Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Triple Tuesday Tunes

So C-ute just released their triple single and I love all songs on it.

I have out the songs in order of how I love them most.

I give this 9 out of 10
Chisato looks great here, but poor Nacky, her skirt looks awkward. The rapping part is great in this song, not ill-fitting like it usually does in an H-P release, but I guess that is because a rapper made that part of the song.

8,5 out of 10
I have no idea what they put Chisato in this time, but the other look great... Everyone talks about how Airi looks like she dyed her her lighter, which it does look like she has...

8 out of 10
The Tsunku song, I like Tsunku and I wish I liked his song best, but I don't, it is still good and the pv is good, they look like office ladies, all adult-like and all.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Accessorizing the season

I am sorry about jinxing everything. Yesterday I said it was springtime, but today it snowed all day... So I guess I was wrong.  I don't feel too bad about making those hats now, fitting the season and all. I had made the decision to take a break on that snowflake table cloth until it started snowing again so I might just have to start on it and actually finishing this season because of the snow and all. 

Here I am knitting a second hat. I am starting to get a hang of this hat business. Yay progress, although it takes forever making in comparison to my crochet skills. But I do remember I used to be really slow at that in the beginning too so there is room for improvement.

Here is the scarf I started yesterday in the same pattern as the last one, and I have high hopes this one will be long enough to wrap a couple of times around the neck and I am making it all for me.

I have made a few flowers too for my secret project. I need more pink in different shades I think, so it might not turn out to be cheaper than real flowers in the end, but it is more fun and less stressful.
If anyone wants to join in and make some for me let me know. 

I was going to show you this thing that I made the other day, but as I said it started snowing and I couldn't take pictures outside. Can anyone guess what I have made?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

I am busting my knee with all this stash busting

Remember the yarn we found amongst my mothers stash that moved into my stash?
Well I didn't dally long and I made a small scarf/cowl/thing. I used this pattern, but since I only had about 50 g of yarn mine didn't turn out quite long enough to fold around the neck. So I added a button from my stash and now it is usable.

The colour is somewhat more like the first picture than the others but I just wanted to show you how sunny and spring-y things look around here these days. The colour is something usually referred to as "gammel rosa" in Norwegian which would translate into old pink I think.

The scarf is made of a long since discontinued yarn from Chanterleine called Sissi and is made of a mohair acrylic blend, so it fits nicely in spring., as it is not too warm. Or maybe in autumn as the pink seems more like an autumn pink than a spring pink to me....  I think maybe mum bought it when visiting my aunt since there was a store called Domus there and that is where this yarn was bought... But it does come all the way from Paris.

Anyway, I quite like it and I finished it in a day, or rather a night, I got so engrossed in wanting to see how long it would turn out with only 50 g of yarn. Which was 60 cm I might add and 55 rows.

I liked the pattern and am now going to make another in the Sandnes Kitten Mohair yarn I bought at mums last week, and since I have 100 g I think this one will actually turn into a proper scarf. Although that means I have to buy more Mohair yarn to make the "englemaske" shawl I wanted to make, but that is ok, if I use two or more yarns I can buy one new and at this rate that might happen sooner than you'd think. Also I think these scarfs would make excellent gifts and they are easy enough to make while watching TV but decorative enough that people will actually wear them;) I hope. And buying yarn for presents is always  allowed no matter how big your stash is.

I have to go, I have a bunny nipping at my ankle to get my attention. It is cuddletime.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Two hats

Yay, my knitted hat is done, and it fits me, so hopefully it will fit boyfriend too...
And my crochet hat is also finished, I winged the entire thing, I had an idea that you could make a border that looked like knitting so that the hat would stretch a little, it turned out a bit big, but boyfriend claimed it fitted so we will see when he comes home today. Which is why I haven't cut the thread yet, in case it needs altering. The blue hat is made of yarn that has reflector in it so that when the wearer is out and about cars will hopefully see him.
I am thinking about making hats for the little ones in this yarn for Christmas...
It was fast and fun to do. I want to make more hats, maybe one for my mother next.

I hope spring comes in earnest soon.

Monday, 16 March 2015

New playthings

I visited mom this weekend, and her local yarn and haberdashery shop is going out of business so we went a bit bananas. we bought mainly yarn and table cloths though, all things bought with a purpose in mind.
The yarn was 40 % off and everything else up to 70 %, there was not that much left so we went home with things that had a plan to turn into something soon.

All in all 14 skeins of yarn, and ten of them on sale, I think the total turned into, we had bought yarn in another store first, but when we saw the sale we had to buy some more...
Two Mandarin crochet yarn, one grey and one purple  ( I plan to make table a grey runner that match one I bought at a flea market last year and some advent ones)
Two Sandnes Kitten Mohair in pink (I have plans to make a a shawl or two)
One blue glowworm lucile yarn from Rico. (making a hat for boyfriend)
Sandnes Mandarin medi and petit two green and two blue (going to knit wash cloths for Christmas I think, mum bought some too so we will make them together)
Dale baby yarn green  (will turn into leaves I hope)
Trysil Natur pink (will make into flowers)
Trysil Natur Green (leaves)
Trysil akrylgarn green (more leaves)
Trysil Alpha green (even more leaves)

But I did buy some cross stitch supplies too, Permin is usually really expensive so I hoarded a little. Since I know a lot of people who I know would love a finished picture and even some who would like a picture to make for themselves I thought it was safe to buy four of the small ones.
Mum bought the big table runner and I will make it for her.
I also bought some red bellpulls, but I didn't take a picture of those.

We went through some of mums yarn stash and found some almost finished items and lots of yarn, I got these two little things. Mohair from the 80's I guess and a really yellow thing that I hope will turn into something easter-y.

We also found some of my very first yarn, a gift from my aunt and uncle on my ninth birthday, I was not a very avid knitter, but I did manage to make this little thing.
I think there are at least three skeins left of this yarn. Maybe it is about time I made something of it. But at least I can say I have improved. I rarely loose a stitch anymore so that is something;)

Oh, and boyfriend and I picked up my old doll house. It needs a new coat of paint, but I think it looks good here. Bunnies seemed to approve;)

I think my craft-books might live in this, but we will see. I remember when dad made this, it was taller than me. (at least after he added another floor to it). I loved my house, it was awesome, I still think it is, but boyfriend says it can stay only because I promised to have useful things in it and no dolls... I wonder where my barbies are...

The bunny on top was a gift from my old job, she has lived on top of the dollhouse ever since, she looks like me which is why I got it I think. I love her too.

I need to glue the ladder as well, because it came off some time ago and used to be on the first floor so now no one can get up to the second floor. But I will wait until I have painted it to attach it to it's proper place.

The doll house will stay white so that it won't take up too much visual space in our sitting room, also if my barbies ever decide to move in they might not find their furniture if I paint it pink like 6 year old me wants since all of my barbies furniture is pink...

Valmin have been playing with the house all day hopping in and out of the first floor, I wonder if he will ever venture up to the second?

Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday Blues Stripes

 So this past week I have had a cold, with a fever and no brain power at all just walking about like a zombie... I am sick of always catching something and becoming ill and I don't even work in a kindergarten anymore...
But I am starting to feel a bit better now. These past few weeks (yes, weeks, no brainpower remember and all zombie) I have been trying to knit a hat. If I am ever going to finish that awesome hat with beard for my cousin I need to practise making hats. So I went into my stash and found some gifted yarn from my friends family and started knitting, I don't really have anyone to help me so I scratched my head and googled and found out how to properly knit in the round which makes this hat better than the other hat. And as long as there is progress in my skill-level I am happy. :)

And one day boyfriend will have knitted sweaters and vests and I will be able to knit my own socks without having to tell anyone how many pairs I go through in one season, which is ridiculous btw.

Bunnies are more often than not begging to come to the living room to play and I keep letting them. Valmin gets a treat (pellet, hush, don't tell them it is just normal food that they'd get anyway) everytime he hops onto the sofa while we are in it. And Mimle gets a treat everytime Valmin gets one or else she will steal his. 
He is still a bit wary of people and faces, so I guess we just have to invite more people over to help him get over his fears.

I couldn't resist that face and let him into the living room, but now that I am sitting in the kitchen typing away I have Mimle as usual under my chair with Valmin close by. So I guess what he really wanted was attention, or to see if I would open the gate and let them in if he begged. And begging is better than gnawing and thrashing at the gate so I guess that is progress too.

And I am herby done with colds for this season, I refuse to get sick again. So now you know.