Saturday, 31 January 2015

My Snowflake Table cloth

 Is getting there.

So as there is only one month left of winter I am hoping to finish this soon. but I am making other things as well so might take me a while. But as soon as I finish something I will upload to for you to see. I think I wan't to start cross-stitching again soon.

This might be a January in years where I haven't started on Christmas presents yet... o.0

It is a little further than this now, but I hope it will last all the way to the edges. The yarn is sadly discontinued. I still have some in gold though. 

I love making things that are in season even of that means the item won't be finished until next time it is in season, oh well. :)
(I need to see if maybe eBay or something has more of this sparkly yarn in this colour because I would love to make one smaller than this too. And perhaps more like a hexagon than a rectangle.)

Monday, 26 January 2015

Tuesday Tunes Counterattack with a nail polished fist

While I can't seem to get used to reading it any other way than anger me, I quite like this song, the other A- side is a little meh, I miss Tsunku though.
And I think I like the new girls even if I don't know much about them yet, I miss Meimei's long hair but Kanon looks great with her hairdo.

I wonder where my nail polish is, I think I want to make every other nail with pink and black sparkly nail polish, just because.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Happy New Year from Us

 A little late, but I am never on time, I am either way ahead or way behind on everything so it fits that I am wishing you a happy new year a little into the new year.
We got these lovely mugs from my cousin for Christmas and I LOVE them, looks just like boyfriend and me.

This year we are buying a little more of our flat, I am contemplating a new phone and we bought a new iPad, or rather I did.

Valmin seems happier lately, he is fat and hopping about. He flops next to me now, and binkies around at night doing the 500 lap with Mimle doing the same some time later.
They love waking boyfriend in the morning jumping on top of him, while Mimle frantically tries to smoothen our duvet with boyfriend still in it.
They are both spoiled rotten and will jump you for treats. Also they both come when I call their name... Probably because I = Treats.

Look at that little face...

Here they are destroying their Christmas present :) 

I have a finish, first thing this year. I used up some yarn I had left and made a small table cloth, Mimle and Valmin investigated. Both were unimpressed. I am thinking of using some more of the same leftover yarn in different colours to make more round table cloths and stitch them together with this one. I wonder if that will make a nice effect or not... We will see.

Here it is all finished. Sorry for the bad pictures, the sun is not yet up here.