Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday finished

I was gone for a bit these past few days and these guys do not approve. Mimle keeps hovering over me to make sure I am ok, but I smell weird so they would rather not I touch them, but don't worry bunnies, I will shower soon and then I will smell like me and not the hospital! 
And then there better be bunny kisses is all I am saying. 
And we have rather bought the best bunny present for Christmas this year so they better be good.

Also I have a finish as after all that is what Friday's are for,

the lizard shawl,  Which I started way back in March, then it looked like this:

I bought some balls of yarn on sale when my lys started out but I know I have added quite a few more balls of yarn since crochet always consume more yarn than you think...

I did some #crochetonthego in Japan on the Shinkansen.

Crocheting while waiting at the dentists office soon it was growing so much I couldn't take it out of the house anymore...

And then it was done, I added two rows of sc instead of just one but it was still more a ball of something crocheted than a scarf. So I started blocking. One section that could fill my blocking quilt at a time.
And it went from this... this...

 to this, all done, blocked an ironed and modelled on my pretty haired friend who matched her outfit quite coincidently with my finished object. ..

I love the variegated thread. Viking Frøya in colour 274.

243 grams, so five balls of yarn.

It is quite long, longer than my arms when I stretch them out I think, I like the effect of this pattern and it was easy to follow but somehow it didn't really flow all that well for me. Perhaps it would be better in a different yarn? But I am quite happy with it and now that something is finished I can start something new with a clear conscience.  

and I feel a lot better now and am healing quite well so I guess I will be back into mischief with the bunnies soon.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Friday Fail

Sometimes you start something and you can't see a problem with it or you think it will work itself out and you don't really think too hard about that little voice in your head that tells you something is off. And so it isn't until you have fastened all the threads and the product is really finished and you look at it and go, yeah, I really should have listened to myself and double-checked sooner...

And so my second baby devil-hat turned into a monster....

Since the last one was too small and I had to add a few rows around I thought why not just add a few more stitches in the beginning right? And I added five-ish stitches and I used the same yarn, just in a different colour....

Does this look like a cute child-sized hat? 
(that is an adult inside the hat btw)

Grumble grumble, 
well, I guess I just have to frog it and start over this time without any added stitches.... I guess both my stitch count and tension was way off that day...
  (and the yarn must have been slightly bigger than the last too, even if it was the same size and manufacturer...)

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Only one month left!!!

There is only one month left until Christmas, and there is still lots to do.
Most of the presents have been bought and are in the process of being wrapped, the card-making is on the way but most of the home-made presents are still on the hooks/needles...
Last I checked there were 14 gifts to make, still luckily mostly small things, but I am not sure I will finish, although I can always make something less time consuming than on my original plan if I find I don't have enough time. But in the meantime I am trying to crunch out some small finishes so the number of gifts seem smaller and thus less daunting.
And so I have been sewing in yarn-ends, which is not altogether that much fun.

I made a doily today.

I am busy making potholders and cards on the kitchen table.

One present is finished, and I started it quite some time ago too. at the moment it is blocking.
So that it will go from this, into...

this, minus all the pins.

I had a party with friends doing some crafts and eating some cake which was fun.

Valmin is now a sofa buddy even when my friends are over... Yay, He has come such a long way from the tiny timid little thing.

How are your presents doing? Are you making something this year?

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wedding Blanket Square Thirty-Nine

I have seen the roses or sometimes named tulip pattern several times and have always thought it was a bit difficult, but when I started this I realised it was super simple.
It looks great too. 
We did contemplate red roses but we hadn't bought any red yet so we used the dark purple, even though red is the colour of love purple have always been a more exclusive so purple fits too.

I love how the colours in my square turned out. The little white flower in the middle is adorable.
Other things I like in this square is the octagon shape it has after the first purple row and the green straw like things in the squares in the row after that, I love the roses of course and I like how everything after the roses are a bit more easy-peasy. We could have made a second row of roses but I do sometimes like simplicity.

I love her blues and when most is in one colour the roses get the front seat they deserve. 
Also her square looks a bit like ice which I really like.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

I may have accidentally done something bad...

Mimle is shocked... 
but not surprised.  And disappointed. Mister M feels the same.

You see, I may have accidentally bought some more yarn....
Mostly for projects needed for Gachastitches, but some for me just because....

14 balls of cotton for Gachastitches...

21 balls of Fabel for Gachastitches

and four balls of yarn in a colour palette I know my neighbour will like that I am going to make some baby things for her baby-bump...

Valmin is not so shocked about my spending, he is a laid back nonjudgemental bun in comparison to little miss sticks her nose in everything....
Recently we have taught Mimle to give nose kisses for treats, I am ecstatic, Mister M not so much. But since she is smart I want to challenge her some.

I have been crocheting on my kitties in a row afghan and it goes so slowly, drinking coffee and tea, watching Miss Marple (too bad I don't have anymore recorded) and full house and fuller house.
I have been knitting a pattern for gachastitches and am trying to finish some presents... 15 on my maybe list so far, I do not think I can manage 15 homemade presents in a little over a month, but I can try. And after all a few of them should go fairly easy when started, I just need some more yarn XD

Mimle thinks it is cold, even though the snow has melted and the termometer says it is plus degrees outside and 19-20 inside. I guess she is a lot like me... who likes to sit under a blanket in the sofa.

and this face says it all.
Mimle is still not pleased with all the yarn, because it is supposed to go, four treats-one ball of yarn and not the other way around, she says...
Also crocheting or knitting is impossible to do when you are petting a bun so why do I need yarn,  my two want to be petted all day long...

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wedding Blanket Square Thirty-Eight

Another fairly easy but still interesting square. It looks harder than it is and with the photo walktrough I think this is something a starter stitcher with some experience and ready for a challenge can do. After row five it was super wobbly, but a few more rounds and it was straight and square, and after blocking in the end no one would think this square started out as a round thing.
This is a square I would like to do again someday. :) Maybe as a potholder, I have after all decided to make some potholders for Christmas this year.

21x21 cm and 30 grams of yarn.

*Kio's square, I adore that light lilac with turquoise, but my green goes good with the colour palette too. I like both our squares, but I do think some more white on my square would have made it even more delicate. Instead of spring fling both squares look like they are a winter thing, with some thin cracking ice and frosty air...

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Confronting Tuesday with an iron heart feeling envious

Love the neon black light parts, love the effects, even though the mv is a bit cheap looking... Not sure about the clothes, they work in the light effects, I like the jackets and the flapping with them...

But I do think the speaking part was somewhat silly, sorry Akane.
I don't really have that much to say about this song, the other songs are too much on my mind, humming about making it hard for anything else to stick, which doesn't say much about this song, but a lot about the other songs on my brain from C-ute...

The other two songs on the single are not that interesting to me to be honest, which is a bit sad because I want to like then, it seems they put some effort in the mv's too, but I do really like this one so that is something I guess. :) The other two songs from the single, sexy cat and sou ja nai. If I have to make a list it would go, Mukidashi de Mukiatte/ Sou ja Nai/ Sexy cat no Enzetsu

Other songs I have rediscovered this last month are:
Urayanjauwhich I think is awesome, when I first saw it I wasn't sure, but it grew on me and I am filled with lots of spirit when I hear it and I so want to sing with it, too bad my voice is still not recovered after my flue last week. The lyrics to this song is gret too.
Iron heart, is the second song I have been humming too this past week, it is like an newer version of jump, when I first heard it I wanted to go to a concert and dance around to this song with a towel. The energy on this is great, next time I am washing the house I am putting this on and dancing.
I love the pumping and learning parts and the lyrics are inspiring. I love the dance and the whimsical-ness (is that a word?) I love C-ute and will miss them a lot. 

Friday, 11 November 2016

Doctors orders and other Strange things

I am late in posting again, but this week I have been ill with the flue and barely getting anything done at all.... but
I did make some soup and I did some slow knitting without much thought and drank lots of tea and watched Miss Marple... The knitting is for gachastitches and is easy and fun and just what the doctor ordered to keep my cotton mind from going crazy whilst sick.

But I still have a few finishes, some starts and some stories.

On Tuesday I started feeling ill, but not so bad, so I went to the movies with our old neighbour, we saw Doctor Strange, and although I am not a Marvel fan (yet), I am as smitten with Benedict Cumberbatch as everyone else is, and the movie and mr.Cumberbatch did not disappoint. I recommend it, I have been wanting to go to the movies more this year, so I will try.

No idea how many grams I have here, but all in all I bought 300 grams of baby blue, so I will weight the yarn left and the vest and then I will do the math, tomorrow when my mind has gotten some sleep.

Last week, I started these while helping my mum out as a sort of travel project there, and I finished a set of newborn booties and a devils hat from the book crochet for babies by Sys Fredens. (not available in English I think, mine is in Danish) More on that later, I think as I have much to say about that book, but if you want to read about the first time I made those booties, you can look here. I had intended the set to be bigger, but my yarn was too thin so the set was rather small which meant I had some yarn left, so as it goes I started something new.

can you guess what it is?
But there is no surprise that I thought I didn't have enough yarn on this and bought two more balls right?

This is how it will look, like, sort of, since I used a smaller yarn it won't look exactly like that, but kind of. and again in about newborn size... 
Not that I know any newborns, but I needed a fast, portable and small project... But a wholly wrap-around vest is useful on babies right? As well as a hat and booties?

and Mimle is happy I am home and sorry I am sick and is hovering beside me. She is such a doll. Sometimes. Even though I hardly get any licks, except yesterday I got three licks on my ankles on the way to bed as she sat under my chair as I was reading the paper.

Oh, and since I haven't done much house work all week because every time I get up I almost faint the bunnies got some weekend treats and had a blast throwing it all around the floor. Luckily Mister M has promised to hoover tomorrow while I clean the bathroom.

Valmin was helping me photograph... He is so curious I sometimes thinks his name should have been George, that silly monkey.

Finished, just need to attach the last two strings to close it and then block it...
But I did not need more than those two whole balls of yarn, I have one whole ball of yarn left and about 20 grams left on the second ball, so now I need a project that does not use more yarn than that so I don't have to buy any more yarn... oh, the circle of yarn....

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-Seven

I did my square as the photo walkthrough so my centre is also rotated 90 degrees as to how the pattern was, *Kio followed the pattern dutifully so her cross is a cross and not an X. Regardless I think both looks good, although the cross might make it more Easter-y than an X.

The rest of the pattern was super simple and I enjoyed making it. I think the greens and darker purple work together quite well with the blue and the receptiveness of the pattern.

With the lighter purple coming again between the darker ones it makes it easier to spot the X.

29 grams and 21 x 21 cm

It seems this square is out at sea and I can see the waves crashing upon the shore with the colour palette here. I like it.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Wedding Blanket Squares Thirty-Six

I adore this square and I adore it's techniques, it was clever fun and I love the colours I chose for this square, I wish we had more of that soft lilac but I think we only had one ball of that colour each.
I love how the spirals are done, quite clever.
It was a time consuming square and I had to read the instructions very carefully but I do think it was worth it. This is another square I might make as a potholder, perhaps those poles would look good red with a with background and they would resemble candy canes for Christmas? Or am I just more in a Christmas mood than a May-mood?

34 grams and 21x21 cm.

 I love how pale *Kio's square is, and I can't quite decide which of our colours schemes are the best, but I do think they are both good and that they look very attractive together.