Friday, 16 December 2011

Only five more gifts to go

I made a special cup for my mother when she visits, so that she can drink her coffee in her own cup and none of my cups taste like coffee and not tea;)

I made a shopping bag for Christmas. Nira helped with the anatomy of the cat, I could not have made this without her.

I do not know if it is noticeable, but the thread the kitten is playing with is embroidery thread. I like how it turned out. A nice fast present. The other side is empty so that the recipient can be anonymous if she wants to be.

It is my birthday today, (16th) and look what moved into my stash!!!

Another rabbit stitch. A gift from my boyfriend. The other one was on sale. Yay, I love sales, and since it was one I bought that kit as a present just for me.

What I have left.
*Mount the wolfes
* Finish the angels
* Make a pouch
* Finish a pillow
* Finish an angel ornament from Mill Hill

Think I can do it?

Thursday, 15 December 2011

To bead or not to bead, that is the question.

More snowflakes, and if anyone know of any white yarn with metallic silver in them let me know. As this is some inherited yarn from kareshi's grandmother:)

A closeup on the angel progress. I have finished all the blues on the dress^^
I am very pleased, but am still contemplating the beading question. To bead or not to bead .....

Look how far I have gotten on the angels, I might, just might get them done by Christmas, granted I said that last year too, and we all know how that turned out, don't we?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This is what I have been doing this weekend. I made seven of these little snowflakes.

And then, I was being a good girl and taking my angels out, and did all the metallics on it.
And then what did happen? I spilt some tea on my fabric... Fortunately it went away when I washed it. But should I take it as a sign that I should work more on it.? Or less?

Anyway, it is dry now, and stainless and therefor maybe it is time I start on it again?

Today, little girls came at our door and sang the Santa Lucia song, and we got "lussekatter". After my failed attempt at making yellow ones yesterday these tasted so much better. And since I don't work in a kindergarten I thought I would miss that song this year, so I am extra pleased^^
I have also been baking applecake for my birthday.

Sunday, 11 December 2011

I have been drawing

See, I procrasteinate. I have been at my mothers for to whole days, and all I have done is draw and crochet, and sew a small stocking... But no work done on what I was supposed to work on, my angels... Oh well.

This is Alien and Ainin. They are in love.

And this is something that eventually will turn into a cross-stitch Chistmas card. (wow, that was a lot of C`s)

Here are my little duo waiting for the space-bus to take them home for Christmas^^

And another little idea, that I think I will turn into a cross-stitch bookmark. I especially love this one, and I want to make it just for me.

Friday, 9 December 2011

One side of the tablecloth is done:) And I have decided to just let it be one big tablecloth instead of two small.

Sadly the angels that I have been doing for over a year is still a long way before being finished. So, I am going to my mothers this weekend, and I am only bringing with me that particular project :O
Hopefully it will be done before Christmas.
Unlike last year when one of the two angels was almost done, but not quite.

Why do I procrastinate so..... And why do I work on projects for people whom I already have presents for?

Oh well.

And, I am saving to buy a drawing tablet. And Then I will make more designs of my very own.

On another note, it is snowing, and Vilje have been listening to this,