Monday, 30 June 2014

Is it Tuesday yet?

I guess not? But I am busy moving and have completely lost all sense of time, but packing to this song is so soothing.

Namidacchi by morning musume played on piano by a fan.

I hope to show you some pictures of something more interesting soon.

Friday, 20 June 2014

Three and two

I am on fire! Another three finishes and two of them Christmas gifts.

This one was a start just after Christmas I think so I think it was about time I finished it, I had doubts about how to connect the snowflakes though but in the end I figured it out, with a little help from this, but the design comes from this book, here it is in english, it is an informative book.

I particularly like this one, made out of 16 snowflakes, I need to press it though, but since the yarn has glitter I can't use an iron, so we will see how flat I can make it…
I have started another one of these in white acrylic yarn, and I think I need to make one of these for myself as well because it looks so sparkly and Christmassy. I have some more of this yarn in gold too...

You could make 24 of these, one for each day of advent;) And then suddenly you would have another gift or you could keep it for yourself.

And then I made two more of these, this one I think will turn into a gift, the other one is pink and exactly like the one I made the other day so that one is for me. These are fast and simple, although I need to triple check all my counting otherwise it will look crooked, so it takes at least four hours to do. I think next time I will use a smaller hook, because even after pressing they look a bit floppy, but I must confess I have not used my iron to flatten them out yet.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

A started Finish

I started a table cloth and then I finished it in the same day!
Since it was fast and relatively easy I am going to make some more, I have the same yarn in blue and purple so I need to make at least one of each:)

And so I have another Christmas Present finished and I know just who to give it to too.
And I think I need one for myself as well, in pink of course.

Oh and I am happy because Kago and Tsuji are hanging out together again^^ Yatta.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

A little on a lot

I have done lots of different things, but not finished one of them. My goal this week is to finish the page on Henry, which is just where the invisible line is, so I just fill in from up the dress and up to the other lady's arm.

And I have done a little more on this project that I started a little before Christmas, I think I may be halfway now, depends on how large I want the finished item to be. But when I finish I will have another Christmas present. Not quite sure who will receive it, so I can show you this.

I hope it will turn into a table cloth or table runner. The crochet in the back is my bunny blanket, I  have finished another colour on that one, see I told you I have been doing a little on a lot.

And I was a little bored, so I started another granny thing, I have no idea what to turn it into, a scarf, a pillow, a blanket? Anyone have any ideas? It is a lovely little acrylic yarn in nice muted pastels. Not quite sure about the white, but if I only use it a little it might blend in.

And so I have no finishes, a start, and some continuation on some projects. The moving date is looming closer and closer and I feel way over my head… I want to be done with it already because we are at a point where we can't really do anything more until we have the keys to the other place….

Oh, and Mimle has a date planned, with an adorable harlekinish rabbit in July. I hope they will turn into a happy couple. Today she spent ten minutes washing my feet while I was on the computer. She is a sweety-pie.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Another day another wife

And so I have finished wife number four which was Henry's third wife. Confused?

I stole this picture of the internet so that you can see how the picture will turn out. The wife I just finished was called Anne Seymour. I love the blues on her dress, the wife I have just started Anne Boleyn was my favorite in the Philippa Gregory books and the Tudors Tv series, but I HATE her dress. Going to hurry up and finish as fast as I can so that I can do the pretty green dress instead. Maybe I will do the border in between the boring dress.

Finished wife, even if she only looks like half a person. 

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Finishing touches and Henry revisited

My finishes just keep coming. And I haven't started anything new either! Just doing my wips like a good girl.

Let me show you:

 So I finished this card, and I picked up again another card that I never showed you, but I will after it is finished:)

I really like this card, and I know just the person to give it to too. Someone who loves cats. Which is not a spoiler because all my friends love cats and boyfriends family does too.

Here in the basement Mimle is still having fun with her water and flavoring it…  This time it was Oxbows Botanical Hay flavor, and it was really delicious says bunny.
I just vacuumed so I hope it will stay hayless through the day. But I would not put any money on that;)

I also picked up Henry again. That Tudor rose which has a mistake is still bugging me, so I decided to do what I did on the Somebunny rocking horse, just continue somewhere else where there were no mistakes and leave the mistake for another day when I love the piece more because of it's progression.

Henry's cape is almost done now. Then only three more wives to go and a border. Yay. I can do it, I can have it finished this year! 
(please don't make me remember I said that when I fail and panic start some Christmas gifts;) )

 Now, I wonder where I placed all those beads, they were not with the floss:S I am fairly certain that they are in a rabbit container on the bookcase, I am sure I haven't packed them up yet at least so they should still be in the apartment somewhere….

Monday, 2 June 2014

I rocking finished

Tadah, I finished the Some Bunny to love rocking horse:) All I need is a suitable frame, but since I have packed all my frames that may take a while….

And I have done my bit, I have no idea if it will dry outside, but I guess it does not hurt to try? Especially since the weather forecast is saying it will stay warm and sunny for a few days, last I heard anyway. If it rains I will take it inside. Bunny better be pleased because so many bugs bit me, and I hate bugs. Especially if they bite.

And since I finished something I am allowed to take out another Wisp, I know I won't finish this for a long while so I can stitch multiples on this one, change into something else if I want to, as long as that too is something already started! Linen is not the best to stitch on whilst watching TV.
I wonder what other wisp I shall dig up? 

This is a permin cross stitch I started at least two years ago, I remember I started it in Finland, so perhaps three years ago, but I did the same mistake twice and had to frog it three times… So it needed a very long cooling down period;) Or rather I did.