Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Rabbits are a-go

I have gotten a little further on the rabbits. Even further than this picture shows:P The other rabbit is filled out. I hope to be done with this tomorrow.

I love this kit. But I did not particularly like the feet one the sitting rabbit, so I am making just grass over it. Rabbits love squatting in the grass. It looks much better. And fortunately there are enough green floss to do so. I love LOVE love rabbits. ^^

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sock it to me baby!

Because the stockings are all done. D-O-N-E.
This is for the stepmother. Hence the red and girly sock.
The backing is grey fleece. I got a new sowing machine for my birthday, so I am in training. I love my new sowing machine. My only regret about this sock is that the angels at least should have been facing the right way even though the letters don't. But I was not sure how big the socks would turn out when I started. But, oh well, it still looks lovely?
(and angels do have wings and can fly and therefor they can be found in any position.)

This is the stocking for my dad, it is grey and boring. And a mouse in the lettering and green fabric matches the others. Also, did you notice how it hangs from a different side than the other one? It is because it is the male sock:P

Bad picture, but it is difficult taking pictures in the winter, because it is dark all the time. But, you can still see the finished result. What do you think?
A snowman and snow crystals and it has dark blue fabric and the same checkered fabric as the other two. I like it.
It looks like a family owns these.

Now all that is left is buying the stocking fillers.

Doesn't it look Christmassy?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

This is it

I am making something new, because, oops I did it again.
Guess what it is?

For everyone who knows what this is, see how far I have gotten.

You guessed correctly.

Yes, it is another rabbit-picture.

Is a secret still a secret still.

Yes, is an elephant.

Yes ,is an dragon. On the backside there are kanjis. I love this dragon. It is a Christmas present for my cousin.

A present for another cousin. The potholder. Now I only need to finish the circle one.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

You are my friend, little to-do-list

It is not like I don't do anything, the lack of blog-post are because of one simple thing, the things I am making at the moment are only presents for the people I know usually follow this blog. Therefore, no pictures or updates in a while. But I promise, that tomorrow, hopefully, when it is day and light, I will take some pictures of the objects I have made today.
Because, today Vilje have been painting ceramics again. And Vilje have been crocheting something. Actually a grandmother-square potholder, and it is indeed quite lovely, the colours are light coffee and dark coffee otherwise known as brown:P The round mouse/or cat shaped one will take a bit longer, but oh boy, it is nice to have something DONE. D-O-N-E. All done, washing and wrapped and packed in individual bags in the extra room depending on who is going to get the gift. (all gifts are sorted in bags for easy delivery, one bag for each household)
But I am not there yet. Not yet done, not yet all done atleast, but halfway there on many projects. I wish more projects were done. As in the done in capital letters done.
If it were entirely up to me, more gifts would be in that category, but since some gifts demand more skill, or a different tool than ones I have, it is out of my hands.

On another note. I am done with the Christmas Shopping. Woohoo.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


The Angel is done, done, done.

I have only the washing and mounting left.

I decided not to make yellow backstitching on the wings. Now it looks softer.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I am doing my best

The foxes is nearly finished^^
She looks really good and I cannot wait to make the others. But not until all the Christmas presents are done. So there.

Here the beading is completely done, and all that is left is backstitching and the wings. It will be a little sad to see her go, but she will come to a new wonderful home, so.
It is my number one priority, because she has to be done by the weekend.