Sunday, 29 September 2013

New Bunny News

You might not know, but this week we had to take our bunny to the emergency vet because she was constipated. This is her the same night after we came home, she's had fluids, pain-meds and then some food. She was cold and grumpy. We made her move around even if she just wanted to lie under the sofa feeling sorry for her self and force fed her for a couple of days.

 And the following afternoon after another visit to the vet the poo's arrived.
We still kept an eye on her the following days, even if I got the flu too, so it was though.

 Then she was up to mischief again, chewing her box to pieces and exploring so we knew she was feeling better.

And now I think she is perfectly fine.

And, I finished another christmas card. A Margaret Sherry design. I think it turned out nice. And my total of finished Christmas cards is up to two. 

On another note, we are watching "The Bridge". I love how different it is from other things on TV. It is so scandinavian. And to be honest, most of what Saga is doing is things I would do/say/think so I might not get the same feeling watching it as boyfriend does. Yes, I know that sometimes when she says something you are supposed to laugh, because it is socially awkward, but I laugh at different things, and as long as we both like it it does not matter that we think about it differently. Mimle likes it too, not too much things blowing up;)

Friday, 20 September 2013

A conundrum and what to do without a purple pencil

I am so close to finishing this, I feel I can taste it. And as my mother is saying, I should hurry just in case I need to buy more yarn because they sometimes stop to make them in the colours I am using. 
And I want it to turn into what I have in my mind and not something else, and I do not want leftover yarn..... because leftover yarn turns into new starts and new starts turn into more yarn because there was not enough in the first place and and and it is a never ending conundrum.  This has been a work in progress for three years so I better hurry.
Oh, how I love this yarn. (alpaca super fine from Viking)

So this is how I want it to look when finished. Maybe;) 
That weird colour in the bottom right square is supposed to be light purple, but none of my colour pencil boxes had that particular colour....

 And this is how it is looking at the moment. Boyfriend wanted it to look a little less square and a bit more like a proper blanket. So I am trying to make it look how he wants, he'll just have to bare that hot pink:) I was trying for a blend of colours suitable for the both of us and not too much pink, but then again I want to use up what I have..... (Don't mind the clutter, we don't have a lot of floor space and this is the only place i could show the blanket, but it still does not quite fit. Haha.

As you can see this is right in the middle of bunny territory so she came to investigate. I don't think she was that impressed because she went back under the couch...

A closeup of the bunny sniffing the alpaca yarn, apparently it did not smell nice.

As for stitching I hope I will get some done tomorrow. But I am so close to finish this I just want it done so I can cross it off my list....

Am I weird if I give away something I made from yarn I got as a present? Is that socially acceptable? I get the feeling like I should give it to the person I got the yarn from.... (To be honest, I did not really get the yarn, I got money and bought the yarn, does that make a difference or not?)
I mean, I did get the gift to do with as I please, so I can do whatever I want, but is there an unwritten rule somewhere I was not informed of?
Yes, I tend to over think things.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Tuesday Tunes rock

Yes, in this order! I love this song the most, what with the cross-dressing, awkward dance, innuendos, and black nail-polish. Risako is wearing a rabbit ear head-dress that looks amazing. The dance looks so stupid it is hilarious. I really miss Maasa's long silky hair. But at least Momoko is not wearing her pigtails.

These dresses look for the most part horrendous, but the song is sweet, the dance is agaon awkward and strange, but Momoko's hair is even better than in the last song. The lyrics are great! I think they stuck Maasa in that jacket because she is so "big" and now she looks even bigger. She is a pretty girl, so why ruin her with those frocks? Risako is also "big" so they put her in that stupid red dress, at least they gave her a belt though.... I wish she was hat-less, she has such great hair. The fact that this PV is so simple I think makes the song even stronger.  Can you tell I am a fan of simplicity? And Berryz? But that dance... Ugh, I wish they could have done a story Pv instead. Like in their early days.... Anyway, I love them^^

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The tools make the trades

I have a finish. Yeah. And it was a WiSP too. And a Christmas present. 
So my count is now: 3/20 presents completely finished and 4 halfway finished. Can you tell I love presents? And I am going to make something for a little baby I know too that I hope will be sent in time for christmas.... 

 I started to crochet again, a small blanket using leftover yarn. Not very exiting though, but I did find something exiting, I bought new hooks, look how pretty and pink they are? And the best thing is that they don't hurt my arms, so I can crochet for hours. Which is good, since that is what I am doing at work at the moment too. This small blanket is crochet together as I go. I finally figured out how to do that, so I am going to take out a blanket that is still not done, that I started three years ago and finish! (and maybe then I have another present?)
I am trying to make do with the things I already have and finish and give for christmas, saving me money and space to buy new things;)

I hope to get one of those crochet books with several different types of grandma squares, simply because I love to do them, but the regular kind can be a bit boring. I want to make the flower kinds, the eight-sided kinds and really just every kind! And with my new lovely crochet set I can! 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Fox Jul in September

So it is this time of the week again, and I am hopefully fully recovered now so there will be more updates.... 

So I will show you what I have been up to before I sill post this weeks tuesday tunes, the first Christmas card is done. A lovely little freebie from WOCS I think. Anyway I think it turned out great.

This is not completely done, there is a ton of beads left to finish it off with, but since this is both a Christmas gift and a WiSP I am feeling satisfied. I swapped the joy wording into a jul, which is christmas in Norwegian. I will be happy when this is finished, because it is starting to bug me a bit with all those beads, but no start until this is finished! 

And just because Norway is so happy and in a buzz with this song, I will leave with it, at least some good things happen in this country. Yes, I am depressed about the election yesterday.

But those of you who like Stonehenge, should really watch that video instead, I think it is better.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Jurin and Boris

This is this weeks song. For some reason, they have still not put the video up on the Satoyama channel. 
(which they did the day after I published my song)
This song along with the Dia Lady one are from Hello!Project but they are promoting Satoyama and being environmental friendly. I love this song, it so soothing, and this too reminds me a little of W. Maybe it is those white dresses? A lot like their Shiroi Iro wa koibito no Iro song.
This duo consists of my favorite current Musume and favorite Egg. (Yes, I know she is no longer an egg, she has debuted already, if you think I have shown you Karin before, I have.  From the last song.

Anyway, I finished Boris from DMC's Woodland folk series. Another one from my WiSP-pile. 
I have started on the penguin even if it is not a WiSP, because I need to make more Christmasness.
And I still feel sick so I need something easy and fun to finish. Not finishing this before was just plain lazy. But it is done now. 
And it was easy and fun, when I started it, :P And I am happy to see it end. The backstitching was really fast, my kind of backstitch. He looks rather fat from that angle, maybe Boris really is a Borisine (my imaginary female form of Boris), you can never tell with those bunnies, and soon there will be more bunnies. I should add a bow if he is a she. But maybe he is just fat after all, because he is done.

Monday, 2 September 2013

Aaand so, this stuff happened and then..

So, I have been sick for a couple of days, laying around feeling sorry for myself and sleeping. I mean, I didn't want chocolate! I was that sick. on bunny you can tell she is not feeling well if she doesn't want any papaya treats, but for me it is chocolate, if I don't want any, I probably have a fever. Which I did. And a stuffy nose. I did a tiny bit of sewing, and I started something new....
Which when I think about it was not allowed, because I had only done on WiSP finish and one regular finish in stead of two WiSPs...Oh well, let's blame the fever. At least I am going forwards at a pace which will mean that eventually I will have my projects finished;)

I finished the bunny, I like it. Going to find a frame for this one I think. And as predicted there is not enough floss to start over and make just one of them...
But it was easy and fast, I can recommend this project from Pako if you don't want a challenge or if you are a beginner looking for a bit of a bigger challenge (project). With just two types of stitching backstitch and cross-stitch. But I do recommend spacing the bunnies a little bit farther from each other than I did, because they look a bit cramped.

A Finish from my WiSP-pile. A freebie from a magazine from last year I think.... Anyway. It went rather fast to stitch, have no idea why I left this for so long, there was no mistake in it, must have gotten busy with Christmas gifts or something. Which incidentally is why I am trying my best at making gifts this early, so my WiSP pile will not increase but rather decrease. Aaand, with this I killed two birds with one stone, because this will finish as a Christmas Card as well as being a WiSP finish. 
So now my Christmas Card list is at 1/?. Don't know how many I will make this year so the amount is still undecided. 

Here is where I sinned. I felt a lot better today than the other days, so I made a start, and a finish in one day. Completely forgetting the aforementioned rule. I am hoping this will be an extra small Christmas-gift for someone. A sign for their bathroom door, I added the text, but I am not quite sure if I like it, but no worries, I have enough floss to make another. 

And after I finished this I started on a WiSP because I am trying to make amends. 
(and a dent in my WiSP pile, which seems a lot more like an perpetual motion machine, than a list.)