Friday, 27 January 2012

Somebunny is collecting flowers

I could not help myself and as soon as the Spring bouquet was done I had to start another little somebunny. She looks so sweet. As you can see I am having fun with the variated thread. (the blue flowers) I am making small progress to be honest, but I blame that on the series we are watching at the moment, twin peaks.... Now watching that show means you have to keep your tongue in one place.

Back to the stitching. This year I have some goals.
And I did not want to tell you my January goals, but since I am more than halfway let me tell you regardless.

This January My goals were:
Finish the little Peter Rabbit: Not done much
Make the pillow: Needs sewing
M Poncho crochet: More than Halfway
My mother's Cloth: Done
G Pot Holder: Done

As you can see none of the little somebunnies are on the list, that is just for extra fun, and I gather instead of the Peter Rabbit one;) But shame on me, that pillow was supposed to be a Christmas Present and it is still not done! This Saturday I am going to have a Wip finishing day. So there.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

I like cats too

Cutie Pie.
I am getting more and more sure that my arms really can't crochet as much as I want to. My arm hurts too much.

But then I get to sew more:)

Here is the pair, and just enough yarn to make both. I like the combo. I used Puppets Lyric yarn. And I hope it will still match the recipients kitchen (she redecorated).
This was initially a Christmas present, but I temporarily lost it, and when it was found I did not have time to finish the last few rounds on it. Then I decided that since I was late anyway I would make the square one also.

What do you think?

Friday, 20 January 2012

Spring Bouquet

I know it is not quite spring. It is still a full on winter here. But I wanted to make this little fellow nonetheless.

Now, I usually love DMC, and this is no exception. I am still young enough to see the holes ( my relatives complained the holes were too small). But I loved the fabric, it was really easy to sew on. And the colours on this. How the different shades of lilac complement each other. I know purple bunnies are few, but the somebunny range look like bunnies none the less, even if they are purple and patched.

The backstitch took me two days. The bunny in one sitting and the flowers in another, very quick by my standards. I usually hate doing the backstitching, but always love the result. I don't know if I have gotten older or wiser or if Somebunny really is a treat and easy to do, but the threads just flew away.

I can honestly say that even though bunnies are my favorite thing in the world, it is not just because of the bunnies that Somebunny to love is my favorite character to make. It is the colours, the expressions, the whimsical patches and plumpness of their little bottoms that makes me love them so. And they do finish quite fast too.

I give this range and this bunny in particular a five stars out of five. ^^

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Somebunny over the rainbow in the snow.

A little inspirasion. This was some of the first things my aunt made. I want to make pretty wall-hangings too.

Litt inspirasjon. Dette var noe av det første min tante laget. Jeg vil også lage fine vegg-tepper.

First Christmas present for next year. OMG. A lovely little Advent-cloth.
I love it, it is so cute... And yes, I had planned to give it away in 2011, but the recipient came with wishes upon wishes and soon her gift quota was full.

Den første julegaven for neste jul. OMG. En liten advents-duk.
Den er så søt... OG ja, jeg hadde planlagt å gi den i 2011, men hun som skulle få den kom med ønske på ønske og tilslutt så var gavekvoten full.

This is how far I have gotten on Somebunny to love, spring flowers. My gift for subscribing to WOCS.

And my darling little(!)( he is 19), cousin has gotten himself somewhere on his own to live. And this little bunny looks exactly like him at three years old. (which is how old he is still in my mind)

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Two small finishes

I have a little person I know who owns a horse, so when this little thing was on half price sale I jumped right on it. I even bought a bigger version of the whole horse. I do like her, even though I am not a horse person....:P

Frame is from IKEA.

And I did NOT go berserk in our local yarn store. I only bought four cross-stitch kits. And all on half price sale, so there. ;)

This was a present from my mother for Christmas. And it is already done:) And it got to hang a day before I am going to take away all the Christmas decorations.

But there was too little of the green thread.