Friday, 31 May 2013

Giveaway Winners!

I wish I could give everyone a prize!
But, I have only three gifts... Anyway. Drumroll please...

Who won the first prize:

 Prerna! Congratulations, please send your details to: 
(mail removed as I have all of your details now)
 Second Prize winner:
E2! Congratulations. I already have your details:)
 Third place winner:
Virpi! Congratulations!  Please send me your details here: 
(mail removed)

This was very exciting! Two Finns won! I am definitely having another giveaway, so if you did not win this time, maybe next time. So stay tuned. :) 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Bow before me or not?

So, today is Ornament Onsdag, and my little bunny is done. Done, done, done! 
I love showing what I have done, even if I am not Q U I T E done.

As you can tell from the title of todays post, I am contemplating wether or not to attach the bow. Somehow the fabric twisted a bit while I was assembling and there is now more white on the bottom than it was. And it looks a bit odd. So should I conceal it with a bow or not?

Please answer in the comments section. :) I will take another picture when decided in good light. Today the weather-gods have been making a rain-dance all day and it has been dripping and drooping and making taking pictures a whole lot more difficult. 
Oh, and remember, only one more day of the giveaway!

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Spider Story Tuesday

Today as I was home alone waiting for boyfriend to come home I saw something at the corner of my eye. It was a H U G E spider walking carefully on the wall behind my computer. Usually in those times I yell for boyfriend to come take it away. I don't really like bugs when they are walking so randomly inside my house. You never know where they might turn up next unless you help them outside again. Boyfriend ofcourse could not help me, and I had to watch the spider crawl sideways behind my bookcase. A while later while I was still trying to concentrate (even if I failed), the little guy (or rather big girl) was walking significally lower on the wall the opposite way. Towards me. I hastily retracted my legs and hoped it would go away. And as soon as it did I hid on the sofa waiting for boyfriend. But now that boyfriend is home I have no idea where the spider is.... I am just hoping he is eating all the other nasty bugs.......

Oh, yeah. Today is Tuesday Tunes and now that we have finished with the scary story (hope you can still sleep, I know I can't in fear of the spider coming back). Here is this weeks song:

I was out buying black clothes for the funeral yesterday with my friend and I found I was continuously singing bits and pieces from this song.

And then I had an epiphany, within my family and friends there seems everyone has some sort of eating issues, like allergies and selective eating, so I have decided that when I get married (and don't worry, he has not proposed so swallow your tea nicely) we will have a barbecue. Then people can eat what they want and that they know is safe and we can enjoy making delicious food outside, and then the smalltalk that NT people insist on can commence. I think it was a marvelous idea, and boyfriend agreed. Too bad the weather in Norway never agrees with you when you have outside plans, then it always rains.
But if it does those people have more things to talk about whilst hiding under cover and eating their burnt hot dogs.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Rico design bunny review

So, I am almost done with the bunny from Rico designs bought from here:
I thought that I would tell you what I liked and what I did not like. I liked the chart, it was easy to follow, and since there were only six colours there was not a lot that needed explaining. But the thread lengths were way too long, even if I took one strand and folded to become two... And therefor tangled easily.
I liked the aida and the colour of it. Which was pale purple. ^^
I liked how the bunny was fairly easy and small but still with minimal effort looked like a real live rabbit. That takes a lot of skill on the designers part I think. 
One thing I found odd was the background, it randomly stopped at weird intervals. I thought it would look more in sync if the shape on both the bottom and top were oval and tried to change it. I am not sure how successful I was.

All I have left on this is backstitching and assembling, but I will leave that for ornament onsdag;)
As I have no more use of this pattern it goes in my giveaway pile here:

And I have been doing a bit on my Secret Project Number two, but I can't show you anything more of it now I think until I have given her to her proper home.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

A bunny story

So, a little update. I have not been stitching much lately as I find it hard to concentrate. 
But this little guy is halfway there now. :) And even if his eyes are not completely done he has lost his creepiness that he had before the pinks and browns were filled in. :)

Tomorrow is WiSP Sunday, so Henry and Fred have to continue sitting in the backseat while my Secret Project Number Two take the front-seat, with maybe this guy next to it.

Another small distraction lately, is the spring. (It is not summer until June). I have been busy with my bunny-slave duties and procuring dandelion and drying for the queen. She herself was busy outside glancing over her kingdom and not getting her paws in the grass. Unless ofcourse she had to go and nibble a bit on it, then she forgot how much she hated the grass.

We saw quite a few happy-bounces today. And more annoyed back feet- flicks. Because obviously the grass was being obscene. 
Since we are renting she only has a non-permanent outside pen. And it does take quite a while to set up.

Other news. Yesterday we woke up by the sound of tiny paws pitter-patting under the bed. Little Houdini here had managed to pull her pen-doors sideways a little bit so that she could squeeze out and come and wake us up. Because obviously we had not given her adequate breakfast in time. The horror, having to wake up her own slaves to get any breakfast, says bunny. I still think she is a bit miffed about that actually. Boy, can she hold a grudge. She still flees at the sight (or rather smell) of carrots because she used to get carrots at grooming sessions, it's been six months since we stopped that but she has still not forgiven us for turning her once favorite treat into a trap.

Oh, and since most of you voted for banner number 2: I am changing to banner number two. ^^

Don't forget my giveaway people! Be a follower and you could win!
(remember to draw a raffle-ticket here:

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

100 pageviews Giveaway

So, I made a little giveaway. There are three prizes to be won.
So, if you want to enter, here is what you do:
Be or become a follower of my blog. 
Leave a message here, the giveaway ends on Thursday at 2300 norwegian time:)
You get an extra raffle-ticket if you blog about my giveaway (also remember to tell me that you did).

The prizes:
1 (and a small extra thing)
Contains: A small notebook from Oxfam, a pink variegated thread from Duchess?, and a woodland folk kit.

Contains: A chart-booklet from a magazine, a DMC floss colour 4073 and a Woodland folk kit.

Contains: A Tatty Ted sticker sheet, a bobbin of crochet ribbon, a chart from a magazine and a DMC skein of 3851 floss.

If no one claims their prize within a week of my post telling them they've won, I will redraw their prize.
Good luck!

And last, a picture of the beautiful flowers I got from my best friends and their mother, who used to be my boss^^ Thank you. They are lovely, even if both boyfriend and I have managed to spill all the water onto the desk one time each. 

Onsdag Again!

Want to see my next ornament? 
I finished it. And I do say i love how it looks.
I have been thinking that I should save these little ornaments that I make with those heart hangers and give them as a set to someone. Maybe one hanger as each gift? Although I might come in short as my supply in the fist place of those hangers was two, and I've used both of them....

Another thing is both cross stitches fit with the new home tea, one given with a flower present and one given with tea for the new home.... Alas, I know no one who is in the process of moving who would love these. (and have space for them!)

Even though I have used different colour- schemes I think they work together. But should I give both ornaments a little bow? 
I wish I knew more pink people, as these would make great gifts for those pink-loving ones.

Oh, and Nira I cheated just like you;) 

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Well, what do you know!

I am having a giveaway!
You might remember I said that I would have a giveaway if I either reached 100 page views a day, got 20 followers or reached 200 post. 
As of today, I've posted 194 posts and have 18 followers, but the thing that won, was the ting I did not expect, 100 pageviews in a day. :O

So, tomorrow I will hopefully post the giveaway.
  (I have work and might be a bit knackered.)

Start me up/living on a prayer/ Ding Dong

So it is Tuesday Tunes here in the rabbit cellar. 
First I wanted to show what I have been stitching on. Boyfriend and I have been spending most of these hot summer days inside playing playstation as both of us have come down with a summer cold. Therefore I needed something easier than Henry to spend time on and started on this alien looking character. I had to include the picture of how it will look when finished because it just looked so unappetizing and foreign with just the white and no other features. I think when finished it will look really good. I like these simple designs that still look like something you want to hang on your wall. 

And here is the song currently stuck on my mind. It is actually two, and neither is Japanese!
Where is my proposal?
Marry me by Krista Siegfrids.

I love this video with all its obviously merchandizing, so silly.

Oh, the other video? I don't think there is a good video on youtube... But this will do. The song is obviously from Glee. And I have been singing it nonstop.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Stashing to ya baby

I love making food-art, even if I am no idafrosk
With rabbits even, I had a hard time eating them. And since I am a bit extra weird I can't eat green candy, so I gave those to boyfriend. And I have a hard time to eat candy if I can only take one piece at a time. It has to be in two's.... Which is the reason I gave up those candyballs which occupied your entire mouth and you had to suck on them for hours to see them decrease a little. I just have too small a mouth.

Oh, yeah, now is the season for dandelions again. I have taken two batches inside ready to dry for the rabbit. She is sniffing the air ferociously, to see (or rather smell) if she can find the yummies. On the back wall is a picture of three of my past little critters.

And, here is the last pirate lot from sewandso, and yes, I have already started one of them. Naughty me? No, because I have a finnish, and you can see what that is on Wednesday. But, yes I was a little naughty finishing up that particular finnish ahead of time.

I think this will count as an ornament, don't you?

But I saved the best thing for last didn't I? To make you read the entire post. Clever right?
I am finished with the books now and am in the process of doing the background stitches before tackling the backstitching. But May still is not done, so I can safely say (although I might be jinxing it) that I will finish this in time for the recipients party! Those of you who have been paying attention can see the greens I used on this piece in the batch I bought from sewandso. So much stash-buying for such a little amount of stitches.... Tsk, Tsk... But isn't that how you build a stash? Buy more than you  use? I think I am doing a formidable job of stashing. 

Eurovison was on yesterday, and boyfriend and I watched. It was very fun. A little romanian vampire singing falsetto, just like any vampire with a little self-respect should. 
I liked Malta too, and Finland. 
But my favorite song was not voteable. It was from the half-time song.

Friday, 17 May 2013

17.Mai er vi så glad i

The title is from a norwegian song, that I used to sing on 17th of May.

Today we celebrate the National day in Norway. This is a picture from work. I adore this little dresser and its colours. I really want it. Look how the knobs don't match.
 Endearing. But sadly it is not for sale:(

I've done a little on Henry, but I still have not ripped out the part that is wrong. Since it is only on the inside of the Tudor rose and not on top I just continued over. I have now done a little bit more on it since the picture too. 

I promised to show you a sneak-peek of my prizes for the giveaway, so here goes. I might find some more goodies too.  Only two more followers to go!

In the end I want to show you a picture from when she got a new tunnel, which she still has not figured out and is only used for nibbling on.

(oh, and for my english speaking readers, I think I have managed to make my blog easier for you now as it is in English? Or at least should be)
(and I am sorry, no Friday- freebies for a while I think, as life is getting in the way)

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Some sort of update

Yesterday was Ornament Onsdag and I had planned to show you my progress on an ornament, but as I was preparing the phone rang and we had to rush to the hospital again as my father's condition got worse. He passed late the same night, but atleast he is not in pain now.

I am still in the process of finding the right backing fabric for this easter ornament.  Here I have three different ones bought at Panduro. I think the one with pink polka dots is my favorite. After I have backed this I am making hair-bows with the rest of the fabric I think. 
Still thinking about buying some sort of hanger as I think it would look great with a bunny one instead of just making hemps to hang with, but I could use the other polka fabric for the hemps, that would look nice I think?

Here is another thing I made at work. Yesterday I was using some other kind of paint that made me feel faint and nauseous...
But look how good it looks?

And. I am thinking of colouring my hair like this. As I already have almost the same glasses. This is Garcia from "Criminal minds", real name Kirsten Vangsness. (yes, that is a norwegian name, her entire fathers family are american-norwegians)

-oh, and this poll does not work either, so people should vote for the banner in the post before. Thank you. 
-and, three more followers until the giveaway. Next post I will show you a little preview of what you can win.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

So, I am making a change

Usually I hate changes. but since I have had a desire to customize my blog for a long time, this change does not seem so sudden to me as it might for everyone else....
My friend made me these banners, and I love them! She is very talented.

Banner 1:

 Banner 2:

So, which banner should I use? I love them both, but I do have a secret favorite.
The poll will be open until Sunday, so hurry up and vote!
The poll is on the right-hand side.

Tuesday again today

I am sorry that I have been so quiet the last couple of days, but there is a lot of things happening.
Since it is Tuesday I can at least show you my song of the week?
I have not done any stitching since friday where I realized that one entire Tudor-rose on Henry had a mistake and I have to rip it all out. Since the pattern is mirrored I did the same mistake twice. I should have looked at my chart and not do it the easy way by just looking at the other side that I had already done.... Oh well. But boyfriend found my mistake. Thank you. How is it that you get sort of blind and can't find your own mistakes? Weird huh?

So, without further ado. This is another japanese pop group from Hello!Project, but one that I have only shown you one song from, a very long time ago. from here:

You can skip 'til 0:47 because there is a lot of chanting in the beginning. 

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Store Stories and purchases

Yesterday I was out shopping with two of my friends while boyfriend was at home sleeping. He just finished his master after an all-nighter, so I thought going out would be great for both of us, bunny was not inclined to think so since she had to spend the day in a pen. So the story about my purchases came a day late.... Oh, well.

Let me show you what I bought:
This little beauty, I have decided it is the perfect place to stash half-finished cards and cards that are drying. So I put in some old cards to show you. The first is my latest finish and the other is an old valentine card from my friends. (see, sometimes I get bunny-cards and those are the ones I treasure the most). 

And I got scolded at work because I wear my hair mostly loose and I said that the only hair-piece I had was a hair-tie that I used when I was about six. And that is a long time ago, so I felt I was a bit overdue to buy all these accessories. (and I have always had long hair so I have no excuse to not have an abundance of hair accessories, I do have several hair-bows though, but they let your hair still fall around and into the paint, so I guess it was no good)

Look at my new dress, isn't it pretty? It is for the national-day. It is warm and cuddly with a bunny on it.  What more could you want in a dress? I LOVE IT. I have been drooling over it for several months now, and when it was on sale I hurriedly bought it. 

Since this is not a blog about my life really, but more about my crafts I will show you my progress. More beading done. And another Tudor-rose, how I hate those Tudor-roses.... It is really taking forever.

It has been really sad and rainy most days so I have not made a single stitch on Fred, too dark and murky to see anything...

And bunny got a new toy too, since us humans celebrated with take-out pizza and Qi.
She LOVED this toy. Inside the little wooden blocks there is a hole where we put treats and she has to take them out. Fun for everyone. Especially when she gets really frustrated and bangs it about, digs frantically and almost gives up... Oh, and it is fun watching her throw the candy out but having so much fun bashing the toy around that she forgets to eat the treats. I love bunnies.

I still have not eaten the first out-side-ice-cream-of-the-year.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Ornament is done

Do you guys remember I said that I wanted to blog more and make more ornaments?
Since this is Ornament Onsdag (which is wednesday in Norwegian), I finished this little ornament. I changed the colours a bit since there was missing a colour.

This was how it was supposed to look. But I like my version best I think. And I LOVE the little hanger. I am doing another project which involves another hanger like this. But I am still waiting for the threads to continue. Since tomorrow is not a post day I am guessing I might be done by next Ornament Onsdag barely:)

Lately I have been eating a mango every other day, I love mangoes, where were they all the time I had the munchies and bought heaps of chocolate? I wish I had known about them sooner. 

I was at work today too, but I got to go early because I finished all the things I was going to paint, and it was too soon to do another coat though.
I used pink, purple, teal, white and turquoise, to the end where I was really fed up with washing my paintbrush. I kept forgetting to do the same colours at the same time, so I did double work, washing those brushes, which was a bit boring. I came home and slept for a couple of hours and woke to boyfriend making dinner. We had a lovely meal and then he went to his parents to do his masters which he is handing in tomorrow for the printers.... 

Let's see, do I have any bunny news? Yes, while I was preparing my lunch bunny saw a shadow, yes, a shadow and went into a panic. She fled around the room making a lot of noise. She landed under my desk, thumping frantically. She refused to come out when I called her name, so I went under the desk too, she still thumped and looked at me like: " I know you saw that too, so why are you not hiding?" said bunny. I sighed. Got up. And took out her Oxbow papaya tablets. Only then did she come out. And I was barely allowed to give her a small pet.
Silly bunny.

Oh, yeah, and I now have 15 followers. ^^ So there will be a giveaway soon, when I find out how many people had to be my followers before I gave one. I think I said either when I reach 20 followers or 200 blogposts.
(which is only 15 posts away.)
Or if I get a hundred views a day which is still not that likely since the most I got was 96 and after that I usually get around 30 :) But it doesn't matter:)

Sunday, 5 May 2013

On a roll again

I am so on a roll, I remembered to finish my bird, do WiSP day AND, well, actually that's it.

And I did it, the bird is done! 

I found this too, it is almost finished and have been for quite some time, thing is, all the threads are missing, and since the threads came with the magazine I felt lost. But then I saw that they had helpfully added a DMC thread-key, so I decided to look through my stash. Which is small so I did not have high hopes. One side was about 90 % done and the other about 50%, I could not just choose some colours because it is mirrored so both sides have to match... I contemplated that for a while and felt like I was lost at sea when I finally took the dive and looked through the stash. And lo and behold, I had ALL of the pinks! :O Colour me surprised... And most of the greens too, the only green I did not have was the sea green one used on the gate. And I am buying that, since I like to use the colours I buy and not just stash them I am going to multitask and incorporate them in secret project number 2. 

And, I have done some more on my WiSP, I am going to have to take a break on this while I buy some floss. Maybe not a big break, maybe I can do some backstitching? I have already decided not to do the background on this because I feel like the coloured fabric is enough:)

On another note, I am rewatching glee, and boyfriend came home, he for some reason got the vibe that I needed to be serenaded to and chose to sing. " Oh my darling Clementine" but since poor boyfriend knows absoultely no lyrics what he did end up singing to me was: Oh, my darling, oh my darling, oh my darling never mind..... Not quite the romantic song I had in mind. He made up for it later by doing "Magic carpet ride" with me on singstar. I pwned him.

Here is bunny and boyfriend having some quality time together. Free range bunnies are awesome! -"What did you do yesterday?"
- "I tried to eat an apple and had a bunny on my shoulder".
Best conversation ever.

Friday, 3 May 2013

It is Friday again I reckon

And I did not forget! Hah! Here is a completely meaningless and boring post about absolutely nothing. But atleast I did not forget.

As you probably know by now, I work a little now. And what I do is paint furniture, I like painting, it is calming. And look at my free manicure.
I was getting a bit tired of all the pink, so I painted a chair this colour and it is a great colour indeed, works wonders with the pink.

I have a really crocked pinky. Looks a bit silly doesn't it?

But today I was home because I was not feeling very well, so I started on a freebie. From WOCS 202. Unfortunately a colour was missing and I did not have a replacement, so I choose two purples from my stash. I love the cute hangar that came with it.

This is how far Fred has gotten. Think I can finish the bird tomorrow?

 So, this is Henry, can you see the beading I've started?

 I can show you some closeups. Not the right colour, but close enough:P

 I did not bead her dress. Or the flap thing on her hat. I decided they looked good without so I left it. Less work for me the better. And I really do think beading that part of her dress would make things look crowded and I did not want that. I did not want to do french knots either so I'll just make do.

This is the replacement colours I chose. Do you know another cross stitch I am making that is using these colours? Yes, it is secret project number two, which I know is taking a lot of time, but I am down to doing the boring colours and the stupid tangling glitter floss so it takes time.... And then there will be backstitch. Will I finish that in time using only WiSP Sundays? I wonder...

Speaking of backstitch, that is all that is left on this piece so it is time to go to bed and hope I feel like being bored enough to do them tomorrow. Would have been nice with another finish though.....

Bon Voyage and then some.