My stash

 Firstly I will show you my rabbit stash of the things I have not started:

Tea for Two is the only one of my featured stash not a it. I bought it from themakingspot, but I know it was featured in a magazine.
I bought this in a very small craft shop in Sweden and I just could not leave without it. ^^

A small rabbit card for me. There can never be too many rabbit cards. Just look at their little fluffy tails? I just want to cuddle them.

I just fell in love with this, and since sewandso was discontinuing this as well I bought it swiftly and without regret, I want to start this soon too.

This Somebunny to love is discontinued so I just had to buy her. I think she will look great as a baby sampler. With the baby's name in the heart instead of love.

Did you know my first bunny was named Benjamin after this little guy? Not very inventive I know. My biggest dream was to have rabbits running around my kitchen whilst I was writing on a desk. I have almost fulfilled my dream.

I got this from my friends, they inherited it from their grandmother which I think is very nice that they thought about me. It even has a bunny. 

Peter Rabbit cards, what more can I say. There are two more in this series, so I need to stash those also.

This is just a chart and embellishments, so I need more stash in order to start and finish this. I know I have showed you guys this before, but I just love it so, from just nan.

My first blackwork. I love this. And, I will learn a new skill doing it too.

I love this Somebunny to love too, in fact I have not met a single Somebunny to love that I did not love.
I almost all the magazines with Somwbunny to love from the last two years.

This was a gift from my friend E2, and I really want to start this soon! But I have to finish something first.

And here is the rest of the stash that is not bunnies, I think the bunny/not bunny pile is divided rather even in half...

Mickey from DMC:

A table runner for me from Permin:

A rooster picture with frame:

A lavatory picture with frame but alas not with the hole to screw in the screw:

A chubby little pony from Permin: 

Jane Austen Sampler:

Sunflower table runner:

My Winnie the pooh stash, I have one more in this series, Eeyore which is an UFO WiSP.

More from Disney:

A little Christmassy things, with loads of beads:

This was a WiSP, but I had only sewn the blue on his vest and then forgot about it, and since he was put in this category I guess he can stay here a little longer.


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