Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Year

I bought some sparkly yarn I have been eying for ages, and I splurged a bit and bought one. I made a rather lovely little snowflake, but since I was a bit late in buying the yarn they did not have any white sparkly left so my snowflake looks a lot more like a star. But none the less it is festive and blends in with the rest o the sparkly decor. 
I followed a recipe from a book I bought just before Christmas, there were lots of nice little things to crochet and knit in it, but I have forgotten the name of the book. Maybe I will tell you another time because now I am off into the new year.

So Happy New Year!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Some Presents I have given my friends

I made a coaster, I backed it with paper. The paper is kind of fun, because it is the lyrics of Silent Night. I thought it fitted with the Christmas theme, plus, my friend is the silent type. I hope she likes it. I wish I was better at making bigger things, like real sewing up and finishing. Like knitting or crocheting which I never seem to progress at… But I won't stop trying.

I have shown you this before, but this is a gift for the same friend. I did buy her some things too.

One of my other friends got this little cat. I like it, and it even has a bell, she loves bells.
I hope she likes it too. 

And I made this Enterprise for boyfriend, since we have a small apartment I did this in two nights after he went to sleep. It was difficult as I wanted to sleep and it was tiny and fiddly.
The snowflake is something I made years ago when I started to crochet and the lovely little knitted bauble I got from my friends mother for christmas.
I wanted to make Enterprise for three other people at least, but I could not bare that many sleepless nights and I did not want to spoil it for boyfriend. He was properly surprised.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Would you like to see some of my gifts?

I love Christmas, can you tell? I love giving things and I like receiving things too. I love sitting at home reading my new books and watching Christmassy shows and eating candy and drinking hot cocoa, gløgg or tea.

So without further ado, here is some of my gifts that I thought you would like to see, like the homemade and stitching stuff:

I got this lovely wooden rabbit thread keep from my friend. I really wanted this and I am so happy I received it.

These two lovely knitted baubles, and look one is a bunny! So I did get a bunny christmas ornament after all!

My other friend made me this hat, lined with fleece. I LOVE it. I asked for something like it years ago, but as she got a bit sick it was put on hold. But good things happen to those who wait or something like that. So I am happy. 

Edit/ apparently this was not the present that I have been waiting for, that present is still on hold and one day when I have forgotten about it I will receive it. And my friend says that when I get it I know that that is the present that I wished for so long ago.
But the fleece inside was bought for that particular present so I was half right;)

And lastly, one of my other friends made me these fun cocoa things, she made them herself and apparently you put them in your hot cocoa and it should taste great. She also gave me a cute little bunny necklace, but it is too dark to take a picture of now.
The other cookie in the picture is my favorite Christmas cookie, we didn't make any this year, so I asked my friend (the one  I got the hat from) if perhaps I could have one from her, and we got two, one for boyfriend and one for me. I have already eaten mine, it was so good, maybe I can trade boyfriends for something so I can eat them both? ;)

And lastly, I got this book from my last friend. I love it. I am thinking about making some granny square ornaments of Christmas Flowers for next year;) I am also thinking about my new swap, something that glitters, I love glittery things, so I need to get started on that too. :)

This is what I got from my swapping partner Kay Eyles from the cross-stitching forum. I love it. I got some pink aida, a flower felt ring and brooch and some floss. Thank you. Hope my gift was satisfactory. :)

Have a merry Christmas!

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas from Mimle

Here she is with funny pictures from the past year, we did not include any when she was sick, but there is a picture where you can see her tummy has been shaved.
Merry Christmas from us.

I thought there would be no more Christmas present making, but I was wrong, I whipped up this little beauty, but it is not for me:) Even if it starts with a V.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Yatta nee!

I did it! I finally did it. I vowed that I would finish all the presents in time this year and I did. The recent years have shown me on the night before Christmas frantically trying to finish something for everyone and this year I frantically finished a whole day before! I am very proud of myself (to be honest there have been some presents that I have dropped making and opted out and bought something or made something simpler). But I did still finish. Today saw me baking some cakes and whipping out my sewing machine and doing some finishing. Boyfriend helped, we had fun and I even did most of the dished right after which is not fun.

These may not look like much, but I rather like it. I am getting faster and better at the sewing machine thing too. But I am still not at the point where I can make a pillow that can open:O 
First there is a pillow right next to Mr. Snowman as I ran out of the grey yarn (from the poncho I made last year). I took some leftover yarn, it looks a lot different but still manly enough I reckon.

And here is two small ornaments for two small boys. One is a plain felt one with smallest of the boys first letter in his name as his brother got one last year with his initial on it. The other is a little trickier, it is a sock, it looks a bit like a sock, I would not recommend wearing it. Both boys will have some small cash in their parcels, we just have to remember to get them first;) I have no idea what little boys need nor the money for what they want but I can teach them to save up their money for something they really want. 

So the littlest may need a sock next year.

It is really cool because the backing fabric is from boyfriends grandmother so it was free and it was scraps which are hard to use, but here it has been put to use. I really hope these boys will someday decorate their very own trees with some of the ornaments I make for them. But it might be a good idea to think about another thing to make soon… Or I could get them their very own tree to decorate;)

And now since it is way past my bedtime, and even bunny is sleeping on the floor with her little backside firmly placed in my direction as I am in the doghouse with my noising and light flooding when clearly she is sleeping, (She looks adorable cuddled into a small bunny-ball) I will go to bed. As the good bunny slave that I am. I just have to fill her hay rack and find some toys and clear the table and put the cakes in the refrigerator first.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Friday roundup

Want to hear what I have been doing? Except not making much and celebrating my birthday.

Remember this little dude? He now has a home. And his new owner is happy, but the other rabbits in the household is now demanding rabbit ornaments of themselves too.

And here is my assorted birthday card wall. I love them all. ^^
And I have gotten five christmas cards. And did you know? I finished all 25 cards in time and got them sent on the 16th which is the last post day that they can guarantee that it arrives in time for Christmas.
I was so in a hurry I forgot to take a picture of the last cross-stitched card.

Tomorrow I am going to finish finish the last of the presents. There is just some minor sewing machine fun left. And I am done buying presents too, boyfriend apparently has two left. (one of them is me). 
So maybe he has to go to the mall tomorrow, I am only going to the store for dinner.

I am really hopeful that we can finish everything in time this year and have some fun.

Here is a photo of Mimle enjoying her advent calendar.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Mimles Advent Calendar!

This is bunny opening her calendar. Inside there is a treat from Oxbow and a card with tips and info about bunnies.

Today's card told us about rabbits and how they are social. Mimle did not particularly want the card today, because she noticed the treats on the floor.

It came in this lovely paper bag which I am sure someone is looking forward to playing with once it is empty!

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

A sudden present

There is this lady that helps bunnies here in Norway (and sort of Sweden and Denmark too). She has a blog and a book in Norwegian and soon another in English, and a Facebook where she continues to be available for bunny slaves in need. 
She is also active in an animal rescue organization. My bunny asked me to make her a present and so I did. Last March when Mimle was feeling rather poorly that lady helped us with advice and consolation.
She is truly an angel.

This is one of her little bunnies Harald, who is inspired by the cats I have been doing. The felt is from the same kit because apparently all the felt in Norway contains wool, and this person is vegan. 
I am thinking about adding some vegan chocolate, a surprise and some bunny treats in the parcel and I am sending it on Friday. I hope she likes it. 

In other news I am down to my last two Christmas cards, and I have around ten presents left to make. Do you think I can manage? Or do you think I will think of something else to make to make my life more difficult? ;) I am after all the queen of that. That and procrastination. 

And hey, it is Ornament Onsdag and I managed to finish an ornament and blog about it, how about that;)

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Have a merry Pigmas

The table cloth is now properly finished. It only needs washing and ironing. 
I like it, even if I think there should be something in the square in the middle that spot is perfect to put a candle on when you are entertaining! 
I am very happy about finishing this, finally.

I bought this chart from this seller on etsy, and I am very happy with the purchase, this is an ornament for boyfriend'a aunt who lives in Finland and loves pigs. I was thinking about adding a hat on him, but I kind of like him as he is. I also bought the rabbit design. 

This is the backside, it says merry christmas in Norwegian. I am happy about the backside of this too. I love it.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

I do believe I have a finish

Even if it is not properly finished yet.
I have finished! 
I got some spare thread from my cousin's wife as she is doing the same kit.
Now all that is left is the finishing. But I will leave that for tomorrow. :)

Good Night!

Oh, and Permin did give me the thread number, just turned out I didn't need it after I was gifted some. Guess I won't be needing the thread that is on the way in the post either that I ordered to give to my cousin's wife so that she could finish her table cloth….

Hope everyone is safe in the storm, bunny has been kind of antsy here today as the wind is howling around the house.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Ornament bird

I made the second in the set, it was fast and fun, this one is for me. There is only a bad mobile phone picture so you can't really see the beads I added on this one, but I just finished it you see, I'll try and take a new one in the sunlight. Which by the way is really hard this time of year….

Next year, I will make a rabbit in this manner. Just for me.

Bunny is feeling the darkness too and sleeps a little more than usual. Apparently, the door we made for her was too small so she had to fix it. Now there is a window too, and she is busy ripping away at the cardboard floor of her house, because apparently, a floor is not needed.

Tired bunny.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tuesday Tunes Do you get it?

So Hello!Project has made another double sided single and this time both song are equally good! 
Very grown up, and I must say, this is the S/milage I know, fun and fast and quirky!

And on a side note, Morning Musume's last single outfit was red and black, Juice=Juice too and this is sort of red-pinkish and black, do you think℃-ute and Berryz Koubou's next single will have the same colour-theme? 

I think that the lyrics of both songs are quite good and I like the beat.
But if I should choose a favorite it would be the second one "Ii Yatsu". 

Sunday, 1 December 2013

First Advent Ornament

Today I had my mother over for a belated birthday get-together, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of her present that I made, but I will next time I see her, she really loved her presents and that made me happy.

I was thinking about waiting to show you some ornaments until ornament Onsdag, but then I realized that most of the things I made lately were ornamented gifts, so here is a cat for someone who is a cat person. ^^

And then there is an advent present for my boyfriend. He and his sister used to have a bird each that they hung on the tree but they are looking a bit battered nowadays so I made boyfriend one that would not brake if it fell off the tree;)

And what post would be complete without a bunny pic? Bunny is tired. she has an advent calendar too, but she gets presents everyday. Now who wouldn't get tired of opening gifts everyday?