Sunday, 24 February 2013

What, is it sunday again?

Did I tell you the bunny was molting? Hehe. All over my cross stitch. :) But I prefer that over her hopping into my lap and stealing floss or chewing on the chart. (the main reason my charts are in see- through-plastic)

 And, look at bunnys castle? She loves these boxes, the Panduro one is full of grass. This is were she spends a lot of her interior decorating time. 

 See, she has made the floor of her box all smooth with extra shavings to sleep in.

From the top.

 I have not done a single stitch on my WISP projects yet, but I have done a lot on Henry. The page is almost done too.. 

 Oh, oh, my chocolate was delicious! Look what it says on the wrapper... Did they hurt any bunnies or horses in the making of this chocolate? And thank god, this product is vegetarian, because who wants meat in their chocolate?????
 Hello; says edible rabbit before I turned him over so I could eat him. I did not have the heart to let him look at me while I devoured him.

Last update picture of the day. I am going to go and start something new, because that particulate project has a to do date somewhere in the near future. By saying this at the end of my blog I am hoping no one will notice me being naughty.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My easter card!

I got a parcel in the post today! Yay. And look! A bunny chocolate, bunny ornaments and bunny card!

Look, it is so pretty. Thank you vics.^^

How on earth did they know I liked bunnies?;)

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Lets make one thing clear

I miss a decent computer....

I have actually managed to put some phone-pictures up ontp picasa, and here you go. Much better than that ipad picture stuff. Anyway, sorry about bad quality and spelling, this thing doesn't even have spell check. :p so, this is hownfar Henry has gotten. Looks great doesn't it? Love the colours, but the browns really put me in a murky mood. Hehe. Getit? 

Okay, i give in, gonny borrow the computer boyfriend writes his masters on in a minut, stay tuned....

So, in the great detective series here on the blog we have been trying to figure out if my Henry the VIII kit has beads or not. We have gone directly to the source and asked, no answer. We have asked fellow bloggers, fellow stitchers and generally scoured the internet for info. And about 70 % of the information I found said no beads, but some said beads, some places sold the same kit with beads. Colour me confused. 

So, I took another look at the kit I have and the clues at my disposal.

In the picture here: It clearly (well not clearly in the picture, but clearly in real life just take my word for it) looks like gold beads in the middle of those Tudor roses.....

In the back of the kit is a (bad) picture of what the kit contains. It contains from left to right floss, aida, instructions in different languages, chart and needle, and on the other side it says "also available" and there are pictures of beads.... You with me? This may mean that you can use beads and also that the how to bead instructions in this kit is valid to put in.

 Now, in the tudor rose I showed you before it looked like someone had used beads right? Well in the middle of this portion of the chart there is a black pyramid? Okay, so, lets check the floss keys and see what that means?

I am supposedly to use gold floss number 729 right?  But how? Backstitch, 3 strands of floss? French knots? Tell me. SO moving on.

Oh, here are some instructions, the black pyramid is in the second box, and lo and behold, look what it says. It is instructions on how to bead. And that I should use colour 729. It also says what type of beads to use.... But there are no beads I say. Well. I guess this means...

that you CAN use beads, here are how, and which ones to use, we just didn't want to include them, love DMC...  And they also failed to include what the pyramid means if you don't want to bead....


I usually love DMC, but if you wanted us to use beads, then please include them... Please.

I have, in my quest for answers found ONE person, who, for some reason used french knots, but in my instructions (see above picture first box) I am only supposed to use french knots on a black star, a pyramid on the side and something that looks not remotely like a pyramid. So, case closed. I will NOT use french knots, I hate french knots. HATE HATE HATE, with a vengeance. 

So there, case closed. I will now go and buy myself some beads, and while I am at it, buy something else too, because it does not make any sense to spend more on postage than on my items so, more stash for me, thank you DMC. Really, I am not being sarcastic, thank you, more stash, yay. And thank you, I can now sleep properly not thinking about to bead or not to bead.

Since I have no pictures of bunny on this computer lets end with something else that is nice. Like my favorite song at the moment.....

Monday, 18 February 2013

Late, gomen nee

Sorry I did not post on sunday, but our computer died a bit and I am having a bit of trouble uploading pictures from my ipad... Just one will have to suffice.

I am in an easter exchange on my cross stitching forum, inicially I wanted to make a bit more complex pattern, but then I remembered I saw this beauty in CrossStitcher celebration magazine. I made the egg myself using variagated floss. I am quite pleased with this card:) Tomorrow it will be sent of in the mail along some norwegian chocolate. I have even been so good and not eaten any of it.

On a Henry note I have been stitching a bit but not 100 today. Most days around 200, so I am happy and can allow myself one day off.

In my course I am a bit stumped, because on the death of the computer we lost our cd player, and I need it to finish my next chapter.... But I am loving it.

Oh, oh, and in three to four weeks MY computer will arrive on the door. I can't wait. I have been so good saving. We bought extra disks too.

Another news I have subscribed to one cross stitch magazine, I love getting things in the post, which may be the main reason I went into this easter exchange:) Suprise Parcels are the best! 

Mimle is really molting. I found fur on the insides of my glasses and hay in my hair yesterday, but things like that make me the happiest in the world. Can you tell I am happy today?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

My boyfriend is an alien and other stories

I have finished Catherine Parr's skirt now. I'll show you a picture tomorrow because it is dark now and the bunny is harassing me to give cuddles.

/Edit/ Picture. Now I am doing the dress to the left of Catherine's. And then it is onward and upwards.

And apparently, my boyfriend is an alien. Three years of drawing school with the next best grade in colour and I couldn't tell the stupid reds apart. He on the other hand claims that he can. And I know that he doesn't secretly work for DMC so, as Sherlock Holmes say: “When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” therefor I must conclude that he is an alien....

Exhibit A: He can tell colours apart that humans can't

Exhibit B: photographic evidence: 

So, my boyfriend is an alien. A green one with a briefcase. 

Bunny on the other hand has started her week schedule and is back to waking us up at dawn. Today dawn was at a quarter to nine, but I do live up north so I am guessing about nine is dawn. I mean no one gets up earlier than that?

oh, and another forum member dose not have beads on her Henry kit either, I am really confused now. Beads or no beads, that is the question.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The WISP SUNDAY That forgot it was Sunday

Yesterday it was saturday and just as I was stitching the red on Catherine Parr's dress I noticed something infuriating. Two of the three colours used looked exactly the same... Namely DMC 304 and 816. And I had no idea which of the colours I was using and generally confused myself. In a bit of a hissy fit I threw my project aside. Convinced DMC was the evil of all evils and had swapped colours on me I turned to the cross-stitching forum for help. Naturally they had all gone to sleep and apparently Australia was having a ball and was not at home to respond. So I went to bed quite irritated because my goal for that day had been to finish the red on her skirt.

So, a new day dawned, quite late I might add because of the previous late night and bunny choosing to honor the sabbath had not woken any of us. 
(only day this entire week she has not rattled her cage to wake us and free her). 
I got up, ate and somehow kept thinking of nothing but my unfinished skirt (well, Catherine's anyway), I forgot all about sundays and goals and WISPs and went to the forum to see if anybody had heard my desperateness from across the northern sea. They had, and apparently, I was on the right track, the colours were different just not to human eyes. Someone in the DMC department clearly are aliens or angels or something. ( or colourblind). 
I rushed to the sofa and started to stitch. I persevered with the two identical colours but still, now that I am finished with the skirt I can not tell them apart. If I get abducted I might ask the aliens if they can. When I had reached my goal feeling so happy and good about myself I remembered what day it was. Bunny had tried to tell me all day long she says as she has only been sleeping in her box keeping the sabbath holy. ( another clue should have been boyfriend going to church, but somehow I never quite put the two of them together). So.

 I took out my wisp project, and did the grey on angel number two. Hopefully I will get a little more done today though as this  poor little half angel seem quite sad and lonely, and I really want to start another kit ( another Wisp, that is) But I am being SOOOO good and am sticking to it. 
(But I have been looking, then giving in and buying and so therefore have been stashing,  so I have not been perfect, but so far, just stashing not starting).

 After I have been so good all day and resisted temptation I started to make some pastries thing.
A sort of bun, which since it is Fastelaven (here) today is supposed to be filled with cream and sometimes jelly, but in our house cream is fine. Oh, how we all love our buns and cream. 

Soon, we will eat a late dinner made of porridge and then we will fill our tummys with all the buns you can eat. This batch will make 20 buns, divided to boyfriend and me, and that is quite a lot of buns. Even I with my dyscalculia can see that.

 Yesterday was play day and bunny got a toy. Boyfriend got a book for his class and bunny was over the moon. I put treats in the box and she spent a good hour being good and eating. She is under the impression that moving around is for losers and you should only move and do something if there is any good food in it for her. If not, then she gets into mischief and takes all the hay out of her toilet station and throw it everywhere else as shown in this picture. And then, she has the nerve to complain that it is filthy on her bed-thing. #sillybunny
I have now finished Season 4 of Charmed. And thankfully the day when Wyatt is born looms closer and closer. Pipers pregnancy is soo fuun :) 
Later I will post a pic of the finished buns, right now, grub is on. Boyfriend has been diligent and sweet and made for us.

/Edit/: Here are the buns. I cheated a little and used prefabricated dough and cream, still tasted good. :)

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Second Wisp

I made a mothers-day card for my mother, and mistakenly thought mothers-day was today so frantically tried to finish in time for the friday post, but soon realized (my mother told me) that mothers day in Norway is not for another week. Oops, oh, well, I got it finished, didn't I? Never mind that the card is written in past tense, Happy mothers day and all that. (this was a freebie from wocs 199)
 Now, Look, the angel is only missing it's feet, and then only two more angels to go, at this rate I should be done in a month:) (this kit has some weird things, apparently I am supposed to do something called cording which I have no idea what is or how to do)

I Have made some progress on Henry, but not much, I get bored of the colours constantly and I try to fill it in towards the border. I have started on three of his wives now. I have had some friends over for a stitch and soup. It was very cozy, although we didn't get much done.... Hehe.

A bunny Ball. She is sleeping a lot lately, I am guessing it is the weather and the early mornings. We have to get up by nine, or she is furious, preferably by eight or even seven would be best says bunny. She likes a bit of a morning run before cuddles on the sofa and if the mornings start too late she has no time for exercises. 

Boyfriend was eating an apple and someone came to "help" eat it up.
Oh oh, I am so exited, because on my stitching forum I have joined an easter exchange!! I will make a rabbit card and send some chocholate. YAY! I have decided on the pattern, but am thinking of buying some sparkly fabric first..... Decisions, decisions.