Thursday, 28 May 2015

Update and other dates

Hi, and hellu

This last week I have made lots of cards, done some knitting. I had a date with my mother, cleaning a bit in the store room and donated some stuff, or rather we filled the car. Some of the things were books I've read but didn't like, some were drapes and things from my dad that I decided I did not need and some were toys and things the last owner left behind when we moved in. I think they were happy. Mum and I ate waffles and bought some table clots, since I might be the worlds biggest klutz it is important to have lots of tablecloths so that I can change every time I spill on them.

Speaking of spilling things. I spilled lemonade on my last knit in progress. My mind just went blank and I had no idea how to fix it and since this was the ONE project were I really splurged on yarn I did not want it to spoil. But a friendly call from a helpline I was told to rinse it in water and lay it down flat to dry. And thankfully it is not sticky, it has not shrunk and all my stitches were still on their needles, so yay me, and yay helpful gurus of all knowledge.

Boyfriend went to Finland and bunnies did not want him to go at all... Me neither I might add, but this time I was smart and did not watch any scary alien programs.

But we had fun at home too, I had friends over for a hobby date. I went for a walk, I ate strawberries and started the knitted pink thing further up. I am already on the back-part, did some more crochet on the dress and ate tacos by myself I watched some shows and listened to the same song for an hour and no one complained. Bunnies even stayed in the same room which is the equivalent of not complaining in rabbit speak.

And now I have made forty invitations, I need boyfriend to write his name and the adresses and I need to make another 35 meny hearts and then I am done.

I am going to the dermatologist tomorrow so we'll see what he says but for now, I am off in the rain to mum and hoping boyfriend has time to sign his name later and then soon there will be invitations on route to everyone.

Monday, 18 May 2015

This May


My shawl is finished! I think I want to try to make the border, but we will see. My crochet chevron blanket is slowly chugging along, but I must confess my secret project is dragging a bit behind. Mostly because of this:

We started to make the invitations now because the ones for Finland need to be sent soon, but as soon as those are finished I will continue on that secret project. 
And since I am done knitting that shawl I am going to start a new knitting project, because my secret project has a difficult pattern I need some easy knits in between.

Also this week I have eaten indian food, watched movies with friends, went to a wedding, spoke japanese wit a couple and ate lots of cake and strawberries. Because of the wedding we were rather tired and had a slow cozy constitution day at home, making invitations together.

Bunnies had fun home alone with haycakes and after they got some Basil, which is always a hit, they even got some strawberry-tops, or rather they begged so much I had to give them some strawberry-tops. Mimle was almost up in my face  desperate for some yummies.

I am glad hayracks still counts as a treat and not only those things that are high in sugar. I know when I was little I was not fooled by adult telling me raisins were treats, they were not treats but boring! So I would have none of it.

Mimle will not leave the haycake in it's designated box but is the culprit behind hay everywhere. She drags her cake from one place to another taking some nibbles here and there... Valmin leaves his in the box like a good boy.

Might be fun to eat hayracks for the bunnies, but not so fun for the humans who have to clean up the fun afterwars, maybe that is where the fun lies for my bunnies, being a nuisance. 

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

My secrets are not so secret because I share

Sorry about being absent for over a week. I wrote a whole post about it that blogger deleted so I guess I'll start over. This week I had a couple of dates with a couple of friends. I went swimming and we watched movies and crafted all Saturday and well into Sunday. I didn't really finish anything this week, I was mostly busy starting and consequently frogging said things, but now you can see some proper starts.

My secret project, I started a chevron ripple blanket, wonder if I have enough yarn. Would be nice, if not I guess I just have to buy some more;)
I have no idea who I am making this for though, but it could fit for a lot of people for a lot of occasions so, guess it is not a bad idea to have a blanket on hand.
The Supersecret project is here on day one.

My supersecret project, I am making a garment, in baby wool,  it does not itch thankfully. 
I love the pink, I think it will fit nicely with my knitted shawl. When I finish said shawl I'll show you how well they fit, which hopefully won't be long. And then I can start the knitted jacket I have been drooling over, hopefully that to will be finished in time for the secret occasion...

I hope I can finish this garment in time, and I hope it will look good... This is day two.

Oh, yes I did. I painted more, when I started to paint the second bookshelf I had some fun and repainted the first bookcase too, a little pink in one compartment, I think the effect is fun, boyfriend does not, but I did remind him that this bookcase will eventually be filled with books you know so the pink won't stand out too much. And I like it. So there.

Did I tell you I know sort of want to paint the living room now too? 
But first is my other furniture that needs painting, then we'll see. Boyfriend does not want to paint the living room, but boyfriend never wants to paint anything.

Bunnies and I are still busy. Valmin is still a sweetheart and Mimle will now stay a little for cuddles on the sofa, she even tooth purrs. Valmin and Mimle flops and does laps daily so I think bunny-life is good.