Thursday, 31 October 2013

First Kiss

I deceided that I might need to work on something I enjoyed for a few days before continuing on my fail-quest to see if I can improve my sewing skills, which are still sadly at the elementary school level:P
Now, why did I not pay enough attention in class XP

Next week I am cutting my hair so I am currently saving for that. I hope it will make me feel a little better. As grooming and shopping usually does;)

And since I am talking about first kiss, here is a song I love called first kiss. Little Airi is so cute!

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

That is Okai, I am Okai.

So here is my Merry Christmas failure hearts.... I might just cut my losses and accept that I suck at sewing something up and do something else and easier. It is not always easy figuring things out on my own. But I want to persevere and progress. I want to make something that people will like and use and love. But I sort of know I am not quite there yet. I wish I was good at something, but I guess I just human after all, and like most people have no real talents. :) Thats okai. I'll just be me, boring little me. And since I am only making for my family and friends I am sure they'll like it a little and because I gave it to them hang it somewhere on the three, in the back. But that is okai too.

Monday, 28 October 2013

If this keeps up, I think I'll make it in time for christmas

I am back for a brief show off session.
Because I have a total of three finishes (although not the ornament sewing up part).
Three finishes in a week is not normal for me and if I can keep this up, I will be done in time for Christmas, even if that is always my goal, I fail..... 

 I have made another Christmas-Card, so the total is now 3/8 (I think)

And then I made a heart for someone special this Christmas:) 
I kind of screwed up a little with the sewing up part, and the next two I make I think will have felt backsides..... And ribbons.
(this is a set of three from permin)

This is another little ornament for a special little person, he will get this sewed up as a little sock and I will put some money in it for a Christmas present. I really love the sheep.

It is fall now too, and look at this pretty little leaf I found on my way to the store today. I am not really that into orangy-colours, but there is something about the season which gets me into the spirit. The Autumn spirit and not the other kind.... :)

Oh, and because I know you like it, here is a picture of bunny and a very boring toy that was only interesting the short amount of time that pellets came out of it, now that there is only hay, no interest.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Why not? In the end it is my life

Another A-sided single for ℃-ute. I am really impressed with their music-videoes lately, seems like they get a decent budget. 
To be honest, I have only listened to both songs a couple of times, first time I listened to both was from a 
live version and then I preferred the latter. Because I loved the dance and the chorus seemed fun, but now the other song with 
it's "Why Not" is something I have taken a liken to. Both lyrics is fun and seem like something girls that age are worried about? 
Wish the last song (Love is more innovating) had a different costume, I HATE those boots, 
they should have given them the same boots as the white ones from Morning Musume's "Wagamama ki no mama ai no JOKE". 
These just look painful to move in.
I understand that they are supposed to look like they are in the army with those clothes, but please, when 
did the army sew on that much white accessorizing? But I like the shoulders with their little upping pads.
Also, the caps look fun, and everyone is wearing one and not just the "masculine" ones (shorthaired).

Oh, and both are shot on location, this really is a rebirth for Hello!Project. 
Now, if only the other bands get a little attention and not only MM and Cute.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Progress on Rabbit with Hyacinth

So, bunny is almost done, just the backstitching left, and then on to the names and date:) I think it will be a nice babysampler in the end^^
I am thinking of adding a border around that will look like a ribbon and in the top left corner it will meet and turn into a proper ribbon.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Rabbit with hyacinth Baby-sampler progress

Yes, I know, it is another start, but it is a present that I promised for a cute little baby when she would be born and she is now five months so I thought to start this ASAP before she got any older. It is supposed to be a birth sampler in the end, we will see how that turns out. The mother chose the design and I have to make a border and fill in the name and details, thing is I am pretty sure my fabric is too small or that I started it sideways instead of the right way or something. But I am sure I will figure it out and make something pretty. :)
And I promise that I won't start anything new even if I have new things in my stash until this is done, and I will work diligently until finished. Cross my heart. <3 (hehe, geddit?)

 Look at the shimmery, sparkly fabric. When this is done I am thinking about making more christmas cards with this fabric. Lynn, wanna come to my house and have a card making sewing date sometime next week? Or any other week.

As you can see, there is not much left on the charted part. And then I am left to my own devices. 

On the subject of bunnies.
Bunny did some home decorating. Did you not know that hay-flavoured water tastes the best? Bunny makes her water taste like the sweetest hay everyday and you should too!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Colours that make me cringe

 So you might wonder what I am up to? I have been feeling a little slow and sleepy for a while so I went to the doctor and turns out I need more D-vitamin and she is going to give me some pills.
So here is to hoping I can get through the days without the need to take a nap.

I have not been stitching since my last update, but I have been hooking a bit. I now have 8 squares in my ugly looking leftover blanket;)
Even if it looks nice up close. 

The colors do not look like in this picture at all, I guess autumn is here for good when it is impossible to take good pictures even during the day. But I am using pink, white, brown, green and purple on this. The green keeps fraying but it is almost used up so I won't buy any more of that particular brand. 

I have been making my little floss-stash up to shape. And these are all of my DMC's. It is making me cringe, because I SO want to arrange them by colour and not by number but I know number is easiest when it comes to finding the right colour for the chart at hand. Seriously it is keeping me up at night but I don't think there is an alternative.... Oh, well, the pinks at least look like they belong there. I want to have boxes with all the colours in, but I know I am way off:( But I will one day, just need to get busy;)

 Oh, and just because I can, here is bunny. She is happy that we now have her grey bed out again (it is really an extra mattress folded in three, but she loves sleeping on it and leaving tufts of hay there so we have not had the heart to take it away again).

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Hello Me

Hello says bunny as she looks upon her kingdom.
Lately she has started jumping into the sofa from one end, making me move my stitching to the other side. Then she moves to where my stitching is so I have to move my stuff again. She will then leave the premises, I get just a small visitation from my little queen as she thinks is fitting.
And if I want cuddles, I have to move to floor. And she will not lick me, I am way beneath her. Even if I flatten myself so she towers over me.
But I do love my little royalist.

Yes, I did start something, but it is a present, and I am waiting for some more stash to continue on my road to having all the presents done in time for Christmas. I fear I will fail. As I usually do, but no worries, people always get something, if not homemade, so I am generally happy.
And I was sick again this week and needed something easy to do, and this was it.

Doesn't she look like a doll? And to my horror I realized there are about thirty french knots in her bonnet. Guess I better start practicing, or look for white beads. :P
So that was my little update. 
We finished the bridge one too.