Tuesday, 30 December 2014

The Last Presents

This Year

My cousin came home from London and I made these wrist warmers for her, I found the pattern in Simple Crochet magazine (issue 11 I think) that I got from boyfriend for Christmas. They are purple and grey and very soft, she said she loved them so I am happy, I want to make a pair for me too.
Photo curtesy by Matt, because my phone hates taking pictures in the dark.

I surprised my friend by making her a teapot cover for Christmas, she and her sister also got a crochet scarf that I forgot to take pictures of. This yarn was embroidery yarn left over from my grandmother, aunt and boyfriends grandmother... The pot was bought at Søstrene Grene. I made the entire thing in one go one night a few weeks ago while watching Roswell on Netflix. I had fun making this, I hope the tea stays warm because it is wool. Old itchy wool.

I bought this table runner at a local second hand store, it was halfway done, so I finished it and gave it to my uncle for Christmas, there was one started and one not started in the bag and I paid next to nothing, but I know my uncle was happy about getting it even if I hadn't made the entire thing myself...

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Merry Christmas

It irks me how these things never center properly... But I adore the rabbit and nisse, from Permin, that makes the third I have made this year.

I finished another gift, only two left now. One because I had to frog it several times before I could make it work, but one half is done, so I can just give that and explain the other will follow.

And the other gift I have a few more days to make since I will met the recipient later in the holidays.

Here is someone who woke me up the other day. He is adorable. He nudged my hand to see if I had any treats, when he saw there were no treats he trotted back to the kitchen to snuggle with Mimle.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Last Minute gifts

Did I mention I got lots of leftover yarn from my aunt at my birthday party? Inside were two skeins of this yarn, the grey orange yarn turned into pink at the end so I used the pink that turned into purple yarn to finish the table cloth and I like it. I have no idea what yarn this is because they were the only yarns in the bag without the tag with them. My aunt is really good with details and having things in order, all the yarns that were the same where in the same plastic bag with labels with them. I wish I was as good when I stashed my yarn, saving the label.

Some of my birthday cards, and the swap card. I love them, they are currently on the bureau I painted which I showed you last time. Looking at them makes me really happy. :)
Sorry for the bad pictures, but boyfriends camera is somewhere else and my mobile takes bad pictures when there is no light.

Oh, and another last minute gift, I made these last night, watching Star Trek the original series, boyfriend does not want to start rewatching Star Trek with me, so I started on my own. Two coasters, one in the TNG font and Picards catch frase, the other I tried to do in the Voyager font, but it was too difficult so I just did my own font. I wish the red one was a bit more in the middle than it is, but I think they turned out ok. As they are I think they are good gifts for the nerdy couple.

I need to buy more coasters, making them is so much fun, and they are useful, which is a bit difficult sometimes to make cross stitch into, useful items I mean.

Oh, and there is snow now, so I am getting into the Christmas Spirit.

Remember not to get them wet though.
Given with some tea or coffee this would be a great gift. I wonder if there are any more Star Trek related beverage sayings...

Only two more gifts to go and one day to make them. One of my gifts I have given up on, (not my fault  the recipient asked for the gift two weeks ago only) so I will just gift the yarn and tell them I will make it asap. 
Oh, and I just got the best Christmas gift. My inheritance. Yay me, all done.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Our redesigned furniture

Want to see some things I have painted since we moved in?

This dresser lives in our hallway, the light blueish colour is the same we used for the walls in our bedroom. This is the bunnyroom, with the HOL on the side with their toilet and haystation.
The last owner left this in the storageroom and after some paint I think it looks good. Yes, I haven't painted the feet yet:p

This was another used item we found cheap, the same grey but we bought some black because the counter tops in the kitchen is black so I thought it would look nice and matching. The other bureau was from dads house, boyfriend has cut it so that it is the same height as the other and we will put doors on it and paint it the same as the other one. I think that will look good.
Mimle looks so adorable here that I had to use this shot even if you can see all the clutter around it.

A closeup. It looks better now without the clutter.

This chest was from dads place, I painted that one too because the paintjob on it was looking very shabby. The same grey as on the other furniture because we have an open landscape like flat and when you use too many different colours it might look crowded.

Guess what I store in here?

Yes, most of my yarn!

I took them all out of their bags so that you can see how much there is, and most was yarn given to me.

I like the colours here, our flat is not just grey, but since I have so many colourful things I think grey is a colour that is nice to use on large things that will hang around all year because it fits with everything. 

If I had painted these dressers pink, it would look awful at Christmas with all the red...
And boyfriend is not that into pink, so it is easier to just get many small pink items that he won't notice than try to get permission to paint something big pink ;)

This is between the kitchen and sitting room, behind the dressers is the sofa, and on the sides are the compost fence to keep the bunnies safe from all the electric wires not yet fixed... But they are allowed short burst in the sitting room now and again, very supervised that is;)

And I do have some splashes of colour, like grandma's old chair with the pink grannysquare-blanket.

But boyfriend lives here too and even if he is not adversed to colours after all he chose the colour in our bedroom, for some reason he does not want that much pink or colourful splurges...
Good thing for me that I got to go all out and make my old room at my mothers place colourful.

I might put my old dollhouse where the IKEA shelving unit is now, what do you think? Because I want to make this a reading corner...

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Happy Birthday to me

I got this fake flower for my birthday by my aunt. Since it is poisonous to bunnies I prefer the plastic to the real one. Not that the real ones survive more than a few days at my house. I don't exactly have green fingers, but it is a flower that gives lots of Christmas feeling?

Oh, and another Christmas gift is finished. I love making these little table cloths. And when you make them small the recipient have more choices on what table to use them on.

I made another table cloth today but that is blocking so I will show you that another day.

My family said my waffles were almost at good as grandma's, I am happy. That is one of my goals in life, to make great waffles. :D

Happy Birthday to me.

An old summer picture of Mimle

Valmin the adventorous

Mimle drinking

Valmin is wondering what I am doing

Monday, 15 December 2014

An adorable bunny Post

I found an old photo from when we got some twigs from outside, Valmin was trilled, he loves all new things and is the most curious little thing, except when we have visitors, then Mimle is the adventourous one. Mainly because I stack all visitors with bunny treats and Mimle is easy to bribe with food.

There is only one ball left of their present

Valmin did not do it! he says, but he sure looks guilty here.

It wasn't me! he states again...
Just look at that innocent face I would have been inclined to believe him had I not seen him demolish his toy;)

My little loves, Valmin kissed my foot the other day and binkied on the kitchen floor so I think he knows this is his home. He loves me. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014


It is more like 20 and 21 than 6 and 7 of 23, but the rest are not cross-stitched, apart from the fox and the owl I made as ornaments but decided to give as cards (so they should count as 6 and 7 really), so I am busy making the backside of those.

That means I have only two to go! And I am sending the cards today. :)

I made this in a couple of days, I quite like him.

I love the background on this one, and it only took me one evening to make him. I think the design is Boofle and I got both as freebies from the magazines I subscribe to.

Anyway sending all the cards today I think. So better get the last ready.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

December Swap Parcel

My package finally arrived, wet and battered. But thankfully everything inside was fine.
I got a pencil, hand cream, a toy, two strawberry tea's, christmas socks, a welsh magnet, a giant strawberry clip, bunny Mouseloft Cross Stitch kit (I didn't have this one yet) licorice and yarn! I love the yarn, it is variegated and I wonder what I am going to make. Maybe mittens or hand warmers as they are in wool! And a small ball

The bunnies got three fun balls, burgess pellets and a treat stick with cranberry I think it was. They loved it :) That is one of the fun things with international swaps you get things you never heard of. I got German Yarn, dutch candy and a Welsh slate magnet.

One ball is already almost dead, and the paper everything was wrapped in is also living on the edge. 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014


Now I know I said I was not going to cross stitch any Christmas cards this year... But I just could not help myself.... And it is good to change what you are making when your arms start to ache from crocheting? Oh, and the lack of updates is because I am crocheting Christmas presents.



This is not stitched, but I quite like it anyway, I know there is no way I am going to have time to stitch all the cards anyway so why not make some easy cards?

I started this last year, and it was a left over, this year I bought stamps with "God Jul" on them and now it seems a lot more finished.

I think this one is my favorite, simple yet fun. I buy the paper at Panduro, usually when there is a sale and use them for every occasion. 

This one is rather nice as well, I like the unusual format. 
So that makes 5. I did make two last time, so I am up to 7/23 unless I decide to add more people to my list.
For the observant people you might notice that there are fewer on the list this year than last but that is  because some people are not worth a card. I know Christmas is supposed to be the forgiving season, but that does not mean I have to send them a card. So there.