn't finish until the last minute. But it was my first crochet clothing and adjusting the granny stripe pattern into a poncho. I like it, the yarn is yummy, but sadly they have stopped making it. So atleast I have some finishes this year;)

 Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

From Bunny-chan. We had to bribe her with pellets, but she doesn't seem scared of the hat anymore^^ Maybe next year, we can try it on;) 

Here is the last of the Baubles series. What do you think?

I never did finish that last present, because I screwed it up. oh well, maybe for her birthday then?)

Sunday, 23 December 2012

....And to all....

Merry Christmas:
Today boyfriend and I will be so unChristmas-like and eat homemade pizza.
I have only one more present to go! I think this year, I FINALLY will make it, I made all the presents in time. YAY!

Here is a present, I hope that the recipient won't read my blog for a couple of days, but I think I am safe, after all, who has the time to read blogs at this time of year? ( My friends thats who, they have my blog on their RSS-Feed so those presents, even though I finished three of them in time for todays blogpost they will have to be shown later)

So because the person getting this present at one point wants to have chickens again, I made a chicken pot holder, not to be confused with chicken pox, which is a very bad gift indeed. The last two Henrietta Hen patterns will be for next year, and the year after, and I have already started on them. Yeehaa. I am on a roll with these presents. Only bad thing is that the set I was going to buy, the last two that matches this potholder are sold out, so maybe he'll get three complete opposites? That would be interesting:P

Here are the freebie baubles. One more in this series to go.

No pictures of bunny, because she is molting AGAIN and looking very sorry about herself. But I have bought a santa hat that is only one size too big, maybe she will cooperate later? :)

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Happy birthday to me

Sorry for not posting, but I was sick and then I forgot:P
But I have made some gifts that I can show off. (although in the form of some bad pictures)

Here is part of a gift, it is now finished, but that is indeed secret.

Bad pictures of bunny-chan, but she has been busy with the snow lately (if there were any treats in it)

My Christmas- card collection. And after this I made three more... Just one stitched card this year.

Here is one of Rhona's designs. And a book I got for my birthday

 The card I made for a birthday ^^ I can finally show it to everyone.

Sorry about all the bad pictures.
I finally caught bunny under the sofa, she loves sleeping there when I am sitting on the sofa.

 Another one of  Rhona's designs, the penguin series. I made a ornament for a little one. And as you can see I adapted the a to become a norwegian å, since his initial is an å. It is never too early to start your own collection of christmas decorations I thought when I decided all the little ones would get an ornament for Christmas.

 The  freebie bauble will come later, because boyfriend just made me some delicious omelette.

/edit/ And here they are:
Gingerbread couple:
 And hearts:

Sunday, 2 December 2012

It does not take much

Todays post a bit late because I spent most of my day on the sofa sleeping off some sort of bug.

But, I made a birthday- card yesterday. After her birthday I can show off the entire card!

And I have a finish! Yay. I made the stitching about a year ago (or maybe two). But today I whipped out my sewing machine and did this. I am pleased, took me two hours I think, and guess what, I am making fewer and fewer mistakes! The back is just a darker red.
I want to make another pillow- ornament.

 And now there is only ten more presents to go!

 Look, I am making a list and checking it twice. I love making lists, and I love crossing them out. As you can see, the list in the back is for presents and the one in the front is for cards. I have made four finished presents. (most are secret so I can't show them, but I have made the Star-Trek design for boyfriend, a secret project for my mum, a secret project for my friend and todays angel-pillow)
I have made some cards, but they are not completely done so they are not checked off the list yet.

An Almost finish: Here is my first finished Christmas card, I just need to glue it and write on it. (and decide who the recipient will be)

I am contemplating making these into ornament-cards. But am still undecided.  Might turn into ornament presents;) What do you guys think?

 Here are some finished cards. I just used glitter glue and some nice coloured paper and VOILA. As my mum says: Det er så lite som skal til.... which roughly translates to " it takes so little".  I think they look good. And I can't handsew fourty cards and send. So I embroider for a select few, and make handcrafted for some, and the rest, the ones that throw their card away get the store bought ones.

I made this for myself. I love this. ^^ I made three others for friends and now I am thinking about making atleast one more for another present;) ( which is why I can only give you a peek, it's a secret)
Oh, and if you wonder why I make so many presents, it is because I celebrate christmas with a lot of people. Usually about three times per Christmas. And that tends to add into a lot of gifts. Since I prefer to give homemade gifts that is a lot of hard work.

Look at bunny. She loves her hay. While I was sleeping all day, apparently she slept right next to me on the floor. (I was on the sofa)

Another Freebie, I will show one globe each post until Christmas^^

I want to decorate for christmas now, since it is the first advent and all, but my decorations are at my mums house.... :(