Free Patterns

On this page I have added charts of designs I have made. Please do not sell them, but feel free to stitch away. 

All I want for Christmas is carrots:

Star-Trek_ LiveLong&Prosper from TOS. I am still debating weather or not it needs backstitching. But I like the letters.

Star-Trek_To boldly go from TOS.

Made another bunny pattern, my friends feel like the weed might put some thoughts in your head, but it is not that kind of weed:P It is the most common garden weed. So there. And I refused to listen. My bunny only knows one kind of weed anyway.

Ainin-Bunny Pattern

The Purple Bunny: 


Ugler/ Owls: 

Selbu Mittens:

Fall chart: 

Halloween charts:

 Christmas Baubles:

Easter and Spring charts:


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