Thursday, 27 November 2014

Foxes and Owls

I adore this fox! This was from the magazine (Enjoy Cross Stitch Xmas 14) I got from my swap-partner and I had been eyeing it for weeks without feeling like we had the money, and this fox in particular made me wish I could splurge to get it. Funny how life works out;)
Anyway, some years I made these as cards with writing on the back and some as just plain gifts....
Maybe I will do a little of both this year. This fox is saying it would be cool to give with a scarf for someone, so I guess I have to make yet another scarf, since I have an idea who to give this to.

I adapted this design a little with adding "Merry Christmas" in Norwegian. I know someone who loves owls as well as some who love foxes. But I think this will just be a card, but not sure....

There were more designs in the magazine that I want to make, more foxes and owls and a bunny to boot. We will see how much I have time for, I think I might not have time to cross stitch any cards this year... Sadly.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ornament Onsdag Poinsettia

I made another little Permin Christmas decoration. I think someone will get it for Christmas, but I am not quite sure yet... I love it, I think I need to get the Dompapp one and this one for me too.
I have bought the santa and bunny one, because I could not walk past it, and I figured it was time I made some decorations for myself too, so I am busy making that as well.

Other than that, I found the gift that was missing. And I finished the scarf I was crocheting, and making up as I went, I am very pleased with that one. Even if it took me three weeks to finish. Crochet takes time, but the yarn was cheap, so I think it will be a great and thoughtful gift. :)
So I am making another scarf, with a little under a month for Christmas I can just about make it;)

Will I finish all 25 gifts in time?

I was barely in time with ornament onsdag, so now I am off to bed, no more Bones for me. You see Netflix just released season eight, and I am trying to convince myself that I do not need to watch the whole season within a short amount of time....

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas baking

You know what kind of family we are? I think the pictures speak for themselves.

I made Valmin. We couldn't find our rabbit gingerbread cut-out-molds so we had to free hand draw some.

Mother-in-almost-law has a special Finnish recipe for ginger bread, the dough tastes lovely, but it took the whole day to make two batches, but it was rather fun.

Boyfriend made a whole bunch.

This one for some reason is upside down.

But this one is not, have you spotted our other love on this? 
Star Trek.
Boyfriend made this one too.

So the answer is we are nerdy bunny people, the best kind of people.

Boyfriend has this crazy dream that we should bake seven kinds of Christmas cakes... I think not.
He may have been joking, sometimes it is hard to tell.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Bunny Coasters for Bunny People

Since the recipient has received her gift I can show you what I included for her amidst all the yarn and bunny treats/toys and chocolate.

I think this one is my favorite out of all the bunny coasters I have done. I used variegated thread and tried to make it so that the white was on the bunny's chest and on one ear. I think it looks cute.

This still hasn't reached it's owner sadly, posten is saying that it is still in the US when I clearly stated it to be sent to the UK... But I have hopes. If it never gets there I might have to make another one;)
I love the shape of this particular bunny, I think running rabbits look awesome. Valmin not included because he has this thumping sound when he runs that make him look so much less dignified. Hilarious  sound. Thump, thump. Mimle is the dainty little (maybe not so little, she is getting more than legally plump). thing that she is and looks graceful when running, I think it might help that she has uppity ears that stay up whereas Valmins ears flop up and down.

Today I am expecting company, and I really need to clean the house a bit more.... Who knows, maybe I will find the missing Christmas Presents. 
(that is the downside of making gifts in January, you have 11 months to loose them, usually I know where they are, but with the moving, some presents are clearly not in the box marked "Christmas Present"...) Oh well, I still have time to make another I guess....

Yesterday I finished another present. All with vintage yarn.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

My old room in pink

This weekend I was visiting my mother and we continued to make my old room a little bit cozier. This time we painted the wall bright pink, last time we painted my old daybed grey and my mother's old desk got another coat of a bit darker pink, similar to the one it had, but it needed some touch up.

The Tinkerbell poster reminds me of when I was seventeen I think, my friends both loved Tinkerbell, so I liked having that poster on the wall, and it fits so nicely with the new decor too. Boyfriend keeps saying it looks like a six year old lives there, but I keep saying it is not quite done yet, plus sometimes it is nice to cater to the six year old in your heart I think.

My mother and I both love a plant called heather so we used that as basis for this room. If we find some nice plastic plants of that we will put them somewhere for decorations. We did some decluttering and reorganizing too.
Last time I was there we bought the cutest little grey rug, but I didn't snap any photos of that. Speaking of photos, these were taken in the evening but with boyfriends wonderful mobilephonecamera. I love his camera, I think I need a new one myself... 

This is my old doll house that my father made, for some years it has been used as shelves and needs some TLC. Next time I visit we will tackle this, I am not quite sure how to paint it, I still want the outside to be white, but am contemplating making the back wall on the inside the dark pink we used on moms desk, but I am not sure....

Both my mother and I like to reuse something and instead of buying something new rather fixing it up if we can. Who says a doll house has to contain dolls?

There are so many memories here, my brother's old ghostbusters car, old kitty-wine bottles from when my friends and I first tried wine. A memorial-plate I made of my late bunny in school, the old clock that hasn't work in twenty years, but my grandmother gave it to me, I still want some of those memories to sit in my old doll house, but I need the rest to find somewhere else to live.

My dad also made this bookcase, I like it, but it would have been even more useful if it was taller... I am not sure how to paint this either, grey or white with pink on backside again maybe? Any ideas? I have two of these, but am unsure if two is too much in that room or not....

The other furniture in this room are two boring white wardrobes, but they are functional I guess, so we are leaving them as is. And we might set in my mother's old doll vugge. Currently it is upstairs for decorations with my old dolls in them. It is in some dark blue colour so it needs to change colour to work in this room, but I don't know what colour would fit.... Maybe a contrast colour would be nice?

Oh, and on our way home we almost ran over Mr. Fox, but I saw him and yelled so boyfriend had time to slow down and wait for him to run across the road. On the other side he sat down and peered at us... Foxes are funny things!

Saturday, 15 November 2014

A present in November

But my birthday isn't for another month!

This was a gift for the buns and me, and Valmin has his birthday this month;)

I was going outside and checked our mailbox and inside were a note from our postman! I didn't have time to pick up the parcel from the postoffice because I was on my way to my mothers, so I told boyfriend he had to pick it up for me. He did and it was waiting for me when I got home from my mother's. 

I couldn't wait even if it was in the middle of the night, I had to open it. Mimle was exited too. It was from an online friend, we agreed to send each other and the buns a small parcel, but then I was in the middle of moving house and stuff and it took ages before any of us had the time. 

Mimle and Valmin got so much! Mimle tried to eat through the plastic so I had to give her some pellets while I opened something up for consumption.

Valmin came too when he heard the sound of crunching.

THere were Lofties, dried dandelion, dried apple tree leaves, something called Supreme Fibrafirst for rabbits, (which they were unsure of, but then Valmin ate both Mimles and his and begged for more), and Woodlands rabbit herbal forage. They got spoiled rotten! 

I was spoiled too! I got a Belle and Boo pencil,  two cross-stitch magazines! One of them with lots of Belle and Boo and the other with Christmas designs, so I have no excuse now and need to make some Christmas cards;) And then finally some chocolate, one with pineapple and coconut and the other with some nuts and vanilla. ( my online name has vanilla in it, which I am sure she remembered). Swapping is so much FUN! 
Too bad she might wait for a while, because even though I sent her parcel on Halloween it has still not gotten to the UK, the tracking says they sent the gift to the US... Strange, I have sent the postalservice an email so I hope it eventually gets where it is supposed to....

Mimle is checking to see if Valmin is eating something different and better than her, but he is not, they are eating the same. Mimle stole Valmins piece anyway. But then Valmin ate her bit and begged for more and got some too since he is so stinking cute.

Thank you for a wonderful gift:D 
We are all so grateful and happy!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The future

C-ute's other song on the single I showed last week. I prefer the first one obviously, but I quite like this too.

What I am doing mostly these days is paining furniture, if you want to see some interior shots let me know.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Ornament Onsdag Dompapp

My mother picked this out last time we were out as a Christmas gift to her. So I made it and it is now finished. I quite like it. The little bird would be perfect for Christmas cards, but I think I might not make any cards this year.... We'll see.

Today boyfriend is coming back. :D

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Speaking of Romance, I miss you Ok.

This time I have some songs to show. Both C-ute and Crayon Pop are one of my all time favorite groups that still exists that is, and since Berryz Koubou is making their last single, I should include them too, but they are not in my top five group list, maybe top ten. But they are still enjoyable. I will miss Momochi, Risako and the background girls.

It is here!
And I LOVE this song by Cute. The music video is rather fun too, seems the company is experimenting with cute's songs and videos now.

What do you think?

My favorite twins from Crayon Pop has formed a sub-unit and made this awesome song. I had to buy the mini album right away. This reminds me of the crazy antics of W. I so wish W would come back, but Way and Choa are cute and funny and fills my sugar level to reasonable heights. I love this kind of sugary up-beat songs, I hope someone will always make such happy little tunes.

I love their dresses. And the song sound so Christmassy, it is nice to listen to Christmassy songs and making gifts without trying to get into the Christmas spirit because it is still pouring here and Christmas needs snow. Anyway, I am happy Momo is without her musubis and Risako looks and sounds great. I like the fu fu white romance and wow wows. To think they used to be background dancers to W.