Sunday, 29 November 2015

While we wait

Advent is here.
Today we light the first candle.

We opted for LED candles this year, but it is cozy none the less.

I've spent some days at my mothers house in preparation for her birthday party we did some de-cluttering and decorating and in the process found a chest full of table cloths but also a lot of half finished projects, my mother gifted me some of them so that I could finish. I got three cross-stitch kits, one almost half done, and one two thirds of a knitted sock and some yarn.

I finished the sock, she even had knitted all the way down past the tricky heel.
I hope she will feel inspired and finish some of the projects still in her chest.
 I know I shouldn't be on my high horse since I still haven't finished sock number two, but mine is progressing a bit, I am at the start of the heel;)

I finished the socks!
I should finish some of my things first.... but I am cross stitching the lady and her cat. >.<
But December is not even here yet, so I have loads of time still?

Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday Finishes

I made another two finishes!

Two light blue wash clothes for Christmas

and another Tristan hat in Drops big merino. Next hat I am going to make will be in another pattern I think, because I have got the hang of this now:)
Oh, and yes, it is for a man so it is way too big for me, luckily.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

It is official

I bought a new phone, finally. My old one was barely hanging together and was doing weird things.
and surprisingly it is not pink:O Kind of shocking, right?
it is an Xperia Compact z3, so not the newest, but that does not matter I think.

It is, wait for it, wait for it! Green!
It is a lot more shocking green than it was advertised, but I do like emerald. It is after all the colour of my oshi in Morning Musume 15, Sato Masaki, so I guess I got used to it.

but yes, it might be official now, I like green.

Picture from google.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Lots of trees turning into sixty

First off I want to say Happy birthday to my mother, and we look forward to celebrating you next weekend. Hope you will like your present.

I promised to show some ornaments, these trees were super fast and simple, I used thick embroidery wool I already had but were not going to embroider with anytime soon to make these. One skein made about two trees, but some skeins were started so some trees ended up being a little bit creative. I started making these thinking I needed lots of green but then I thought if the recipients wanted to hang their trees on their tree they would be invisible so I made some in other Christmassy colours. And I really like the colour combinations. These days my colour appreciations have been growing, I actually like green now:O

I made another ornament, this one for my friend who loves owls:)
I think they might get a tree garland as well.
The plan was to make some hearts, snowflakes and stars as well, but I got so into making those trees that I just couldn't stop, I made 27 already, but I am keeping some so we will se if it will be only tree garlands or something else as well. Still plenty of time before Christmas!

In my ongoing knitting adventure I am still making hats for Christmas, only three to go, one of which I will crochet, the lonely sock will hopefully have its mate in time for the holidays and the yarn I bought when my mothers local yarn store went out of business is finally started and will become some wash cloths for Christmas.

I think I need to actually finish some of those presents soon if I am going to have time to make about ten more;)

Friday, 20 November 2015

Friday again and finishes again

 I know these past few weeks I have only showed off finishes, but most of the stuff I am making needs to be a semi-secret thing since the recipients might be reading;)

But anyway I have two finishes! I made two sitting pads for some cousins for Christmas, they have a dog so I hope they take a lot of walks;)
But in either case they could be used when waiting for the bus in the cold and take very little space so can be taken everywhere.
 I used mostly leftover yarn about four balls each.

And I have started making some ornaments, but you will see that on Wednesday as that is the ornament day;) Hopefully I will have made a few more and perhaps other shapes too? These are sort of like stocking fillers for sudden presents or for people I don't have time to make a big thing for.

I have also started another hat, yes, I am knitting, and yes, it is still Tristan for garnstudio:p
I might branch out later into other hat patterns.
And yes, it might not be for Christmas, since it barely fits me, but I will make M model and see, if it fits him I can give it away to some male relative for Christmas. I know I make lots of presents, this year I counted 25, but this Christmas we will be celebrating with a lot of extended family, so I am looking forward to that.

It started to become more winter and less autumn these days and these guys are telling me it is a bit chilly;) Inside is a cosy 19 degrees but these buys are spoiled, I prefer a toasty 20-21:P 22 is too hot and I do wear wool inside as well.

M and I are having a pizza today, looking forward to it, but I need to get started before it is too late, and hopefully we will watch Walking Dead.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Finished Friday Saturday Post

I have another two finishes, I finished two star lap-blanket, the ones with the green tones were finished on Friday and ironed and taking pictures before it got dark, but then I had company over which is why this post is a bit late, but lets pretend it is still Friday.

They measure about 90 cm from point to point.

They are mostly made from scrap yarn, but the last round used about a whole skein of yarn so I needed to buy some inexspensive yarn.

The white and blue one weighs 346 grams and the green and red one is 360. I also measured the blanket I finished last week. which weighs 808 grams and the alpaca blanket I made last year which is rather big only weighs 973 grams.

Here you can see the blankets on top of each other in comparison. This summer I made the first star blanket, which took a lot longer because it was thinner yarn, but these took about a week each. 

This Monday was very scary because both bunnies needed their teeth trimmed, Valmin also had some ear-gunk. But they both came home in one piece, albeit a bit shaky and grumpy, Valmin failed at jumping up into the sofa and had to eat his pellets on the floor, Mimle however failed at eating her pellets all together which was scary, she wanted pellets, but left them on the floor. Luckily she ate rocket, basil, CC and treats, but only when I wasn't looking. And she gave us a rather pitiful pile of poo on the outside of the litterbox because she couldn't jump into it. It is awful to watch animals recover after a vet visit.

Mimle handled it worse than Valmin, she was cold and generally felt icky most of the day, whilst Valmin was out of the carrier first thing and scoffed down his CC like a pro. Mimle poor girl was not happy, but the next day both bunnies were fine.

As I said I had friends over yesterday, we ate Tacos and watched Cat movies, first we started with "The cat returns", then "Aristocats", then "Whisperer of the heart", we should have had CATS the musical, hehe.

In the morning the bunnies were bed bunnies and not the usual sofa bunnies and they had lots of fun jumping up and down.
Ah, to be a bunny and feel joy in the smallest of things.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Bunday Photos

We have been doing some clean-outs these past few days, where I put things in piles, with keep, donate, and throw away, this pillow ended therefore on the floor in our living room and the bunnies commandeered it. Since they were so much in love with it I put the pillow next to the sofa and everyone seems happy.

Valmin loves it. He licks it and takes a nap on it.

Mimle loves it too, although in her eyes it is a bit lumpy and needs to be flattened, so that is what she is doing most of the time. (To be honest us humans thought it was a bit lumpy as well, my aunt bought me this pillow when I was 15-ish so it has been loved a lot and the inside are now less pillow-y and more lumpy, which is the reason it was in the discard pile...)

Anyway, since both bunnies think this pillow is the best thing that happened to them all year none of us humans have the heart to throw it away, so it stays until Mimle has chewed through it or Valmin pees on it...

We humans are a bit soft hearted.

Friday, 6 November 2015

Finished Friday!

I have a finish! Or actually, I have TWO! 
This blanket is almost only made of leftover wool yarn from different projects, some have been given to me and some are from my stash. I even have a bit of yarn from my wedding dress and M's wedding-bow. I bought the three balls of yarn in the dark grey to make the border from Nille so this will turn into an inexpensive gift. ^^ 
I think I spent about three weeks making this.

The bunnies match the blanket.

As you can see, it is not that big, it is about 125-130 cm long and about 60 cm wide. Just long enough for me to use if I am taking an afternoon nap or for two people to have over their laps whilst sitting outside or something...

The colors might not be really me, but I do find myself L O V I N G them. The muted tones in brown, pink, dark blue, grey and moss green remind me of the forrest and cabin life so I think this would be a perfect to have at the cabin, but we will se where the recipient will put it.

It looks good in Grandmas chair too, gosh, now I want a blanket like that.
It is made mostly in sc or dc stitches, but there are some v-stitches, hdc rows and x- stitch rows as well. The blanket is thick and warm and perfect for when it is a bit chilly, no wind will come between the stitches in this blanket! Because I have used different thickness in the yarn it isn't as straight as I would want, but that is the charm of leftover yarn projects, right?

My finish number two:
A sock.
Also in leftover yarn.

Anyone remember this?

I got this for my birthday almost 20 years ago or something, I loved the idea of learning to knit, but I never really got the hang of it. Somewhere I have a something I knitted ages ago, if I find it I'll show you, basically it is a rectangle in with added and dropped stitches all over the place. I like to have something to show off for my efforts so since I sucked at knitting I think I didn't want to do it anymore and I never really got any better. 
Until now.
I found the leftover yarn from way back then (boy, I know now why all the kids I knew hated knitted garments, this old yarn is rough!) and made one sock. The green is from M's sock, I decided that since that part of the sock might get into contact with skin it would be better to use the new, soft yarn there. Yarn nowadays are so different! And I am pretty sure it is the SAME yarn, both sock yarn from Sandnes....

And yes, I do know I only made one sock, so technically it might not count as a proper finish, but I am counting it anyway. It is a big step up from just languishing in a closet for about 20 years.