Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Cute and furry things

Today we had a visitor and had lots of fun! We ate lasagna and watched the x-files and ate cake.
So looking forward to the next season of x-files, I hope we manage to watch everything before the new season starts!

The other day we went to the store, and look what we found?
They had a whole section of different meats from lamb and look at how they chose to dress the section?
With cute furry lamb toys. I don't think they thought that through properly...

No animals were harmed in the making of this film

In other news, my eye is fine and M, the bunnies and I went on a photoshoot with the same lady that took our wedding pictures. Apparently we were a challenge and bunnies have approximately the same attention span as three year olds. But we got some nice pictures in between. Valmin hid most of the time, and Mimle showed her disapproval by peeing on my crochet blanket (that I am too scared to wash since my darning of yarn ends were a bit iffy and I am scared it might unravel) and then nipping my arm. At one point Valmin went into the carrier, but decided to come out pretty soon and went exploring.


They are fine now btw. After some treats. And I suspect this shot will go on the mantle, if we had a mantle that is.

I bought lots of yarn from Drops since they have a sale at the moment, I think I need some more though, and I DO have plans for all that yarn. ^^ I need a blue dress. And those purple and pinks will be some sort of accessories. But I want to make a bolero or jacket as well, so need more yarn. I finally feel more confident in making clothes so I am going to make more while I still feel like I can do it! Before I make too many presents that is, I hardly have anything I have made for myself, which I suspect most crafters suffer from. We give everything away.

We might have eaten a ton of cake these past few days, but I also have done some crochet. And although I started this ripple blanket a while ago it goes rather slow, so I started two new things. The hat I promised my cousin ages ago and a new vest for boyfriend. In grey, so it suits his suit. hehe.
But that is all for fun.

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Wedding Pictures Spam

Here comes some pictures from our wedding-day! They are all taken by Anne Andersen over at Studio Lk. We were lucky because everything was at the same place, the church, the party and the photographer.

Just married!

Picture taken By: Trude
This is a picture of the cake my cousins wife made which was yummy. I think we ended up with six cakes for a little over 60 people and we are still eating cake! 
Cake for breakfast anyone?

I was amazed because both husband and I look great in all the pictures, and I attribute partly my make up artist, hairdresser, and the great taking picture skills of Anne!

I adore my shoes, too bad I broke them later XD
And my flowers look so good! 
Apart from the sting I can honestly say the day was a success, partly because of my mothers co-workers who came and helped in the kitchen and our families who helped clean up later when I was a bit visually impaired.
I hope I get pictures from family and friends soon, because I want to show off the decorations inside too, we got lots of praise that everything looked so professional and matching.

All my years of looking at Hello Project pictures has given me some skills in modeling as well. Maybe. Because apparently we were lots of fun to take pictures of and had great ideas on how to pose.

Does my dress look good?
The blanket was my first real crochet project and the shawl is something my mother knitted for me.
We are off on a picnic.

I think this place might have been the culprit. I thought I got stung after dinner, but when scrutinized I can see a small pink dot on my eyelid in the pictures so I must have been stung early in the day.

The vest looks good on M too. I think we look smashing!

Saturday, 19 September 2015

And we are off

So today is the day, the countdown has finished
I am really sleepy but we are off soon to get my hair done and stuff.

Mimle is tired too, but was extatic when she saw I was up and demanded to be let into the living room. I think she went back to sleep on the right side of the gate already.

Valmin is hiding in the closet, I think the bunnies feel a bit left out and lonely since we haven't been home thatch lately.
But they will get Basil and hayracks today to celebrate.
They got hay cakes yesterday too so now the house is a mess. 

Our things are ironed and good to go!

Almost now.

Want to see my dress?
What do you think?

Friday, 18 September 2015


We are finally finished, what hasn't been done by now won't happen.
That awfulness with the pamphlet that didn't want to print has finally been sorted. Folded and all.
So that is finally ready.

The plates are ready.

The tables are ready! In the windows we added the crochet buntings I made earlier this year. 

This is boyfriend and me.
Here is were the buffet will be. Don't we look cute?

Some leftover rabbit napkins on the piano.
And everyone commented  on how much me it turned out. And it only took us four hours!

Thank you very much to all that helped. I am going to wash my hair and go to bed!

Thursday, 17 September 2015


We are almost done, there is a lot of little things left to do still. The pamphlet is done, but we had some printing issues so we have to add that to tomorrow.
I have hardly done any crocheting today which was a shock, but I can imagine I am going to stay up a bit and catch up with the daily quota. hehe.

Boyfriends project is well under way. We ran out of nails so we will have to finish this tomorrow.
Want to guess what it is?

I have been busy prettifying my nails today and it took forever, it was really hard too, sitting still for that long watching "Åndenes Makt Sweden", I am always busy crafting while sitting in the sofa and in the end I had to opt for singing jpop songs on the iPad. Luckily my nails dried, not so luckily I still have one coat on the other hand....


So, we need to get back to cracking, no more procrastinating!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015


Todays show and tell is a finish.

My mother and I did the last of the decorations.
So now we have Mason Jars with star light inside and bunny jars with lights and eight jam jars with heart bands on them and two of those even have a flower.

The idea is to have a light in each jar and have them on the tables while we eat. The larger jars have LED-lights in them so there is no fire hazard.

Here is the finished jars. And those bands took forever to make.
I still have some leftover yarn and I think I'll continue to make flowers and leaves so that they can be scattered all over the tables.

And I settled on a shawl. My mother knitted this for me last year, but so late in the season that I didn't really wear it. The other day I blocked it thoroughly and my mother just gave med the leftover yarn so I'll make the border a little bigger I think because it has a tendency to still curl around.
And then I will be done.
Boyfriend still has a project that I hope to show off tomorrow. But I am going to remove my nail polish now so that my nails are easy to fix later.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Today I had my friends over again and we made some more headway.
Todays sneak-peek is:

The underdress, my friend helped me a little  (or rather she did everything) to customize the back because otherwise we would have seen the underdress. Now that the straps have been modified the dress is invisible when I have my dress on. And speaking of my dress, it is AGAIN, finally finished. The ruffle is on, all the beads are on. Everything is set. I am going to lay it flat with some pins in it, in the hopes that some of those pointy picots will lay down flat instead of curling upwards until the the big day. And this time it will stay finished, I will not add anything more, because I think it is perfect.
But there is still lots to do. 
Boyfriend wanted the vest a bit modified so that is next.
I am thinking of modifying a beautiful shawl my mother made for me, if she has any leftover yarn that is...

My friends and I got some more of the decorations done as well.
Here we are, crocheting heart garlands, sewing the underdress and cutting the paper-stars for the glasses.
It was a lot of fun and we got a ton done.
Boyfriend also had his own little craft workshop with a hammer and later with his trusty mac, not necessarily on the same project though, more info to come at a later time.

In the last minute we checked to see if we could understand the napkin folding we decided on, and we did, so on Friday we need to fold almost 70 of these.... No sweat right?
Friday will be a busy day.

Monday, 14 September 2015


 Since it is a wedding which is a special occasion and I love to make scrapbooks of memories we decided to make the greeting book a bit more complicated.
I have decorated the front and glued (I used up all my glue!) different colored paper and other things we are using for the wedding into the book.
The idea is that the guest write messages in it and later we will add photos of the day in between.
This is something you'd think would not necesarrily take that much time but I spent a few hours happily gluing things onto the pages until the glue was used up. I don't think the guest needs more pages to write on, but if I have enough time, (and glue) I might do the remainder of the pages.

Sorry about the blurry photos, but boyfriend and I had a busy day today and so todays post got a little delayed. (I mean I had to finish the book, or in this case the glue).
 We voted and had a chat with the photographer and managed to squeeze in a shopping trip to buy some of the drinks for the wedding. We were lucky enough to borrow a car while the owner was working so we did as much as we had time for. 

I did decide to bead the neck ruffle, but I decided it needed some blocking first, so I am busy doing that. I hope I can start attaching more beads tomorrow.

But since I couldn't do what I had planned for today, you know the beading, I got a little crazy. Or maybe a lot crazy. A bit too much crazy according to boyfriend.

I have started a (two) shawl(s), and yes, the idea was for the wedding... But I know I am not that crazy and could possibly do only one shawl in time.
But then I would have to make a decision, and you know how good I am with those?

Sunday, 13 September 2015


Todays sneak peak is:

We have made the name tags for all the guests.
We just made pennants in paper with the guests name on it. And on the bottom of the glasses I used an idea my friend *Kio found from Nille (I couldn't find the link, sorry), some small stars that will also hold the guests names so that they know which glass they own. We might put the clothes pins on the chairs so they know where they are going to sit.

I'll make some in purple and some in pink, since I have plenty of paper left from making the invitations.


While I was hanging out with my friends yesterday boyfriend had a friend over and they were building Lego's all day. I think they had fun.

Although my cold is pretty much over I have now given it to boyfriend.

I have to hurry and go watch "Åndenes makt" there is finally some new episodes today, with some tea  and chocolate while I attach some more pearls. 
Everyone that has seen the pattern of the dress are exclaiming that it looks really me. I think that is a good sign.

Saturday, 12 September 2015


Oh, yeah, another preview of the dress, but when I keep adding things don't you need to see the things I've added? And doesn't the pearls look good? And yes, I am aware that it needs more ironing, but that comes later;)
I only have nine pearls left to sew on... 
I wonder if the neck frill might be in need of some bling as well?
I mean I still have lots of time left?

I am delegating various tasks too, I think that is partly why I feel I have lots of time left:P
Boyfriend got the job of writing the pamphlet and my friend said she could edit the pictures and make the front page, all I did was crochet the letters to be on the front.

Friday, 11 September 2015


 Me and my friends had a crafty day together.
Since I am crazy I decided the other day to make my own cake topper inspired by some beautiful ones on etsy, I asked my friends to help me, I am after all not the best with clay. And it is much more fun playing together.

So I bought fimo clay and heartily lept into new and uncharted territory.

It feels like a mix between regular clay and PlayDoh but way less messy, I like the texture, too bad my ears didn't turn out the same size, but my friends helped and now everything is properly sized.

First my friend made the bows in white clay but then we remembered that we had bought pink and purple so we made the bows again... Or rather she did. Several times. Kio then made flowers for the girl bunny.

In the oven.
If the temperatures exceed 130 toxic fumes would be produced and the package stated we would need to go outside. Kio helped read the instructions, she found them in German and began to read, only it wasn't German but Danish. Hehe. Almost the same;)

I painted the eyes and ears, and that is about how far I got to help XD
But they look really good.

Oh, and I am even crazier than I first stated. Since my dress was finished yesterday I decided to bling it up a bit and am sewing itty bitty pearls on it. But that is ok, I have a week left.
Lots of time to be crazy!

Thursday, 10 September 2015


My dress is finished! Finally, after starting it in April.
I finished sewing on the bottom frills and the neck frills late last night while watching the property brothers smash through some demolition, after sleeping all day I might add.

So I feel a lot better today and might venture out to the stores tomorrow if the weather stays as nice as it was today.

But on to my show and tell:
This is my bouquet! Not a sneak-peak this time, but a show and tell. It is finished, yatta!
I'll make a how to post later.

As always, the bow is the same pattern as parts of the dress, and the flowers were made by me and my friends.

Speaking of my dress, it weighs a whopping, 0,697 kilos, with frills and I used 13 skeins of yarn, almost seven months and the pattern is free, and I found it here.

Now that I have finished, want to see how the pattern is looking? My mother printed this out for me way back in April so that I didn't have to lug my iPad everywhere with me. I soon stopped bringing the dress with me though, but I have still used the paper pattern.
I've used it so much that I have in fact spilt tea on it, crumpled it, spilt chocolate, spilt water on it and in the folds Mimle has nibbled a part of it. Mimle really doesn't like in when I have things in my lap so she throws them away for easier passage over to the other side of the sofa. The grass is always greener on the other side of the sofa.

But she does like my dress, I caught her licking it yesterday, but so far no chinning and no extra lace making, she has really been on her best behavior. So far! Now that my dress is finished I will put in away for safe keeping until next weekend.

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


The other day my maid of honor was here and we got to tick off a lot of boxes on my To-Do-List, one of the things we did were our bouquets. 

This is her bouquet, and her dress in the background. The dark blue thing in the upper right corner  is her bolero which she is knitting herself, and it looks great. I wish I was a good knitter, but I don't practice enough I think, the bolero/jacket I was making for the wedding for myself kind of went on the back burner and now I think a shawl might look better with the dress. (the same shawl that is in the afore mentioned post.) You know because of the neck frill...

I think the bouquets look amazing. I'll put up a how to another day of how we made ours if anyone is interested, but I might as well tell you it involved a lot of glue!
As I said before I got my idea from here, but I know several other people have also made their own crochet/knitted bouquet.
My bouquet are in different hues of pink and purple, we decided hers would look better with the darker tones because of the flowers in her dress.
I think both look great but am wondering if mine is a bit too big after all, but oh, well, I am the bride after all, it should look big.