Sunday, 25 November 2012

Happy Birthday Mum and secret stuff

So, first I wanted to show you my amazing progress on the "Somebunny to love" project that I have been intently doing. I have faithfully done backstitching as I go, and let me tell you I love the work so far. The bunny looks so squshable :) I want to kiss her little tail.

Look, she has feet now, that you can tell apart. But alas no head, as I like to finish off the right side first.
What is that she is carrying? A whole supply of lunch perhaps?

I have started on a head. 
Sadly I did not finish it as was my goal for today, but I did some work on the secret project with my friends as started in this: Can you tell what it is yet?
 Look, look. 
The sewing machine was a menace, I really think she (her name is Gerda I feel) is going through puberty. She was making her underthread thingy just turn into knots and I wanted to chuck away my project. But a little googling and I think the problem was the bobbin or maybe the spool was facing counter clockwise or something like that, she is ok now. Stupid thing. Today we properly tried a bit of everything, not like last time. And I must say, cutting was my least favorite thing to do. I like the prettyfying part best;) ( doesn't everybody?) 

Bunny is currently running around the room, but here she is, not quite sure what to do.
 Boyfriend was eating a mandarin and she wanted some, but could not decide if the smell was nice or not... Obviously we didn't give her any, but she got some nice herbs and some nail-trimmings. Which is to say she spent half the day under the sofa not speaking to any of us.....

Edit/ I forgot the most important thing!!!!!
The new free bauble design!
I really adore bows! I guess that is one thing I learned from J-pop!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

I was tagged.

So, since it is Thanksgiving now, here is a list of what I am thankful for. I tend to tell myself every night one thing about the day I had that was nice and that I am thankful for, helps me to feel a bit less sad.

1. The number one thing I am thankful for is my family and friends. I know that I can call them anytime and they are really great to hang around and best of all, I know I won't get shunned if I say something strange. That is nice.

2. I am thankful for rabbits. Really. I love all the bunnies I've had and nothing cures a raining heart better then some cuddle time with a furball, and my current furball throws in a lot of kisses in the bunch and that helps a lot more. I don't think I can live a life without animals.

3. Chocolate, definitely chocolate. I love love love chocolate, if I can have chocolate with a cup of tea, something good on the TV and some cross-stitch even better.

4. Making things, crafting really help me to convey to people how I feel. I make things for people I love to let them know I think about them and that they are special, and everybody needs to feel special? right?

Oh, and I love Cross-stitching, it keeps me calm and happy.
And look, to help me tackle the dreaded backstitching, I have started already. One thread everyday while I stitch the motif. (if possible)

( oh, and it is Ben from A1's birthday today, so happy birthday)

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Naughty, me? Just dancing on the table with the other mice

Now that the cat is away.....

I made a start.  Actually I made several. Today I have had friends over, singing christmas-songs ( I sent boyfriend away, we drank christmas soda and ate mandarins and those are banned from the house before December 1st.)
and we were crafting. We ate some lovely soup and then we started cracking. Measuring, cutting, sewing, I even took out my little ironing board and ironed. 
( well to be honest, my friend ironed, my other friend cut and I sew, it was a veritable workshop.)
What we started on is a bit of a surprise, hopefully it will be a resounding success, at the moment I am not quite sure we will make something nice since machine sewing is a bit out of our turf.

 But look at all the nice colours?

I must confess I made a new start. ( I am ALLOWED, I had a finish the other day) It is another somebunny to love design - the rocking horse.

I am almost done with the carrot. ^^

A scissor fob, I bought this at the Bath Abby last summer. From the same series as This: 
(The company it is from is called textile heritage)
I hope this will be another Christmas present. And yes, it will come attached to a scissor. I am thinking something in the lines of the stork scissors.....
If you are about to leave me a message to tell me that I have been naughty hold on because, Yes, this is another start, but wait wait, I am allowed to make another start because, I have another finish. SO THERE!

I need to find some Halloween fabric and make this into a ornament. 

Oh, and did you know, my bunny has a lookalike! clickit The sofa kind of even looks like my granny-chair, a bit.  chotto

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Two of a kind

 So, my fist Star-Trek pattern is finished. I like the effect of the white sparkling text. Love the blue (although on camera it looks purple) cloth. I adore the ship ( even if I changed it a little in the next wip) What I am slightly ambivalent about is the text itself, I am not too sure about it's placement. So I changed it:

 This is my second Christmas-gift finish, (Here is the fist one) almoooost finished. I will get it done before I go to bed, even if it will take me all night!
I like this one better. Boyfriend asked to have his text askew like this, so I did that. His letters are done in silver DMC and there is another little difference between this ship and the one above, can you find it? LOVE LOVE LOVE this design, and I already have the frame for it I think.

I started on my halloween stitch. Here I also changed some of the colours from the chart, because black on black is not really visible. I think this is going to turn out really cool. I want to make the whole set.
Here is a link to look at how it will hopefully turn out :(the design)

Another Freebie, because it is that time of year. I caught boyfriend humming a christmas carol the other day even though he fervently believes in no christmas-songs until atleast December.

And, I made bunny a toy, because all day she has been sleeping next to me on the carpet while I have been sewing (she did that yesterday too, through 12 episodes of Bones season 7) and I thought she needed some stimuli. Now the carpet is full of hay. But I WON, because, she has been chewing on the twigs! And she never does that unless we hold them up for her to chew, apparently, twigs are not interesting on the floor by themselves. Can you see her little open mouth? I love my bunny. ^^

On a footnote, Ben did not win, but not my fault, I did vote once:P 
And something else that I have two of now (almost two of finished christmas-gifts, keep forgetting that the blue Star-Trek pattern is a birthday-gift), signed A1 cd's. Yay.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Bunnies and baubles in bold text

Another Bauble, I must confess I love the colours in this one. They are so relaxing, and kind of like some retro baubles I found at the thrift-marked.

These were my inspiration. I really love baubles. They really help you to get in the spirit? (oh, and the rabbit saucer is a gift from my boyfriend, I really love it.)

The blue Star- Trek design is done. I am almost done with the ship in the black one too. But I decided to tweak the chart a little as I was not happy with it. So we will see how the next one turns out:)

 Oh, and this is bunny, begging for a snack. I refused to give her the snack whilst she was in the cage and asked her to come out and get the snack for herself, she declined, so she got only one little dried dandelion from this summer. She was not pleased, but that kind of picture does not seem appropriate on a family-friendly blog. ;)

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Froggin' Bunday

Hello, says rabbit. Want me to tell you about my progress? Or lack thereof?

Last night I thought that I fixed the things that were wrong... (The extra words not belonging and the border that was too close to the ship.) But today I realized that there were more mistakes in the chart itself. One R was different than the other so I must fix that.  (sorry about the distorted image, the ipad takes horrible pictures.)
This image shows the colours better. since it is a camera picture.
But then even later I found out that I had made ANOTHER mistake..... The GONE letters are one stitch too much up, and between WHERE and GO there was supposed to  be one more space....
( atleast the mistakes were not in the chart  this time around ) 
SO all those letters have been frogged. My goal of finishing this today will most definitely not happen. Although I have stitched this so many times now I could have done it if all the frogging did not occur. Oh, well.

Oh, and somewhere in the apartment is a needle that I lost last night, and me and my man tried for an hour to retrieve. Finally we just vacuumed, it is gone, giving me further incentive to believe there is a tiny black hole in our apartment somewhere....

Oh, yeah, and I have found my sewing machine, so stay tuned. (And all the parts to it, and that was a great feat)

Lets look at more pictures of the bunny shall we? On friday we went to the store to buy toys, and the employees at the store brought us Mimle's favorite toy before we had entered the store.

 This is mine says Mimle, and marks her toy ^^
And we bought a ball bigger than her, and she loves both of them. Lately she has been given her pellets in the evening in a treat- ball and she drags it around trying to get some food. She gets so exited she doesn't stop and eat the food until she stumbles upon some food miraculously one the floor. Silly bunny.

There is no exiting freebie today. Since I am busy with the stupid frogging.:P But you can look at my lovely baubles? Here is another: 
It says: Merry Christmas in norwegian. I am planning to make one in Finnish aswell.

Toodeloo. And all that.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Today is about stars and voyage tea

Can you tell what it is yet? E2 was right, it is the Enterprise. She looks a bit green, but since she is from the 60's series I thought it fitted. I actually love this design, at it is really easy to work on. (just wish the pictures were better, but it gets dark here so fast)
Two of the colours are a bit close to each other, so that proves a bit of a challenge, you can see it in the first nacelle. I solved that by finishing one green colour before starting on the other, as you can see in the other nacelle that is not quite fastened to the rest of the ship. I am actually looking forward to making the one on black aida too. And some nice people at the cross-stitching forum gave me a good idea, just change the colour on the black letters to white or silver. Sparkling of course ;)
 And as predicted I could not find my mistake in this piece, so I just finished it as it were.... I really like it. But have no idea how to finish it neatly.... I want an ornament, or maybe a wall-hanger?

Oh, me and my friends had an idea (mostly me, because I always come up with ideas no one have time for:P)
So we have been looking at some fabrics. ( courtesy of Hanne here ) 
But it is a secret what it will turn into, atleast for a while more:)
Oh, and I just realised, I need more birthday presents.... The ship is a birthday present for my cousin from his birthday in october:S And my mother has her birthday this month and I have nothing for her. The gift I made last year the angel cloth is still AWOL and I can't seem to find it.... I know where I packed it when we moved, and I remember seeing it in storage, and I know it got in the car to our new place, but I cannot remember packing it out. And there are hardly anywhere else to look now.... Maybe my man has to look for it, he and my mother have an uncanny way of finding things I can never find. And since it is a present for my mother I can't think it is appropriate to ask her to come look for herself:P

We are still watching Voyager, and I find it amusing that I keep drinking voyage tea whilst watching the series. I am rather easy to please I guess;)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Insert cool title here

I got some more stash from Sewandso, rather fast too:) 

 Black and Navy blue aida, some threads for my next project and a small coaster.

This is my new project, can anyone guess what I am making? I can tell you that it is one of my own designs. I watched an episode of Bones while sewing this part. The colours might look a bit odd, but it is supposed to look like that, sewing on blue aida is a bit of a pain, wonder how it will turn out on black... On the bright side, since I am making two of this until christmas, maybe I will never have time to start on the black one....

 I have made a small mistake in my Christmas picture, I can't find it anymore though, so I think I'll just finish it up as it is.... Maybe I will find it whilst making it up as a ornament?
I really like this one, Maybe I will make another with bananas, because that is the main must have food for bunnies in this household. ^^ I love the colours on this one.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

And I will see myself come alive at last I will touch the sky

Now this little pretty has been neglected for a long time, don't think I've stitched on her since we moved houses to be honest, and that is more than half a year ago. All I had left was the backstitching which took me only two days work. I really need to stop putting my projects away just because I've hit the backstitching stage....
I am looking at frames at the moment too, but I have not made a decision, my other Somebunny to love stitch is in a plain wooden frame, and I am fresh out of those. Need to go to IKEA I guess;) 

This is the design I made today. Some Selbu-mittens. Recently it has been snowing here, but today all the snow has melted... Hope the snow will come back soon, it is a lot less cold with some snow, and not to mention, less dark! Is it snow where you live? Snow always makes me happy. I feel like drinking hot chocolate and sing christmas songs while I make some homemade presents. ^^

Here is another bauble since the christmas time is fast approaching! I think this one is my favorite, and after all my wip clearouts I am so going to make all of these! Maybe this is the one design I am giving to my mother this year? To make an ornament with this? What do you think? I love it.
(this is the reason this post is not in norwegian, so my mother won't know about the present I am thinking about giving her)

If you are wondering about the title of todays post I can offer you an explanation, me and boyfriend are watching "Star Trek Enterprise" and singing the theme song. this is really the lyrics, but my boyfriend can't seem to get them right, and sing the line from the title of todays post. It is really quite endearing, and makes no sense.

Oh, yeah, and about the poll, it looks like the bunnies won, so I am going to make them, as soon as the threads land in my mailbox, and then I am going to have a giveaway, yay!