Sunday, 29 May 2011

The big WIP finishing day

I am making progress on my WIP-pile. Today, I finished one of my bunny pillows, and I am done with the Fuzzy Moon card. (picture to come)

Did I tell you that I am done with 1 out of 2 wedding-cards? Just need to buy cards... I did tell you that, I remember now.
But! I am almost done with the owls, my friend told me a fun pun, and I am making moss under the owls, and then I need to make the letters on it. It will be great, can't wait to show you! Need to go finish that. And then, need to find more WIP's so that this will be the big WIP finishing day!

To be continued...

Here is the Fizzy Moon card. I cheated on the french knots again.... I am going to put him under some books again, so that the glue will stick, but I had to take him out to show you, I just could not help myself... ^^

My Christmas sock is done. I am practicing my machine sewing, but I am still not very good.... But, hoorah, it is done. My friends will probably recognize the top fabric. ;) But I did not wear them much, too small;)I got the idea from E2 to reuse the panties.

Backstitching done. And it only took me two hours... Don't ask me why I didn't do it sooner. But better late than never. Also, am waiting for it to dry, so that I can add letters and a heart. ^^ Aishiteru Anata <3

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Together Forever and orange forever

I have started on the orange cat. This one is in more shades. I think they look so cute together.

On another note, today I was at a local yarn store and bought some fabric for a gift. My boyfriend's birthday is in a little more than two weeks. And I am making him something special.

Tadah. I think it will look great. I am not revealing what it will be when it is finished, but I think he will like it. And I think I will make some cute embellishments. Or not cute, but manly and stuff:P He likes it when I make him things. So until then, me and my sewing machine have a date.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Oh, wait a minute, I forgot!

Do you remember the mouse I made last month? Well, I forgot to show you the bird I made from the same magazine. It was a couple of freebies from the " Enjoy Cross stitch wildlife" mag number 5. Which is now sold out. It came with a lot of floss and cards and stickers. So naturally I had to have it.
I finished the mouse fairly quickly, but the bluetit took a little while longer. They have matching round gold frames. The mouse already live in my mothers house

But anyway, tadah, here it is. It looks really cute. Unfortunately it does not look very neat inside the frame. A little wrinkles and stuff, don't know how I managed that, but the mouse looks good in its frame.
I have no idea why it took me forever to finish it either, there was only a little green leafs left, but then again, I have an idea why. The other thing missing was the backstitch, and how I hate backstitch. Shame too, because it took me less than an hour to finish up. And I think the back-stitching took me ten minutes. Why is backstitch such a pain? Why do I have to force myself to do them?
But I have to admit, the backstitching is what makes the piece.

Monday, 23 May 2011

I feel blue

So, at the moment, the wedding cats from the "together forever" kit is coming along nicely. In fact, one cat is 95 % finished. So there.

I have just the white left in his belly and face. :) This is coming along very nicely, boyfriend predicted the wedding sampler will be done in a month. Any takers?
I can tell you I think that if you exclude the backstitch, he will most likely be right.... I really should backstitch more.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Oh how the cards fly by

I made cards. Three cards in a week. And one that is almost done. No make that two, Fizzy Moon, and Love cats. Need to make another wedding-card too. But these weddings are not until next year, but since I have the time and stash, why not do them now? So long as I don't have to rush:P

This is Kiri, she came as a freebie in a magazine. And I made her, not quite sure what to use it for, but now I have a card that can easily be a birthday card or whatever.

Tried french knots, they were altogether unsuccessful but I don't think you can tell on this crappy photo ( which is the main reason I did not bother to take out the real camera and stayed with the mobile phone one).

Here is the other card. Another freebie. This can also be given to anyone for any occasion. But I like making things and then storing them for the day when suddenly someone is in the hospital, a birthday forgotten or well anything really.

These cards are really plain, but the card that I spent the most time on, the card I am most happy with. The card I sewed and stitched and glued together. I cannot show that and spoil it. It is after all a surprise birthday-card (well, at least the design is a surprise). And I love it. Thoroughly. It looks delightful, and the best part? All made from scraps and things laying about the house. I knew my mother told me to save everything for a reason. Same reason I think is to why my grandmother's button collection is still alive and thriving. I inherited some of them, with fabric still attached.

The wedding card that is almost done: I need some paper. I think, that this time, I am going to the scapbook store in town and buy something that fits. And make a dashing card. That way these two wedding-cards I have to make don't look too similar. Since the bride and grooms are friends, and the card I made last year too, those people are also friends. So I need to make them look equally good but different. I do love a challenge. And getting those creative juices flowing.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Year of the rabbit and other owls

This is a picture before I realized that I had made a mistake and had to unpick two hearts. But they do look great. ^^ I love owls. Wonder what I am going to make them into... But I know who will get them though.

And I know, I don't particularly like yellow either, but it does look good. All three owls sharing one colour, brings the piece together and yada yada yada....

Reminds me of those three monkies with their respective hands on mouth, ears and eyes. Don't know why...

I love this. Oh so oriental. And another bunny finish;) The hanji (chinese character) means bunny.

And against all odds, I didn't have to buy more floss to finish either.

And now, since I have made three finishes (one is a birthday card and since the recipient reads my blog I cannot show it) I can oh, so slowly start something new... Need to at least finish the owls though. (But if I know myself, and I do, since I am me, I will start something new and small because these owls bore me.... I unpick almost more than I sew...)

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Tadah Rabbit

It is done... Going to start looking for a frame. I LOVE him to bits. But to be honest, I did cave in and gave him a bead eye instead of french knots. Going to have to practice that sooner or later, but to be fair, I did ask several aunts and other female crafters, and none could teach me. So it is back to the books and study for me...

I did contemplate making a butterfly or something a little to the right of the picture, but decided to look for a frame first and then later figure out if it needed something more to set it looking juuust right...

I am rather impressed with myself for making a hurried finish and not start other projects and see this one to the end. You can tell I really love rabbits because most of my finishes involve a rabbit or two. And before I start the project that is on the way in the mail, I am GOING to finish at least one WIP. So there. It is official and written in stone (at least on the internet for everyone to see) And please do scold me if I show something not finishes and WIPish nee?

(And I have lots of floss left over from this project and it was done very quickly, so I think that somewhere along the line there are going to come a couple of more Peter Rabbit hopping to life)

And I must say that stitching to a dvd of Bones sure is relaxing, and it makes everything so mush easier.

And let me tell you another thing. This is golden advice from me. Get a laptop lap thing from IKEA (who is everyones best friend) it is soo much easier and more relaxing for the arms to stitch with that beneath. So there.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Peter Rabbit on a pot

I have always loved the world of Beatrix Potter. I especially love Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. So my new project, is I am making a little Peter. I started on a (I think) 14 count aida, and it was much too small. So then I started again on a bigger holed one. He looks so much better.
I have always thought that Peter looks very smart in his blue jacket. And I think it could be a perfect gift to a little baby, especially if you don't know the gender. Perfect for little boys and girls, and even better for older ladies like me.

I must say I dread the backstitch, and I fear I will ruin the piece if I make my own little white french knot in the eye.
I am too ashamed to show the monkeys I made for the boyfriend, it looks so psycho with the french knots looking in different directions and one pupil looking way bigger than the other. (But now you know that I have been making things, and finishing them without showing them off).

But I do love Peter Rabbit. Or rather, I love bunnies in the whole....

Bedtime now. Maybe you will see a finish in a few days?