Saturday, 30 March 2013

I'm sure that one day I'll succeed!

Do you guys remember last tuesday tunes song? Well, the company that made the song made an official subtitled video. I am so excited. After being a fan of this group since about 2005, finally they have realized that they have lots of foreign fans. And it is even in HD. This is so good. Like the lyrics say, something good happened today, and this is it: :)

I can forgive them for the title misunderstanding now. Really naming the song breast.... (it IS called brainstorming, but we fans sure were confused for a bit there).

Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Easter

This morning bunny and I started crocheting again. This pattern was found here. It has been a long time since I crochet anything, but this time I made sure that my arms were supported by a duvet. :)

So, come on easter, we are almost ready!

I am hoping to design a small easter cross stitch so watch this space!

Now we are going to boyfriends parents for dinner. Hope the bunny will manage, this is the fist time she is alone since she was sick for more than an hour... I can tell you I am a bit worried.

AND I will finish another head tonight! Yatta.

To be honest I am still not comfortable with Ursa's iPad cross stitch program. I find it hard to use and the backstitching is horrible and it does not have all the features the real version does. So I'll be happy when I download that to my new computer. Boyfriend said he'd help but he is busy with his masters...

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Tuesday Tunes Operation Complete

Bunny got some new chew toys, since she has such itchy teeth. Lets see if she understands that this tunnel is meant for moving through and not just nibble on. Usually she does not do tunnels because she is under the impression that her bum is too big. Such a diva.

 This is bunny chewing on her toy basket. Where she actually goes and picks out her toy(s) of the day and takes out. Too bad she does not put her toys back in. ;) I wish she was THAT clever.

I am solo close to finishing another head....

And as promised, the song of the week, I had such a hard time choosing, but the decision fell on this: Same group as last. Morning musume. Found a subtitled version that is almost correct. I am loving the lyrics to this too.

Oh, and E2, I finally am on track doing more blogging. Now you go;)

Monday, 25 March 2013

Two- faced

Hello. Did you know who is the bossiest of all the bosses? Someone was adamant that I not blog yesterday, she wanted cuddles before bed-time, and who can say no to a face like that?
Also did you know there is someone here who loves cuddles? Actually someone demands cuddles. We have a cat-toilet (Shh! don't tell the bunny) next to the sofa and she jumps up on it and stares at you until you do your bunny-slave job and gives cuddles. Then she turns into the famous bunny-blob.

 Even though she makes faces like this, she loves it. The person cuddling her is Alien-chan my boyfriend. (also called the bunny-dad). After I started to wear my new glasses she does not give me enough kisses, apparently she does not approve of glasses, so I guess it is back to lenses?

Oh, yeah, lets talk about cross stitch, contrary to bunny's beliefs this is not a bunny blog but a crafting blog. But don't tell her that either. So. Onto Henry.

On Henry, I have finished another face and am well into the "Flanders Mare" face. At least that's what her husband called her.... Isn't history fun?
I do feel like I am making progress and am well into my 100 stitches a day. But I do tend to forget about Sunday WiSp day. But yesterday, I was not at fault. Because we had visitors. :) Boyfriends aunt came over for dinner and waffles. Any excuse to not diet?  And apparently today is international waffle-day, so it fitted. When she left we were so pooped we just went to bed.  (After the afore mentioned bunny-cuddles of course.) 
We blame the sleepiness on bunny for being such a morning person and getting us up at ungodly hours. Ex. around 7 am on a Sunday. She was nice, the day before was around 6 am...

And remember Frederick? After I gridded him I thought about when I should do him, since he (also, along with secret project 2) is on a time-limit. I am trying to keep my Wips in place, honestly, but more just appear out of nowhere. Like a Snorlax. Sorry.
Then I thought, since he is on black aida, maybe an hour in the morning when the sun is shining right into our living room area? Just one hour mind you, before Henry-time.

(I have only made about 35 stitches so I did not bother to take a picture, but this is how he is supposed to look finished)
I have started on the shelf between his front and back paw.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Bunny news

I was scolded. My friend said that after I had pledged to blog more I blogged even less, I told her that my followers would probably understand since bunny was ill and that I would be back shortly better than ever.

I was asked to tell the tale of how bunny was feeling now too, so here is a tail (hehe, gettit?) with lots of pictures:)
She went through two surgeries in three days. Back home after surgery number one here. That evening we had to call the emergency vet to give her more pain relief. 
She kept biting on her stitches so we put her in my expensive wool leggings.

 Bunny-jail. In the mandatory bunny-jail uniform. Fortunately the uniform was off after a few days. :)

In the dark weeks that was I was so sure she would not make it that I bought lots of kleenex. Took pictures everyday that I just sat and looked at trying not to cry in the twilight hours bunny watching. But now that she is much better I feel that I will not jinx it. (knock on wood).

 Here we are visiting bunny at the vet. She was very happy and gave us some tooth-purring:) I have no idea why she kept lying in the corner like that but I can assure you she was happy.

Then back home after two nights at the home of two of the veterinarians. Very happy with their service actually. And bunny parents got two nights of good sleep, which it turned out, we needed badly.
For over a week I have been on bunny night watch and boyfriend on bunny day watch. Feeding her and generally freaking out. Luckily that boyfriend is doing his masters and I am jobless at the moment then...

Here we are giving critical care to a less than pleased bunny.

She actually jumped up into my lap because she did NOT want more food. After looking into her mouth it seams she has some sore gums after the syringe feeding so no wonder she was so stubborn about it, but it was necessary because she did not eat enough grass, which we are thinking might be the reason she is going rampant on our wood furniture at the moment.

Digging and biting on mummy, hence the fleece blanket between us. But I did not take a hint and gave her more cc. Stupid bunny-mommy.

Look, someone is using her litterbox! 
(old picture actually, but I did not want to take pictures of her using it now in case I scared her off)

So. Apparently our bunny was feeling a bit depressed so the vet and we agreed that it would be better with a happy free roam rabbit with the occasional pee on the carpet, than a depressed one who peed in her cage and slept in it.

Within minutes of being let out of her cage her mood changed to a happier one. We even saw a half binky. So far she has only peed in her cardboardboxes and once on her matress. Which was not her fault. She was sleeping and suddenly she sat up, moved a bit. I rushed over and popped her into her toilet, but to no avail, she was done. My theory is bunny was sleeping and awoken by the need but she did not have time to reach her litter box and just sat unhappy doing her business. The vet said that since she had bladder surgery her bladder is now smaller and need to be emptied sooner so she just have to adjust.... I am sure she will manage. At least she is happy even if she stinks.
  ( I have bathed her she still stinks, sorry no pictures of that, we girls bathed by our selfs. No boy photographers allowed.)

 Look how happy and inquisitive she is now that she can run around the house? Suddenly every piece of wood in the house is hers and need to be bitten....

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Late Bunday

As you can probably tell I am bunny sitting. The reason we are up all night is because we have to see if she needs more pain-killers. So far I think she can manage without. Still force feeding her, but the poops are coming. I think she is starting to dislike us. LOL. Everytime I pick her up and place her on the table for feeding time she shows her disgust in the frantically rearranging of the towels... Or biting my sweater....

Bunny on the toilet.
(we have not seen much blood in the urine today, so am happy)
She keeps trolling us, whenever she sees that we are coming she hops into the toilet because she knows we'll leave her be in case she is doing her business ).
Here is the critical care, boyfriend went and bough more syringes the other day, and look, they are purple.

I am actually a bit further on Henry than this picture says. I am done with the Tudor rose and the yellow on the left side too. Just on the leafs now.

My secret project. How about those purples? This is what I have been doing on my WiSp day.

And on Saturday, I finished this Easter piece. Next Ornament Onsdag, I will make it into an ornament. 
Currently I am gridding Frederick the literate. But I am frogging more than I get done. I think my brain is a bit tired. But atleast I am blogging on a device that has a dictionary and autocorrect so I don't really have to think....  Three more hours until boyfriend is up.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Home is not home without you

We still haven't heard anything new about the bunny. She survived the second surgery and is now in the home of one of the vets (actually a couple of the vets because they are a couple and so share a home). But no news is good news right?

Me and bunny after the surgery. She is so sweet. She even gave us one tooth purr.
The people there said she was so sweet and easy to handle. So obviously we are doing something right in the bunny socializing department.

This was bunny this morning. She did not want critical care and peed a lot as you can see, with blood. Apparently, it is the bladder that is the issue now, and they removed the abnormality in her uterus tract.

Home is not home without her, too quiet.

Want to see how much fur we've combed off bunny in a year? Soon, I think I will make something off it.... I might, since the fibers are so small, blend it with some other animals fur.

 I have tried to keep busy these days, whilst bunny-sitting through the night, I have read about fifty pages of the new J.K Rowling novel. Done 100 stitches on Henry in four days... And done the dishes once. But I have trouble concentrating, so nothing is finished. I kept forgetting to eat and drink.  I have even forgotten how to speak properly. And realized this morning that I hadn't showered since bunny got sick... I am not good at taking care of myself I guess. But bunny comes first.

My subscription of "World of Cross Stitching" came in the mail yesterday. Made a nice break.
And today the floss I needed for my secret project came. Four shades of purple, because I am altering a chart. Now, I am thinking that two of the purples ( DMC 502 and 503) are a bit too near each other colour wise, so I am thinking of blending 503 and 554, because in it self 554 is too bright... ( I only need three different shades of purple though) What do you think? All four colours are used in this picture.

 I know this is supposed to be ornament onsdag, but I know you will understand that I have not started on any because of Mimle. But, here is the ornament I want to make. By Lizzie Kate, my first chart by them too. I think I'll tweak this chart too by using some of my new bright floss. Spring really has that effect on people that they want to use bright cheery colours? For some reason I want to use yellow and it is my least favorite colour of them all. (except brown, but in my head that is not really a colour at all)

 And then, last year I bought this, I SOOO want to do it soon. Since Mimle is sick I might need easy patterns for a while, so maybe I can start this too?

 Since buying just some floss is silly, I bought a q snap thing. I am so far pleased with it. But I'll let you know as I progress.

I have turned nocturnal. I am not the least bit tired. 

Please Mimle?

Monday, 4 March 2013

Bunny is sockbunny

Mimle is sick. The vet suspected bladder-stones, but during surgery could not find them. So, new diagnosis is a cyst in the uterus tract. With another surgery tomorrow. Bunny was being bad and nipped at her stitches, we went to emergency vet and got more pain meds. They didn't have any harnesses things that fit her, so we used one of my clean leggings. Made off wool and super expensive now that I think about it. But atleast bunny is warm in wool and fleece blanket and heating bottle. She peed on me at the vets, yay, first pee since surgery. Three more gruelling hours into the night and the odd looking moist poops appeared. 
But she has a sense of style.

Bunny is drinking by herself, but I am feeding her a little critical care at intervals. She is not pleased. Bunny mom is almost asleep, but I have to stay awake for four more hours....
But I do love you little bunny.

Sunday, 3 March 2013

I could not help myself and a new regime

Ganbare Bunny-chan

These past days bunny has not been feeling entirely well, so tomorrow we are going to the vet. Her tummy is full of fur, poor thing. She is a lot better today, I spent the entire night with her and constantly checking up on her poops. She is mostly sleeping, eating hay and pooping. Boyfriend is combing her everyday to help with all the excess fur, but it doesn't seem to help. She is asking for cuddles constantly with treats, but she is on a hay and water diet until the poops are normal. Thank GOD we only saw blood on Saturday. (we have been in telephone contact with the vet and since she is eating and pooping we are trying to see if she'll recover by herself)

And, I am done with the first page. Yay me. First Sami assignment sent in and first page done of four. Henry also has two legs now. I am going to make the crown between his legs before moving upwards. (and no, not that type of crown, hentai.)
I have been thinking about my goals, and if I can do 100 stitches a day of Henry, and send in my assignments in Sami, then, I still have time for a little wip wrangling? WiSp Sunday is still working out fine, but I want to have a finish soon. I need a finish, so, I am thinking about doing one of my secret projects a day too, after the mandatory 100 stitches of Henry. 

I am waiting for some floss for my 2nd secret project. I'll give you a sneak peek when I get them.
(the first secret project is still secret and still not done)

And I've bought Frederick, I could not help myself.
Some little birdie made a request for it, so I bought it.

This is a chart I made ages ago, but one I thought was gone and dead and buried. I found a picture of it, and felt so happy that I had to share, because I think this is one of my best. 
After the disk died all my charts went to heaven, so I have to redo the ones I have snaps of, later. We are still waiting for my new computer and when that arrives I'll start something new.

The New Regime:
I want to make teamed blogpost, and I want to blog a bit more too.

Monday: Monday Blues, nothing
Tuesday: Tuesday Tunes, I'll show you what I am singing to at the moment, just for fun.
Wednesday: Ornament Onsdag (Onsdag is wednesday in Norwegian, struggling I know) I want to make ornaments for christmas so I am starting now, with the odd ornament just for fun. Next week I am starting a easter ornament I think.
Thursday:  Thor's day. Nothing.
Friday: Freebie Friday, I will show you a chart I made
Saturday: I'll be home stitching.
Sunday: Will still be WiSp Sunday and Bunday, showing off my bun. ^^

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Sami-family chart

As you might know, I've started learning a Sami language. I've sent in the first of four assignments. So to help me remember I made this chart.

Grandfather = Addja
Grandmother = Ahkku
Father = Isit
Mother = Eadni
Son = Bardni
Daughter = Nieida

I am thinking of making a series of this. Maybe tweek this chart a bit more because I am not entirely satisfied with this one. I am using an app on the ipad so it is a lot more difficult to use than the one on the computer, but that program is temporarily out of order.....