Monday, 27 April 2015

Monday bits and bobs

This weekend mum and I went to a flea market, there weren't that much interesting stuff, but we did find some bits and pieces. We got a whole plastic bag of table cloths.
I got a flowerpot for free and a flower vase for five Kroner.

The flower pot I think will live on my desk with some paintbrushes inside... 
And I got the other bookcase my dad made, so I have to paint it now.

I tried my first Chevron pattern, and I figured it out. I know I am a very visual person so I googled chevron crochet and diagram and just used that. I love the colours, boyfriend says it looks like ice cream. I wonder what I will make with my newfound chevron making skill. I am thinking a blanket, but I don't really have the patience for another blanket... Maybe a scarf?

Speaking of scarfs, I have almost used up the first ball of yarn on my scarf/shawl thing that I am currently knitting. I LOVE the yarn, it will be nice to out on my shoulders in the colder summer nights I think.

Friday, 24 April 2015

In our garden

 Look at what blooms in our garden!

I also found some tasties for the bunnies.

They got the first dandelion of the year from our garden.

They were nice and shared...

...and then they had a real lady and the tramp moment...

but Valmin was not so gentlemanlike and ate the rest so Mimle sulked a little...
 I want to make our garden a little more pretty, but I guess it will look nicer when the greens are more green and less brown.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

In business, a champion and a finish

I am still in business...

...still chugging along on my knitted shawl thing...

... I have a finish too...

 ....I made an iPad cover for my iPad, it fits perfectly in it as well... Yay...
Just need another button....

....I have made another swatch, and swatch number 1 fits if I stretch it a little, but the pattern needs stretching anyway I think, so thats good.  So at the moment I am trying swatch number three and tomorrow I am off to buy yarn...

... Some more painting, I love things to match so I made an executive decision and painted the frame to match my box. I do like to paint, but I like it even better when things match and are visually pleasing to look at. Besides the frame is mine and inside were my old bunnies so it fits to be pink I think...

....Valmin is also making lots of improvements and is currently a sofa champion...

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Hoppity hello

Better late than never?
I told you I was going to make something easter-y and finally I found a pattern I really liked. I made eight little bunnies from here, and am going to put them on a string so that I can hang then up later.

 Hoppity bunnies.

Inquisitive bunnies
Bunnies love jumping up on the sofa and cause mischief, or beg, one out of the two. Here they are begging for a treat and who could resist those little faces?

Picture borrowed from Kunstindustri-museumet
My friends and I went to a museum the other day too and saw this exhibition,  The needle's eye  contemporary embroidery. Some embroideries were from the 16th century and some were new. My favourite piece was one that was made in a old fashion sampler style with an alphabet, name and date when someone died and a funny little poem about how he died, I felt inspired to make my own, but I think that idea will have to wait a while...  

We also went shopping for yarn and ate some crepes.

My bunting is done, it only needs blocking. Btw, I found the pattern here, I modified it a little bit by making double ends so that I could use them to tie the bunting up with. If it doesn't rain tomorrow I will show you a picture.

Friday, 17 April 2015

A friendly heart

I am being a good girl and checking my gauge whilst making a swatch. I hope this yarn will fit, although I think the pink would have been nicer in a slightly darker shade. But we will see, so far the pattern has not been too difficult, but I need to check the other parts of the pattern as well, so you will likely see some more swatches soon.

Sandnes babyull garn, although it appears that particular colour might be going out, but their web page states four other pinks, so I guess I am good. :p

My friend made me some flowers, aren't they lovely?
Thank you.

And some very green leaves that were impossible to take a photo of because they were so tiny.

With my flowers I think I almost have a full bouquet so I guess the rest of the flowers will turn into table decorations:)

I am ending this post with some bunny love... Valmin is grooming Mimle.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Gradation Triangles

Everything seems to come along nicely.
I have made almost 14 triangles so far. 
I love the gradation in this colour scheme, and no, I am not changing my easter table cloth until this bunting is done, because I like my background to stay the same;) So I better hurry and finish this bunting, almost there I think.

I am so H A P P Y, Valmin seems so at home and happy here with us, it is clear he now thinks of this as his home. And it is, his forever home, and I have told him so several times, but he is so insecure which is a feeling I think most of us is familiar with.

Tomorrow I am going on an excursion.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Late Tuesday

Actually this is a single that I have been playing a lot lately, not as much as C-ute's latest, but it really is sugary sweet just how I like my songs.

And Uta-chan really is adorable! Momoko really fits this kind of group and it was a stroke of genius to put her in this unit when Berryz started their hiatus.

And I love the outfits in this video^^
I so want pink shorts like that.

Monday, 13 April 2015

In the Sunbeams there is hope

Look,  my flowers are growing. I am very bad at growing real flowers but these just seem to grow by themselves without much encouragement, which is my kind of flower. 
 My goal is at least one a day so no wonder they seem to fly by. 

Look, the box looks really at home in my dollhouse! The frame above is the one I am contemplating to paint the same pink. I Love this little corner of our room, now all it needs is a comfy chair to sit and stitch in, grandmas chair for instance. 

I've made another bunt in my bunting ;)

Mimle and Valmin were good buns today and ate their salad together ^^Mimle usually steals Valmins pellets as fast as she can, but this time she let him eat his heart out. He looked very happy.

Isn't he precious?

Remember the friend I talked about the other day? I can't seem to remember much about her, but the things I do remember for the most part are happy memories. Like how we ate at McDonalds together and she could only have the fries, like she always sang the song about fishballs that lived in the sea and drove me nuts. I am very happy that I wrote those journals because 11 years later I had forgotten about the fishballs song. Every Christmas I take out the snowman she got me for my birthday and I think about her. I wish she was still around but I am sure she is at peace now. 

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Uki uki Rabu

Today we have had a little sleepy day here in the burrow. Rabbits L O V E their bed, but it seems that some bun somehow always end up with a little bum out of the bed so we are contemplating buying a second so that both fit perfectly.

Mimle was flopping in the bed when Valmin decided to join her and there was no room for two flopping bunnies so they had to be loafing bunnies instead. I love it when they smush their heads together like that. True love.

The box is almost finished! I adore the colour and I know I said that I was feeling like I was done with all the painting, but I still find myself searching for more items to paint in this colour... Like the frame over my dollhouse or the plate rack from my dad because this colour makes my heart go all fluttery and uki uki doki doki, and it does go with our purple wall too.
And small things don't take up so much space while they get remodelled anyway so it won't clutter that much.

And I am making some more bunting, all from scraps. This palette does look rather easter/spring-y don't you think? 

Friday, 10 April 2015

Finished Friday

But I almost forgot to post. I finished my shawlette (I learned a new word too, apparently a shawlette is a small shawl, so I thought it fitted) yesterday night and laid it to block all night, I still need to iron out some creases though, and when I have done that I will give you the measurements.

But it works perfectly as a scarf as well, and yes, that is my foot for comparison.

Photo courtesy by E2knity

My friend has contributed to my bouquet,  I love the colours, the good thing about asking people to make flowers for you is that you get new yarn and colours. Plus it is fun and I love having things that others have made for me whilst thinking of me. Doesn't everyone?
If I have ever made anything to you it means I like you.
I wonder if I get any knitted ones for my bouquet as well?

Look! We have flowers in our garden!

And a bike! And they match! 
I was a good girlfriend today and whilst with my mum we went to the shops and bought some stuff, had lunch and picked up boyfriends bike, I hope he'll like it.

And since I finished my shawlette I started another in thicker yarn. I hope this one goes a little faster, and that I have fewer mistakes, I only counted five on the last shawlette so it is moving forward. The light pink is from stash and the variegated one I bought at a sale, because I needed some wool to go with my stash buster yarn. Naturally I had to buy two skeins since they were on sale. I might not be stash busting as much as I think I am.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Jinsei wa


My bouquet is growing. I have made ten leaves and 22 flowers so far, but I know I need plenty more.
It is rather nice to make different flowers from different patterns knowing it will turn into something in the end, I would not have the patience to make a hundred little flowers from one pattern and yarn like some people do who make the most gorgeous shawls or blankets, I wish I did have the patience though, but you can't have it all.

My shawl is nearing it's completion, the knitted part is done, and I still have plenty of skein two so I am currently making a edge on it... Or rather looking at patterns to see which ones would fit. 
Mimle has the cutest little bottom so I completely understand her need to show it to me constantly. 

Even though I love painting I must say I am glad that we have the end of painting is in sight, because it is a bit frustrating having furniture in the middle of the room with plastic on the floor for days on end. 
The bookcase is finished, one coat to prevent seepage of the wood and two coats of white with three coats on the shelves themselves takes a lot of time, especially when you have to wait six hours between coats. The twin to this is still at mums place and will have to get the same treatment one of these days.

The small box on the floor I found at dads with lots of cards inside, most not written, I have no idea what he thought about them, but since they had been stored in the basement most smelt funky so we threw them away. I washed the box and primed it. I will paint it pink and store my finished cards in it so that I know where they are when they need using.

The dresser for our bedroom got one coat of the same primer underneath and two coats of blue two shades darker than the walls in our bedroom so it should fit nicely in there wedged between the bed and closet.

The knobs are painted the same colour as the wall in our bedroom, but it needs another coat before I can put it back in there. And the pile of clothes behind there was supposed to be put in storage for summer, but then it snowed so we kept them in the living room for a bit more time just to make sure the snow stayed away. 
The colour is more accurate in the first picture.

 Today I think about and remember a friend I used to have and all the fun things we used to do.
I miss her, or maybe I just miss those days, but still life goes on.

Monday, 6 April 2015

a box is not always a box

Sometimes it is a fort to keep your treats safe, a playhouse or maybe an invisible fox.

The other day we put a box in the kitchen. Valmin was thrilled, but Mimle needed a little coaxing to sit beside it, she is such a scardy pants sometimes. Today she saw a plastic container that boyfriend had left on the floor and completely panicked. She thumped and thumped and ran around trying to find a safe spot to hide. Valmin casually went up to me and got a treat but Mimle wouldn't have anything to do about that and hunched over looking intently at the box. It was only when boyfriend removed it that she relaxed and ate her treat. (or rather a new one because Valmin ate both his and hers for a change).

But back to the cardboard box, Valmin as I said had a hoot, jumping on it, in it, around it and even tried under it but to no avail. So he dug a little on it instead. Then we gave them some salad and Mimle got some happy memories of the box and would sit next to it while Valmin hid his salad in the box so he could eat it in peace. He is not so dumb as we sometimes thinks he is. At least when it comes to food.

But I still think his hearing has gone worse and think a checkup is in order soon, he might have a ton of earwax in there since Mimle doesn't seem to get his hinting that he needs his ears groomed, she only grooms his eyes and top of the head. Valmin on the other paw is very diligent about Mimle's ears and helps her to keep them clean everyday, her protest that she can keep her own ears clean goes to deaf ears.

Bunnies are such fun.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Påskekos in the house

This Vacation has seen us doing lots of little home-improvement and life-hacking along with some serious "kos" time, so want to see some accomplishments?

Yesterday we were at some friends house and played cards, I had lots of fun, I didn't win though, which usually equals no fun so I guess that proves how good the game is. 
And yes, I brought knitting, crochet and cross-stitch, because you never know what you are in the mood for. 
Since I started my shawl with the long end my rounds are going faster and faster and it seems I will only use two or three skeins which means there will be plenty left to make a crochet border. ^^
I am definitely making another one later, but this year is about me, it is about time I made some stuff for myself too.

Oh, and about things for myself, I have finished painting my dollhouse, three coats of shiny white and  it looks good if I may say so myself. Here are all my knitting-crochet-sewing books and patters and some boxes with yarn and started projects. I think I will like this corner. Let's just hope the bunnies know how to leave it alone...

The bunting on top is something I made a few weeks ago. I think I will make another because it looks so cute on top of my house like that.

In the ongoing season of bunny-proofing everything we bought some floor vinyl and put on the floor and side of the IKEA HOL to prevent spillage of hay and easy cleaning of accidents and stray poo. Honestly it was well worth both time and money because we only had to fill twice yesterday which I think is a first. Bunnies love it.

Also boyfriend and I went for a walk and this little dude said hello, I love birds that live near people because this little guy could not care less about us or the cars and just happily sang away.