Thursday, 29 August 2013

Crochet Madness

At work yesterday I started to crochet a bit again for the coming fall fair, and I realized I missed it. So I got my sturdy 0,6 hook and started to craft a Christmas present. I have made my list of people receiving  gifts and for some I have made suggestions on what to give in pencil and written in marker the things I have already purchased or made. And, wait for it, I have four partial gifts and one completely ready to go! 

Anyway. I have successfully made the front. And those of you eagle eyed can probably tell that I have used the yarn before? It is the remnants of my poncho adventure here:
Bunny is not impressed, but she is not easy to impress though. If it is not edible she will scoff at it and walk away.

And here you can see what it will become. I think I will buy a cheap pillow from IKEA and modify it so it fits;) On that note, I need to buy some backing fabric. I think it should be in greys....

On another note, bunny is feeling much better. Next time she stops eating and hides somewhere to sulk I better give tummy rubs and critical care ASAP. ( at least I can give CC after I have felt her tummy and have found out it is not bloated and she does not have constipation.)

She is now munching away on her hay like she never had a tummy ache. Honestly. Making me worry. I was so relieved when the poops finally came yesterday. I could not go to bed before she did her business, the joys of bunnyownerhood.  (I think I made up another word). I am not sure boyfriend and I would be good parents with all our worrying for usually nothing. 

Oh yeah, and with regards to my bunny panel adventure, I am still not done with the backstitching, but this does not count as another start since it is not cross-stitch right? I will finish it this week, but with bunny sickly it was not easy to craft. I had to be on constant lookout for stray poops (yes, us bunny owners are mad, but bunny poop is the best way to diagnose a bunny) or any dreaded head-tilts or other signs of parasites. The vet is thinking an ear -infection, but we are hoping the culprit for the bad bunny attitude is just the molting season.

But now that she is better everything feels light and easy:D

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Tuesday collage Tunes

I made a collage of dictionary of technology. What do you think?

I used this site, and I think it turned out pretty good, do you?

As it is Tuesday Tunes today I guess I should show you a song?

This is just insanely stupid. I love the lyrics, it is not really a single, but it will be on their new album. Oh C-ute, you are so fun. I like this sort of MV's, the happy versions, I guess I just fell in love when I saw Robokiss the Happy version by W.

And in other news, bunny is healthy and does not have the e-word. Thankfully. She just drinks with a head tilt suddenly for no apparent reason. (Boyfriend thinks it is because she is trying to limit the amount of whiskers that get wet when drinking and sporting a head tilt whilst drinking ensures that one side remains clean and dry. She really is such a silly pants rabbit.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Bunny Panel Number Four

The last bunny in the series. It still needs a little backstitching. I am not sure if I want to backstitch the bunnies.... I will see tomorrow.
And when it is completely done I will show the whole picture, in a frame, yes, I am that adventurous.
Oh, and I don't think there is enough thread to make one of the panels again. So I need to find more threads that look a bit like these. ^^

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Bunny Panel Number Three

I got the third in the series finished. Yay me.
Not much more to say, I am hoping to finish this soon so that I can start something new, you know from the two finishes before a new start rule.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Bunny Panel Number Two

Another one is done^^ I quite like it. And these two look so in love, wouldn't you love a Valentines Card with these two?

Other than that, little bunny did some binkies today so I am sure she feels a lot better now.
We took her to the vet a couple of days ago because she was turning her nose down on papaya drops, which she loves and can never have enough off. So we are hoping it was just gas or fur giving her a tummy ache and not the E-word.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Another Wip down

Yes, I had only a few lines left to do on this, and other than me and backstitching not really being on the best of terms I have no idea why this took so long. But it is finished now, and only one more wip to do before I can start that cute little penguin card that I got in this months WOXS. (207)
Even if we pretend it is still summer, Christmas will soon be upon us and it is best to prepare so you have all the gifts and cards on time.

But I will go back to the bunnies I am doing, maybe I will be done this week so I can start on the holiday preparations. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Bunny Panel number One!

One of the Four Bunny Panels is done! Yay. 
Yesterday boyfriend and I celebrated our five year anniversary. So today I have made cupcakes, they are on the counter still because we are not so patiently waiting for the frosting to set.

So today we are off to an evening of stitching (me) watching more Fringe (both) and sleeping under the sofa (bunny) and eating cupcakes (all but the bunny). In that order, I need to watch carefully as to not spill chocolate frosting on my stitching!

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Oh yes I did

Can you guess what I did?

I started something new! But I am sticking to my two finished before starting something new rule, because then eventually (hopefully) I won't have anymore Wips. So I am being good.

Can you tell what I am making yet? 
Can you guess?

 Yes, it is another bunny design. Can you guess who it is for?  This design is just for me. It has bunnies you see. 
Although that cute little bunny couple in the bottom right corner looks just right for a Valentine Card. Lets hope Pako is as generous with their threads as Bothy threads are:D If so then I know what boyfriend will receive in oh, about, six months. 
( Never too early to plan ahead right? I mean I just finished a present that is more than a year early.)

Oh, and since I am showing off bunnies. Here is my little one. She has been busy throwing hay around making her best effort to turn our house into a barn and is taking a well deserved rest before she will no doubt complain about all the hay everywhere and what kind of hotel is this where the maids have been slacking off on their vacuum duties.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Done and Done

My "not so secret project number 3" is finished. It did take a while I'll admit, and since I have had two finishes without another start, even if I cave in and start something new tomorrow I will still eventually finish more than I start and those pesky WiSPs will vanish.

Look how much thread is left? Thank you Bothy Threads.  Seriously, I think there is almost enough floss to make this one more time, not that I am going to, because even if I enjoyed the design I am SO happy it is done!

Would you like to see a small and blurry photo? I know I would. And the person receiving this never comes on, and the date is soo far away I guess it is safe. I don't want to wait forever to show it, I'll risk you guys forgetting. So. Hereitis: 

I can recommend doing what I did and finishing these off one panel at a time. Although the header was a bit boring as it was mostly one colour I think this is one of those designs that would soon turn into WiSPs in the back of the box, had I not done the backstitching as I went. 

I have my eyes on the tea one and the love one in this series, I think they are great pun. 

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Header to go

It was WiSP Sunday again today, but I felt that rather than work just a little on something without a due date would be silly particularly since this is SO close to being finished. Which is why I finished the last of the little pictures. Now all that I need to do on this is the header and some small backstitches, but you won't see the end result for a very long time. Because as you know this is a "not so secret project". But eventually those of you with good memories and patience will see it. Good things come to those who wait, etc.

Today it has been raining with the not so odd thunder and lightning.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tuesday Ai no Gundan Joke

Finally, the music videos are out! Morning Musume (my favourite Japanese band you know) has made another double single, and I love BOTH of them. Which is rare. I usually love one and like the other, but to be honest, I don't have a favorite!

In Ai no Gundan though, they are wearing my favorite costume. Those red and black "uniforms" are great. The little berets are wonderful. My favorite Sato Masaki has lots of lines too. I love the start and ending of the dance, but I think I prefer the dance as a whole in the other video. I like the white parts too, even if they seem to come out of no where. Maybe they are the counterpart of the militaristic dance and costume and name of the song, the siniging in white clothes may show to peace and love, white flags and all that? They are after all standing and laying around in white and being inactive and pasifistic.

And I must say, thank God for safety-pants right Oda, Mizupon, Ayumi and Riho? (at 2:24) when they twirl. (incidently, the only ones in skirts)
Another funny thing which I feel their agency do all the time, is pair people, give them similar outfits and give them the same moves and place in formation. Like, Satou and Kudou, in this they are both in shorts (the only ones in shorts) and their bottoms and trousers are in opposite colours. In this video not one person is wearing the same costume in the same colour combination. See:

To wrap it up, I love everything about this song, and even if I prefer the other dance, there are nearly no awkward dance moves in this one!

While I love this song too, I am not so sure about the black and white shoes. But I love the fact that they are wearing both shoes from the other video, one black and one white, I am envious of those shoes^^

I like them all in pants, makes them look a bit like they used to in Kimagure Princess, exept those pants are white. They look so adult like in those pants. 

My favorite dance move is that pretend slap, it is great. I love it. Everyone just looks so happy.
And, not only is there several camera angles, but there is a location shot and costume change. It looks like a proper music video.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Want to see my WiSP list?

As it is Sunday and WiSP time I thought it was appropriate to show you my WiSP-pile. I am trying to finish my "not so secret project number 3" today so I will not participate in WiSP Sunday, but I am here in spirit.
Now, I do have a rather large WiSP list, but I swear I have a good reason for not finishing most of them, and even if I have not stitched on some of them for a year, I refuse to label them as UFOs, they will be finished one day! After all that is why I invented WiSP Sunday!

My cards and small fry.

No idea why I haven't finished this.

This is waiting for snow and the season spirit I think.

This one is stamped and so takes a while to do as it is so boring, but I know it will look nice finished.

I am guessing this was in a bag or other for a while not getting done. I don't have that much doctors appointments to stitch in the waiting rooms waiting anymore I guess.

I started this a year ago. Boris Hare from the woodland series, miscounted and let him be, I think I need to find my mistake and finish him.

I am almost ashamed to show you this, but, this is my stitch with the fewest stitches, now why have I not done anymore on this? I can't have miscounted already? It would take one minute to rip it out and start again? I can't even tell which side is up with only six stitches.... I am actually looking forward to finish this.

I think this ornament is closest to finished, maybe I will stitch a bit on him every ornament onsdag?

I started this three times, and had to rip it out three times. I am hoping this is a good start, but I am too scared to check and too angry with wasting all that time.

This is my fall project, I only work on it in the fall.

Poor little Eeyore, I promise, I will find my mistake and finish this, someday. There is not that much left?

 A Jane Austen sampler, the whole left side is wrong. And it is discontinued and I think I might not have enough threads, I am too scared to check. So I am pretending it does not exist until I feel brave enough to check.

I know this too is almost done. But working on stamped aida is sooo boring. And I have only one block left of colour too. Maybe I can do like one strand every WiSP sunday and I can give it away this Christmas instead?

Poor little Peter Rabbit has been miscounted and mislaid and now I do not feel that much love towards him, but someday I will finish.

Somebunny to love, I still love her, it is that stupid rocking horse that I do not love. It just won't behave and I keep having to frog it. I need boyfriends help to find my mistake and then I will very carefully start again.

My mother gave me this kit, and I love it, I usually work on it in the winter, as it is so warm and heavy on the knees. It really is delightful, but I am scared of making a mistake on it as it looks so nice and expensive, some day when finished I will give it to my mum.

My spring project. This spring would have been my second spring on it had I found the floss. Where they are is a mystery because the whole lot was lying in a box for a year just waiting and I know I did not take out any threads from that box. Now, where can they be? The beads are equally mysterious still in the box.

This is my only stitch along, me and my cousins wife bought one each on sale, but after I moved I see her less, so only one corner remains finished. At this rate I will finish one corner a year.

My friends scold me for not persevering and finishing, I am usually not that fickle of nature, but I just love the feeling of new starts and hate counting, I don't particularly like being wrong either and need some cooling off before taking it out again.
Even if I have a rather large Wip and WiSP pile, I know of other people with even larger. So there.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

The rest of the stash that is stashed

Maybe the reason that they are stashed way beneath all the other stash is because they were on sale? But I swear I have plans for all of them, so they are not going to waste. It is just that they are not that vocal and other kits (with bunnies) are screaming a bit louder at me.
Most of these I already have a recipient in mind....

Mickey. This is the third in the series. I have finished the Minnie one and given to my friend and given the one with both Minnie and Mickey to boyfriend, hum, I wonder who will get this, not someone that has a name that starts with an M at all. And loves and looks like Mickey..../Sarcasm.
I think that DMC has discontinued this series, at least that is what the people in the store told me when the Disney characters were on sale, which was the reason they were on sale.

A lovely little table runner with my one of my favorite flowers, I have no idea what it is called in English, but it is the heart-like pink thing.  From Permin, bought on sale from a local shop that wanted to scale down on their stitching stash, and so, much landed in my stitching stash instead. Funny how that works. Here is a cute story of how the plant may have gotten it's Norwegian name (l√łyntnantshjerte) in Norwegian. 

The one in this kit is actually only the hen in the frame, to be honest I think it might be a male hen:P A rooster. If that certain someone ever buys chickens again I think this is for them.

This is not the toilet roll hanger, but the small picture. Strangely enough, there is no hole on top of the frame to screw in the screw.... This was cheap enough that I might just recycle it and make something other than a lavatory sign. Even if the flowers are sort of nice.

A fat little pony from Permin. I have no recipient for this to be honest, because I think I was too slow and that little girl is not that little anymore. I think she would rather have a Justin Bieber picture.....

Bought from the Jane Austen Centre in Bath. I don't think they sell these anymore.

This is the table runner, also bought on sale. On linen so might prove to be a bit of a challenge. I think I will give it to my mother, she and my boyfriend get most of my finished objects.

Some small Winnie The Pooh kits. Bought on sale from Sewandso. I think these will be nice gifts for babies. I have started on one. An Eeyore which is almost done too, just a small error somewhere that I can't find. So that one is still on hiatus and I don't want to start any of these guys unless Eeyore is finished. 

Also bought from Sewandso on sale. I have no idea who to give these to, I know too few children I think.

Yay, some Christmassy items. Too bad they are so full of beads that I want to wringe my hands and cry.

To be honest, I think I may have started this one a bit, but for now, he will stay in the stash pile until I feel brave enough to open. If you think my stash is big, you should see my Wip and Wisp and UFO pile. (even if I pretend I don't have any UFO's I am only a bit slow:P ). 

Friday, 2 August 2013

Friday Melons and site stuff

Friday Freebie is back. I have been skyping with boyfriend and then I decided to make something new. I know it has been a while since I made a new chart and I know that sometimes it is better to just start something even if you are not feeling very creative. So I did, and I made a small and easy summer chart.

It is not perfect, but it is something, and I like it. 

I have bought melons three times this year, but they have gone sour before I have had a chance to eat them, the weather has been too hot I guess? Anyway I love melon. They look so delicious and pinkish. Melons and strawberrys make me feel so summery.

In other news: I have rearranged a little on my pages on the blog and added more Wips and WiSPs and more finished items and cards and removed the crochet wips page, the plan is to add them to the general wip section later on. I have taken pictures of all my Wips and WiSPs too. So stay tuned as I continue to tweak and update my page.

Bunny is telling me I am boring, even if I give lots of head-rubs. She follows me everywhere and I have to be real careful not to step on her. This is a picture of me eating on the sofa, when someone from below demanded cuddles and I obliged. Look at all that demolishing  redecorating she has done...

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Want to see some stash?

As I am home alone and right in the middle of a very exciting Koontz novel there has not been time for that much stitching. (although that can soon change). I talked about needing more stash the other day and as I was looking through my stash to find my next project, ( I still need some bits and pieces before I can start on this, and I think I might use up some stash first, even if my fingers are itching for it... Just my cup of tea) I realized that I have WAY more stuff than I have been owning up to, and to not forget what I DO have I will put them up here.

First I will show off my rabbit stash of not yet starts.
(tea for two is in it too). 

And here is my extensive not yet started kits stash:

I am not that fond of just charts so I have a lot more kits, but I do have many magazines with rabbit projects in them that I have an urge to begin but I keep telling myself I need more floss and aida first so that I can just pick up whatever I want to start then and there, did I tell you guys I was a liiitle bit impatient?

A small rabbit card for me. There can never be too many rabbit cards. Just look at their little fluffy tails? I just want to cuddle them.

My first blackwork. I love this. And, I will learn a new skill doing it too.

This is just a chart and embellishments, so I need more stash in order to start and finish this. I know I have showed you guys this before, but I just love it so, from just nan.

Peter Rabbit cards, what more can I say. There are two more in this series, so I need to stash those also.

I got this from my friends, they inherited it from their grandmother which I think is very nice that they thought about me. It even has a bunny. 

Did you know my first bunny was named Benjamin after this little guy? Not very inventive I know. My biggest dream was to have rabbits running around my kitchen whilst I was writing on a desk. I have almost fulfilled my dream.

This Somebunny to love is discontinued so I just had to buy her. I think she will look great as a baby sampler. With the baby's name in the heart instead of love.

I just fell in love with this, and since sewandso was discontinuing this as well I bought it swiftly and without regret, I want to start this soon too.

I love this Somebunny to love too, in fact I have not met a single Somebunny to love that I did not love.

This was a gift from my friend E2, and I really want to start this soon! But I have to finish something first.

I think I will keep all of these bunny themed stitches as I do not know anyone as bunny obsessed as me who will cherish them as much as I will. But come to think of it, I give away all my stitches unless they are bunny related.