Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas Angel to you!

I am still not done with the Christmas Presents...
But I have until four tomorrow. And the angel is Aaalmost done. ^^

And some of my projects got done. The cat and the hat and one potholder, but then I ran out of yarn, so the second will get it after Christmas. :)

The bees are on hiatus, my mum is getting the rabbit picture instead. And the crochet angels I never started because I couldn't find the yarn. I have been Christmas cleaning, teehee. But this angel will be done by tomorrow. Might not get washed or framed. But the angel will be done. I am thinking since I have the aida to spare to make another facing the opposite way for next Christmas, so by then the picture will be complete? And for next Christmas make a frame too? I am sure my aunt will be pleased.

The purse that has been on hold since last Christmas is still not done... But, it is Christmas, so this is no time to think about all the things that have not been done, but those that made it.
So Merry Christmas indeed

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The Drops Dilemma hat

I have been neglecting my crocheting lately. And so I started making a christmas present. I enjoyed crocheting so much that I made another hat. So I am showing you the second hat. :) Since the second hat does not have a home yet.

I was thinking about it, and the hat does look kind of lonely, should I make a flower on it? Or ears?

I do love making hats and crocheting in the round, it went by oh-so-fast. So my new project after christmas? Making animal hats for all the gachas in their colours. ^^
I do need to practice my crocheting in the round. But it was so much FUN and I want to make MOAR! NOAW! Only trouble is: this hat. Who will get it? My initial thought was to make the other hat with this colour just as a border on the end of the hat, but when I did I could not fit the hat over my head and I am not really a fat-head. So if it did not fit me it would not fit anyone I knew. So I scrapped that idea and made this hat as a full hat. But the colour is so bleak and would suit someone dark, I don't know anyone who is dark.... So who is going to get this hat for christmas?
Stay tuned to find out.

Another IDEA I had was to just take the two hats and sew them together, twice as warm and it would not let any wind in. But it might not feel as good. Might be a bit too tight. Oh, woe is me.... What to do... I might just bite the dust and give in and ask the recipient what she wants, because she is the one who is going to wear the hat. Or I could just give it to her and add a note and any alterations would be added next time I met her...
Good Idea, lets ask her.
(That way if she chooses something and it does not work out properly, I am not to blame)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Previews are nice

Vilje is making something for herself. What do you think?
I am in love with this fabric and my wonderful sowing machine....^^

Lookie, a preview. So? Merry Christmas.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monkey business and other business.

This a monkey, for the boyfriend. Don't say I didn't start early, this is his stocking for next year. ;)
And he thought it was his present this year, aww, bless him.

Look at his eyes, it is a french knot. FRENCH KNOT. I did it, I learned it all by myself. And how I loathe those french knots. Typically french.

Another Tadah-Business! This is the rabbit all done. And see how much better it looks than with those awful feet?
And I must say, I loved doing the tree. Maybe my friends mother was right, maybe I would love to sew like she does?

Guess What I Did?

But the rabbits were all done, and I have only two potholders, two cross-stitches, a hat, an angel, and one more item to do before christmas? I have time to make some more? Right?
And those cards I was making, you may ask, or rather you may not, because the cards are on hold atm.:P

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Rabbits are a-go

I have gotten a little further on the rabbits. Even further than this picture shows:P The other rabbit is filled out. I hope to be done with this tomorrow.

I love this kit. But I did not particularly like the feet one the sitting rabbit, so I am making just grass over it. Rabbits love squatting in the grass. It looks much better. And fortunately there are enough green floss to do so. I love LOVE love rabbits. ^^

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sock it to me baby!

Because the stockings are all done. D-O-N-E.
This is for the stepmother. Hence the red and girly sock.
The backing is grey fleece. I got a new sowing machine for my birthday, so I am in training. I love my new sowing machine. My only regret about this sock is that the angels at least should have been facing the right way even though the letters don't. But I was not sure how big the socks would turn out when I started. But, oh well, it still looks lovely?
(and angels do have wings and can fly and therefor they can be found in any position.)

This is the stocking for my dad, it is grey and boring. And a mouse in the lettering and green fabric matches the others. Also, did you notice how it hangs from a different side than the other one? It is because it is the male sock:P

Bad picture, but it is difficult taking pictures in the winter, because it is dark all the time. But, you can still see the finished result. What do you think?
A snowman and snow crystals and it has dark blue fabric and the same checkered fabric as the other two. I like it.
It looks like a family owns these.

Now all that is left is buying the stocking fillers.

Doesn't it look Christmassy?

Thursday, 25 November 2010

This is it

I am making something new, because, oops I did it again.
Guess what it is?

For everyone who knows what this is, see how far I have gotten.

You guessed correctly.

Yes, it is another rabbit-picture.

Is a secret still a secret still.

Yes, is an elephant.

Yes ,is an dragon. On the backside there are kanjis. I love this dragon. It is a Christmas present for my cousin.

A present for another cousin. The potholder. Now I only need to finish the circle one.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

You are my friend, little to-do-list

It is not like I don't do anything, the lack of blog-post are because of one simple thing, the things I am making at the moment are only presents for the people I know usually follow this blog. Therefore, no pictures or updates in a while. But I promise, that tomorrow, hopefully, when it is day and light, I will take some pictures of the objects I have made today.
Because, today Vilje have been painting ceramics again. And Vilje have been crocheting something. Actually a grandmother-square potholder, and it is indeed quite lovely, the colours are light coffee and dark coffee otherwise known as brown:P The round mouse/or cat shaped one will take a bit longer, but oh boy, it is nice to have something DONE. D-O-N-E. All done, washing and wrapped and packed in individual bags in the extra room depending on who is going to get the gift. (all gifts are sorted in bags for easy delivery, one bag for each household)
But I am not there yet. Not yet done, not yet all done atleast, but halfway there on many projects. I wish more projects were done. As in the done in capital letters done.
If it were entirely up to me, more gifts would be in that category, but since some gifts demand more skill, or a different tool than ones I have, it is out of my hands.

On another note. I am done with the Christmas Shopping. Woohoo.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


The Angel is done, done, done.

I have only the washing and mounting left.

I decided not to make yellow backstitching on the wings. Now it looks softer.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

I am doing my best

The foxes is nearly finished^^
She looks really good and I cannot wait to make the others. But not until all the Christmas presents are done. So there.

Here the beading is completely done, and all that is left is backstitching and the wings. It will be a little sad to see her go, but she will come to a new wonderful home, so.
It is my number one priority, because she has to be done by the weekend.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Beading the angel

Look at the angel, she is aaalmost done, what do you think? I decided to use regular yellow instead of gold on the candle.

I have started the beading too, you can see the two different needles I use also.
Some of the details in the original have been skipped. But she still looks good.

Someday I want to make one just like her, but let the wings look a bit like this, a little okami-ish?

Wonder if my backstitch colour should be brown or not.

Friday, 22 October 2010

The snow is falling, get in the spirit

Here is the stocking cross-stitch, now I have to find some fabric and make the sock:P
And me who suck so much at sewing;)
But I will do my best and practice so that making small things will be problem free.
You can see the stitching on the snowflakes, but I don't mind, you have to fasten them somehow, and in stitches is best so it does not fall of, that would be a lousy gift, right?

She is now a lady and I cannot wait until she becomes an angel. But she looks great, right?
I might be able to make a couple more. Maybe.
Should there be stars around her or some kind of background? How should I frame her? Should there be a contrast colour between the frame and fabric? A blue cardboard maybe?

Any ideas? Maybe I have to wait and see and decide when she is done? I have to buy frames also, now why didn't I go to more flee markets? :P

Friday, 15 October 2010

Let's just not call it failing?

Let's call it, being extra-super creative and not being able to control myself. Calling it doing small projects in between( not instead of) other projects, projects I still have to do by Christmas. So it is not a waste. And today was a little productive, I stitched some on the cat and then I started the J stocking.

What do you think?

It is a start. And just one snowman, and it might be a bit boyish for the young master, but I think maybe with some snowflakes and maybe a pokemon on the side it might be okay?


Only some backstitch left and three letters.

The angel-stocking update

It is finished, now let's see if I can resist starting a new until the backstitching (at least) is done on the cat. Now all that is left is to buy fabric and make a stocking, and I truly fail at sewing.... :S

Someone want to teach me? ;)

Initially I wanted some angels on the top too, but I decided not to. This way it is simpler and cleaner. I think the angels look wonderful, but what the designers were thinking by having a sand shade floss in the hair I don't know, because with white and those two hair colours together looked ridiculous. Needless to say, I skipped the sandshade? But you can still see that the pink angel looks a bit weird in the haircolour? Nee?
But I don't care, I like that they look different, my plan was that the two lying angels on top had black hair. But plans are made to be changed? So, tadah. Finished.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

I failed again

Why, well.
I started the stocking-project before an old project was completely done.
But I just felt so inspired....

Want to see? I have made one angel and started on the name. I hope she will like the colours.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Puh, the cat project is almost done, just back-stitching and backing to go! I am exited, this means that when it is done I can start one new project (according to my new strict rule of not overachieving). And that project is. Drumroll please.....
Is stockings, one for the stepmom and one for the stepbrother. Then I can use that fabulous angel alphabet. But then I will have to buy fabric again, for the socks, unless I can find some rags that can be re-used....

But no picture until after Christmas;)

Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Blue Angel

There might not become more than one, perhaps two of these angels, they really are hard work. Today I have done mostly stitching on this project and I am not halfway there... Not by a long shot.... But she does look rather fancy in her dress? :)

And IF I make more than one angel, the others will not have gold hems on their dresses, the only gold will be the star in one of the recipes. So be warned, though the gold makes her look more regal and heavenly.

Wednesday, 6 October 2010

But the gold is a bitch mind you

Oh no, what on earth am I doing?

Yes, you guessed it, I started another cross-stitch...
My goal should be not to start a new stitch until one is done and never do more than four at a time, but I guess that is futile. And why should I limit myself?

I spent a small fortune on yarn today for this project. (Four projects in one actually) Hopefully they will turn into lovely Christmas presents that those four aunts will love....
But the gold is a bitch.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Kitty cat card

I made another card. I wonder who is going to get it.... Hum.
And I made it in only two days, mostly in class.

Oh, and I made a mistake somewhere so the circle is not quite a circle....

So now total cards made for Christmas is: 4.

Monday, 4 October 2010

I gave up, I gave in

I gave up, it is now a card. But at least I used it right? The green thing is just the gum I use to hang the card up. They cannot lie about because Someone keeps placing things on them. ^^
But still, I am done. Now the total in cards are: 3

The angel is done. Hoorah. And with just inches of yarn left too. What great luck!

And yes, the border is a bit funny, but no worries.

Sunday, 3 October 2010


You can almost tell what it is... I love this kit. Everything is so neatly organized and the instructions are vary easy to understand and they tell you how to stitch all the stitches involved too.

I love this gorjuss-kiy and I want them all!

I think that frankly this,the item that should be last in my to-do-pile, this thing that is not even a christmas present will be finished first... :O It is such a delight and I just can't help myself.

This is how far I got yesterday. Maybe I will show you how far I get later today.... Just for comparison.... ;)


This is how far I got at night yesterday just right before I went to bed....
Skirt is done.

This is my progress today. I have started a fox! And finally the stupid coat is done. And you hardly see my mistake either so I am not going to tell you what it was. Artistic whatsitcalled. So there. It is great. ;) I do kinda like her. I am certain I am going to miss her in the end.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Another one bites the dust

Oh well. Finally, something is done. And this I started this summer so it was about time too. ;) But due to a shortage of yarn it had to wait for a long time. But hey, better late than never? My friend will get it, because the colours really suit her.

And she knows she will get it too, so it is no surprise and I can show everyone. I tried making backing for the first time, training for my big rabbit-backing adventure.

I really love this fabric. Also especially bought for the recipient of the gift. I hope she likes it.

Oh, no, another wip. ;) Can you tell yet what it is???
I oh so love this kit and I think everyone should get one. The yarn is really easy to use and the directions were clear and the fabric is wonderful. Not stiff either. Oh I love it!

Another wip. What do you think? How many am I currently doing? I have no idea, but I think it is almost ten cross-stitches and five crochet items.
On top of that I am painting those Christmas presents and there are still some Crochet Gifts Ideas I have...

When will there be enough time for everything? ;)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Currently, this is all I can show for.

I made this and since it is for myself I can show you the picture too. It is a Christmas decoration. ^^ I just need to decide what colour to use to hang it from. It was supposed to have french loops for the stars eyes, but I skipped them altogether. Never did get the hang of those frenchies.

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Angel me?

Should I make new crochet angels for christmas or not?

Monday, 20 September 2010

I am a proud mom^^

Florian is a disapproving rabbit

haha, I am so proud.

On more serious news and progress report, this is my rabbit cross-stitch, it is finished, ironed and washed, I only need to sew on the backing.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Happy Bunday aka Sunday, but I like bunday better

Here is my inspiration, the pictures are not that good, but they will have to do.:P
I got all these from a magazine. So of course I had to start to stitch most of them right away. Oh, they will become wonderful christmas presents.... I cannot wait.

We watched Howl's moving castle today. It has been a long time.

These are some of my current projects from those magazines... The pink one, I think I will keep for myself:P

Well, more will come, hopefully soon, because I am so full of ideas and things I want to make that I feel like I am bursting. And I keep getting angry and upset when laundry and such comes in the way of my stitching. Stiching and swooning over rabbits. Those are my current hobbies. With a bit of crochet in between. ^^But trouble with that is all of my crochet projects are a menace because in them I have to change thread so often that I feel like I never get really into the flow....:( zannen.

Monday, 13 September 2010


I made a new blog. One that is for my projects. I might show you all the things I am currently making, just because. Please comment my things. I like to have people showing their opinions on my thing so that I can improve.

But for today, I will just make the blog.