Friday, 16 December 2011

Only five more gifts to go

I made a special cup for my mother when she visits, so that she can drink her coffee in her own cup and none of my cups taste like coffee and not tea;)

I made a shopping bag for Christmas. Nira helped with the anatomy of the cat, I could not have made this without her.

I do not know if it is noticeable, but the thread the kitten is playing with is embroidery thread. I like how it turned out. A nice fast present. The other side is empty so that the recipient can be anonymous if she wants to be.

It is my birthday today, (16th) and look what moved into my stash!!!

Another rabbit stitch. A gift from my boyfriend. The other one was on sale. Yay, I love sales, and since it was one I bought that kit as a present just for me.

What I have left.
*Mount the wolfes
* Finish the angels
* Make a pouch
* Finish a pillow
* Finish an angel ornament from Mill Hill

Think I can do it?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

To bead or not to bead, that is the question.

More snowflakes, and if anyone know of any white yarn with metallic silver in them let me know. As this is some inherited yarn from kareshi's grandmother:)

A closeup on the angel progress. I have finished all the blues on the dress^^
I am very pleased, but am still contemplating the beading question. To bead or not to bead .....

Look how far I have gotten on the angels, I might, just might get them done by Christmas, granted I said that last year too, and we all know how that turned out, don't we?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This is what I have been doing this weekend. I made seven of these little snowflakes.

And then, I was being a good girl and taking my angels out, and did all the metallics on it.
And then what did happen? I spilt some tea on my fabric... Fortunately it went away when I washed it. But should I take it as a sign that I should work more on it.? Or less?

Anyway, it is dry now, and stainless and therefor maybe it is time I start on it again?

Today, little girls came at our door and sang the Santa Lucia song, and we got "lussekatter". After my failed attempt at making yellow ones yesterday these tasted so much better. And since I don't work in a kindergarten I thought I would miss that song this year, so I am extra pleased^^
I have also been baking applecake for my birthday.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

I have been drawing

See, I procrasteinate. I have been at my mothers for to whole days, and all I have done is draw and crochet, and sew a small stocking... But no work done on what I was supposed to work on, my angels... Oh well.

This is Alien and Ainin. They are in love.

And this is something that eventually will turn into a cross-stitch Chistmas card. (wow, that was a lot of C`s)

Here are my little duo waiting for the space-bus to take them home for Christmas^^

And another little idea, that I think I will turn into a cross-stitch bookmark. I especially love this one, and I want to make it just for me.

Friday, 9 December 2011

One side of the tablecloth is done:) And I have decided to just let it be one big tablecloth instead of two small.

Sadly the angels that I have been doing for over a year is still a long way before being finished. So, I am going to my mothers this weekend, and I am only bringing with me that particular project :O
Hopefully it will be done before Christmas.
Unlike last year when one of the two angels was almost done, but not quite.

Why do I procrastinate so..... And why do I work on projects for people whom I already have presents for?

Oh well.

And, I am saving to buy a drawing tablet. And Then I will make more designs of my very own.

On another note, it is snowing, and Vilje have been listening to this,

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The stars beneath the angels, or was that above?

Last year I bought this on sale right after Christmas and I thought it would make a lovely Christmas gift. But then, I put it in a drawer and forgot all about it, that is, until some days ago. I was trying to find an advent tablecloth that has been AWOL the last two years. I still cannot find it, but I did find this, and now I do have an advent tablecloth because I scurried to the store and bought myself two(!).

Now this little beauty will probably turn out a lot different than what is says on the picture. ( so we will see the real picture on the revealing of this finished piece, then, just for fun). Because, in all honesty, how many angels do you know that sits on top of the stars? No, the stars should be around them, or over them, but not beneath. And, since I am a bit skimpy on the fabric, perhaps this will indeed become a twin set. I did a small fail, and checked the key on the chart and started with two strands as listed only to find out two halves of two angels in to it that the backstitch was indeed two, but the rest was in three strands.... And I who thought that I was beyond those petty rookie mistakes. Oh, well, just go over with one thread and no-one will notice;)

I have some more things to show, but that won't happen for a few more days;) The computer is a bit pre occupied these days by kareshi and his exams.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Mill Hill Angel

This is the secret season, so I have only one thing that I can show you that is finished. And that is another one of these little pillows.
They are very easy to make. Especially because I did not make the little bow and chose not to attach the blue beads because I felt that white/silver and green was enough.

But she does look sweet.

And my tooth hurt. Or rather my jaw where my tooth was removed from. Another reason why I haven't said anything in a while.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Adventure me naked

I did it! I made something. Of my very own. First I made a sketch, and then all I had to do was decide which one to choose. And that was easy, I loved the middle one from the beginning.

And look how it turned out! I am very pleased. I went with the Hitchhiker team.

And yes, there is a little rabbit being taken away by the beam. Everything was made from scrap, so no floss codes. And no PDF chart either, but if anyone is interested I can make one. I think. :P

I have also made my very own Star Trek Christmas card. But that will be a whole other post. :)

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Somebunny in a stocking.

I made another little card, and soon soon, I will show you a surprise I have been working on for about a week...
To be honest this has taken up a lot of my time, and I am not 100% happy with how it worked out, but, hey, it was my first try. ^^

Now, regarding this little fellow. I have been ogling him for the past few weeks, and finally, when "Cross-Stitch Card Shop" came to the shops here I made certain I had a copy. Because everyone knows I am a sucker for rabbits, and even more so Somebunny to love bunnys.

I have only one complaint, there was not enough of the dark green thread. :( Just barely enough for the stocking....

And, I have had an idea, that come Friday I will engineer into life. I will make another one of these, in different colours, and attach some felt to it, and he will hang in our living room and be our little Christmas ornament. Oh, JOY. I feel he will fit right in.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Happy Stitchmas

I have attended two workshops the past week. One with family with small children where we painted cups (pictures will come later) and one with my friends.

I finished these two little items and started the surprise thing for kareshi. I won't tell anyone what it is.

Also, I have surpassed a milestone. Only one more Christmas card to go!

But on a sadder note, one gift have gone out of my "Christmas 2011" pile and into my "Somewhere in the future pile" since it is too much work to finish in just one month along with 20 other (albeit smaller) items.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

First love and notes

I made a little bird thing. It is called first love by Riolis.
As cute as those birds are, I do not think I want to recommend this kit. Firstly the floss was a mess to work with. The chart said to use three strands of floss, and did not come precut. Secondly the floss kept breaking apart so I could not use more than 20 cm long thread, and worst of all. It made knots constantly. But it is a cute design. And I might make another one down the road, just with lovely DMC or something or other.

This is a charming angel birthday card, ignore the ugly purple background.
Happy Birthday dear aunt.
For some reason the first row is upside down and the other rows of notes are the right side. Since I am planning of making my aunt's name or happy birthday printed above the angel I think the fact that it is upside down will not be noticeable. But until then it is.

All made in stash. I like dealing with stash. But for another quite remarkable reason, my stash does not seem to decrease in their number. I do not see a link whatsoever between the stash increasing and new packages from sewandso arriving.

Monday, 7 November 2011

Tiny Treasured Diamond Star Angel

Actually I started this weeks ago ( might actually be a month ago even), but I made a mistake and had to put it away for a while.
You know me, when I make a mistake I get so angry I want to destroy everything, and need to start something different until my anger has subsided...
When I felt like giving it another try. (actually when I realized I had too many wips and not enough tadahs) It only took me a couple of hours and then it was done, it was so much fun that I bought two more from sewandso. (No, I will not learn from my mistakes, and keep overreaching) :)

After I got the hang of it, it was so much fun and I really loved it, I think that the beads really make it shine. And I have so many left over.... ^^ Thank you Mill Hill.

My ornament is a little bit bigger than the chart says it should be, so my fringes are a bit smaller, can you see them? Under the ornament, dangling away?

If you are in the need of fast finishes for Christmas, I really recommend this series!
(Just don't put it in the back of your to do pile if you make a mistake like me)

4/25 <3<3<3<3<3<3

I want to make four more of these before Christmas, that is my goal! Oh no, another goal... When will I learn?

Thursday, 3 November 2011

I am being a good girl

and doing things on my first priority christmas list. *pats herself on back* I bought tons of wrapping paper and am now good to go.

Look, the kitten is almost done too!

I must admit, I have lost the count on where I am on how far I have gotten on my list. I don't think there are that many Tadah, done, all done things.... I must work harder.

I am guessing this is number 3/25

I know Halloween is done, but here in the grandma cottage, it is not all done, the candles are lit, there is candy on the table, our bedspread is in orange and black. But the blanket is not so Halloweenish, and I must confess have been getting a lot of attention lately. Might be because it is starting to get chilly, and when the chill comes it is far better to make blankets than cross stitches. You get to use the blanket as the rounds multiply. Heaven it is, all warm and cozy and looking at Spock (ehm,... Star trek) with Kareshi in the sofa. And sometimes, hot chocolate follows. And nothing can get better than that.

Monday, 31 October 2011

The wedding cats continued

I have gotten a little fit further on the wedding sampler,
there is a mistake in the chart, don't know if you can see it, but the finished rope on the left is one square to the right. (over the cat's paw).

But they look happy just the same. I have also gotten a bit further on the angels for my aunt. But I haven't taken a picture, because it does not show too well that I have gotten much done.

Regarding the poll, thank you to anyone who answered, I have sewn on the bow and The finished piece is ready to be shipped to my other aunt for christmas.

But why oh why, am I making things increasingly difficult for myself, by cross stitching things that are on my "Second priority list" and not from my "first priority Christmas is only two months away list!!!"???? I guess we will never know, maybe I like the pressure of finishing things on deadline, but somehow I doubt it... I never did like things like deadlines before. I am guessing it is a bit more because I am the queen of procrastination.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Just for You

Some cards again. Unfortunately the glue reacted with the aida on the angel and some colour seeped, but I decided to send it anyway.

And I did find something to do with the kokeshi doll.

For the last couple of days I have been contemplating my future. And most specifically my imminent future, and in it I see some designing of my own. So here it is guys, a little promise to make something of my very own, just for you. I will get right to it!

Anyone remember the sewing I made of a rabbit months ago? This rabbit?
Well, I wanted to make it into an easter ornament. So I will make little easter and rabbit cross-stitches that I can sew next to the finished piece. And hopefully it will turn into a decorative wall hanger.

One day.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Restock and regroup

Another start of a card. I do love the heart fabric, and I hope this will be done by the end of the day. Soon I will show you my finished blanket as well. It is aaaaalmost done, had to restock some yarn though.

It took me a year and a half, but the kokeshi doll is done! Stupid me who started with a type of speciality thread (Antique Effects E310) that I ran out on. And it took me a trip to Bath to replace it. But now, I am DONE.
She looks adorable.

But honestly, I have no idea what to do with her....

I am experiencing a bit of withdrawal because I can't seem to log in to my favorite stitching site.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Bookmark Neko-chan

Finally this bookmark is done, I started this summer, but I never really got the feel of it. My first try of perforated plastic canvas and even though it was easy I could not sew my usual way by dipping my needle under the fabric and trailing to the next cross stitch. Also only three colours are a little boring. I made another tassel, yoohoo.

Now if only I could find the perfect book this would be a lovely gift.

And for everyone, I do think that plastic canvas is ideal for making bookmarks.

The book in my photo is made by Sano Youko and is called 100 man kai ikita neko.
The cat that lived a million times and is a famous children's book in Japan.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

With or without bow

Yay. My Christmas-letter-hanger-thingy is done! I was arguing with the sewing machine all last night, which resulted in this. As you can see, there is but a little fiddling left, that I have to handsew, and that is the red fabric onto the hanger. But it looks really cute.

What do you guys think, with or without the bow?
Let your voice be heard on the wonderful poll right to the right-hand side^^

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Kings and Queens, do they make their own presents?

I made another ornament card. I stitched a message on the back on green aida. This way, it is easy to know when it was made and by who. My mother constantly tells me that is very important. I don't think it should be that important to her, because I am the only one who makes things for her, and my style is kind of easy to spot;) But I do humor her.

This is how far I have gotten on the cat. Only backstitching left. And this time I swear, I will not start another new thing until the backstitching on this is done! And no, it is not made for a girl named Thi, even though I know a Thi. ;) It is just the backstitching that is not finished:p

I have finished the "The red Queen" By Philippa Gregory, and I really do find that era in English history fascinating. So fascinating that I must make the english royals one day.
This one. It is written in my wish-list.

Now, I am happy that I am only making about 25 gifts this year, and thirteen cards, what if I was a queen, I would have made thousands. And in those days I think most of their spare time was used sewing. I don't think I would ever get the presents done;)

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Believe me when I say I do

Because I do love you....

New batch from Sewandso.

I love love love love it. And only one gift, all the others were just for fun. Isn't the little hanger adorable? Or the little bunny button?

I started, even though I am in the middle of another thing, but, I am a bit stuck in the christmas gift department, so I needed to make something quick to show you:)

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

'This the secret season to be jolly

And here in between school and stuff we are very jolly ( that means I am) and am making Christmas cards. And making my lists and checking it twice and thrice and so on.

I bought a magazine called "Enjoy Cross Stitch Christmas", and while it was a lot thinner than last year I felt that the cute designs made up for it. Since it comes with threads, aida, cards, ribbons and felt I did think double the prize than normal was fair. But then i started sewing, and the thread quality is hideously bad. It takes nothing for the threads to snap. Usually it snaps about three times. I start off with shorter threads and pull extraordinarily gently, but still it snaps. I think this will be the only time I actually use up the threads since I have to throw away half of it. I am seriously contemplating just using threads from my stash... But we will see. All I can say is, if you think the price is fair for a thin magazine without decent thread then by all means buy it. I would not recommend it. Next year I am not going to buy that magazine at all.

Even if the characters are this cute. Look at the little face. And sorry for the blurry photos. I do think I will find my glitter glues and embellish.

This one I made last year though. I just finished it yesterday.

I hate all the glue marks that stick through the aida, anyone have a solution for that?

4/13 is done.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Will you be my Christmas Angel?

Number 22. of the gifts...

Can you tell what it is? Is it christmassy?
Is it an angel? A bear? A cake? What is it? If you know me at all, your guess may be a rabbit. But honestly, a rabbit? Where are the ears?

I love making things, and today my last batch from Sewandsow arrived.

I am in love with the little angel hanger. The cat I will give away as a present without sewing it 0.O

Can you see the little embellishments laying on top of the wolf? They look very cute, I wonder what I will embellish using them....

Oh, well, lets go and make number 22.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

How do you feel when all is said and done?

Oh Joy. Spock Is Done. I love him, it looks so great. And I am sure she will love him even more.

I read a book yesterday, it was not as sad as the "The time travelers wife", but it was a good book. And so I recommend it. It was called "Her Fearful Symmetry".

Now, what will I stitch while we watch Star-Trek? Maybe it is time to make another Character? Lets finish the 22 Christmas presents that are left first then maybe...

Number 22:

So, now, I have started another stitch, another Christmas present.
Can you see it? Man and I were listening to Busted and singing along while I stitched yesterday. And both wondered why we didn't do that more often.

My guess is because we watch approximately three episodes of Star Trek a day.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Resist nothing

I think boyfriend was mistaken when he estimated that I would spend 20 hours on this thing.... I can hardly believe I have, and as you can see, this is the progress I made yesterday. He looks rather handsome don't you think?

And I like the fact that the whole series is made in different shades of the colour the characters wear on their uniforms.

I must get this done quickly before I get too attached and feel a resistance in giving him away to a good home.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Go, go Gadget needle

Oh, how I am loving this project. It is coming along like a dream! Love love love...

I need to make the set, no doubt about it. Boyfriend estimated that one will take approximately 20 hours. And I think I am halfway...

Now, off to babysit.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I could not help myself

Halfway through Star Trek ; The original series and I started a new project. I can see why my little one love this person so much. So, this will be a present for her.
I want to make the whole series ^^ That would look really cool.

The design is from deviantart. *black-lupin. I love this design.


Jeg lager gave til min lille kusine. Hun liker virkelig denne mannen fra Star Trek. Hvis jeg finner en av Picard, så skal jeg lage den til henne også.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

A small finish

I made my first christmas-card of the season. A freebie from the newest Cross stitch Cardshop magazine.
I changed the eyes a little.

I made a cozy for our coffee cups. I think I should make a couple.
I love this colour.

I am sorry for being so boring, but not much is happening here.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Will I jinx it now I wonder?

Another Christmas present. I am getting a good go. I liked this singing angel, and on sale from our favorite sewing store. Sewandsow.

Enda en julegave. Jeg er kommet godt igang. Jeg likte denne syngenede engelen, og den var på salg også fra vår alles favoritt sy-butikk. Sewandso.
Here is the batch I bought. All on sale. And all will be christmas presents. We will see who gets who as it is not yet decided upon. I feel like I will actually be done this year before Christmas Eve;)

Her er det jeg kjøpte. På salg. Og alt vil bli til julegaver. Vi får se hvem som får hva, siden jeg har ikke bestemt meg enda. Jeg tror jeg faktisk kan bli ferdig før julaften iår.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

I am well ahead

Actually, not well ahead, but at least I am getting a start on the list of presents;)

This will eventually be a birthday card. But I will not show it after the recipient have got it:)

Dette blir tilslutt et bursdagskort. Men jeg vil ikke vise det før mottakeren har fått det:)

And, done. At least the angels are. Will not show this finished until after Christmas either.

Og, ferdig. Eller, englene er. Kommer ikke til å vise denne heller ferdig før etter jul.