Monday, 29 February 2016


On Your Wedding!

To E2 and D too.
We wish you lots of love and a happy life together!

And also happy 500th blogpost to me! Yay! I am hoping to make another give away when I get back!

Friday, 26 February 2016

Finished Friday

Of the last bit of Lanett wool I had in this colour I made a small pouch to hold my stuff at the wedding. I used this pattern, I made it as big as my phone and then I made the drawstring, I also made two extra rows of shells at the top since my pouch was rather big, it just looked better.
It also matches the shrug I finished yesterday and M's wedding vest.

I made the bottom double so that my heavy phone both fits and won't distort my pouch too much. I am quite pleased with it and it was finished in a jiffy.

Now I am thinking about making this in the alpaca I have in the same colour, that way I don't have to do anything fancy with my hair, which I think is a stellar plan!

We are going to a wedding soon and the bunnies are ecstatic, another plaything in the living room! But we have a good bunny sitter so I think they will be fine staying home.
And yes, I need all those things, I need yarn, cross stitch kits, books, water colour set, pencils, markers, iPad, mp3 player and card games because you never know. Because you never know I also always bring almost any kind of clothing from wool to summer shirts. And I always end up using most of my items so there. Lucky for the wedding I have brought both an umbrella and raincoat so now there won't be any rain!

Mimle and I are mostly satisfied staying home, it is Valmin who is the explorer.
Here is Mimle staying on the sideline watching, another thing we have in common, we prefer watching rather than participating until we are sure it is safe! 

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Shrug is finished!

I used about two balls of purple lanett wool yarn from Sandnes, actually the finished Florida shrug weighs 99 grams.

Even if I modified the shrug a little it didn't take all that time, but size conversion in all directions is a recipe for disaster so it had to be modified a little to fit. If I had more time I might have started over yet again. But it is now finished and ready for use so that M and I will match at the wedding.

My modifications were I added a stripe under the arms so the shrug would not be quite so smug fitting and I added some SC at the bottom. Now all I have to do is weave in the last few yarn ends.

Because of all that crocheting, re-crocheting and frogging of portions were I had already snipped and weaved in ends I had A LOT of yarn ends to weave in in the end...
But it is done and I am quite pleased with it, and you know since I am me and quite crazy because I am done with what I have to make I am now contemplating some sort of accessory and or a purse for the wedding. I still have a few days left, and more importantly I still have almost a whole ball of yarn left (which will be that last of that colour from my wedding) and the alpacca I bought in the same colour so I mean there are no reasons why not?

Mimle is a doll and only threw my ball of yarn once off the sofa, although Valmin did it too so I guess I have two little trolls these days?

Sunday, 21 February 2016

Playing catch up

This weekend has been busy! 
On Friday I hung out with a friend drinking coffee and eating cake. It was nice, a few days before I dreamt that said friend and I ate lots of cake because our local café had a pay for two get three cake sale so we got three cakes each. I did splurge a little and got cake, waffle and hot chocolate but that is still less than three cakes so not that bad and I ate it all with a happy face so it was totally worth it.

Saturday M and I went to the city in the snow. 

We had to but presents and an extra suitcase for our trip.
It did seem like everyone was enjoying the snow, we saw some snowman building, sledging and just general fun, although this snowman in particular seemed like he would have preferred a little less fun.

We shopped a little yarn, I mean if you look at all that wonderful cheap cotton yarn how could you not end up buying some? I haven't tallied my loot yet so I am not sure how many balls of yarn went home with me....

Then we met up with some of M's colleagues and did some card gaming.

We brought a sort of Norwegian cards against humanity game, bucket of doom and there was even a game with a lot of counting and diamonds and a river that I forgot the name of, but I have a picture.

And then, wait for it... We had dinner, sushi! Yay! So this week I got my fish ration  nailed.
  (since I may or may not have been treated with sushi on Friday too because it was our five month anniversary,)

I even did some crocheting on my bolero for the wedding. Look at my awesome jacket with bunnies on, I even have a matching dress. Oh, and this colour is btw out so I better have enough yarn to finish, in case of a crisis I bought two skeins of the same colour only in alpaca and not wool, just in case!

 Speaking of bunnies, they have been really cuddly and relaxing all weekend, until one of us pulls a tuft of loose fur, because guess who is molting? BOTH. Not fun, everything has fur in it on it or between it, food, drink, clothes and my crotheting. Not so Yay.

 How was your weekend? Any fun? Any yarn?

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Making a shrug

I dug out some of my old baby wool yarn from M's wedding vest to make myself a shrug for a dress. Halfway through I realized I was making it too big and had to restart, but I think I will make it in time for when I have to wear said dress. I put the start on top of an old bolero I had and made it that size so now it should fit sizewize. It may look a bit tiny now, but I have already decided it needs an edge in the end. Then I thought I had too little yarn and the search for more ensued. After I started fretting about not having time to buy the yarn online I searched my wool basket again and lo and behold another unused ball of yarn in correct dyelot and all, so now there is no stopping me... I am making a shrug!

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Babyblanket in progress

Mimle hates it when I put stuff on her floor. The blanket now belongs to her. But I have done 15 of 25 squares, This year I decided to make small things to have more finishes and practise making clothing, I hope to have lots of fun but I do hope a lot of people have babies this year;)

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Merry Valentine

 And in Norway today is also Mother's day! Yay. So happy Mother's day.
Aishiteru anata. <3
M and I celebrated a little yesterday too, since he had forgotten my present at the post office. I got a lovely bunny calendar and chocolate. Bunnies gave me a mothers day present too, a heart bowl to put my candy in.
only in white, my mother also got one, but she got the matching mug too and chocolate, the doily and   two heart coasters.
bilder lånt fra Nille.

I made fourteen of these little hearts, two for M for Valentines and the others to family for their birthdays which we are on our way to now. Fourteen hearts and one doily helped me to use up 97 grams of yarn. ^^ Mostly scraps and Søstrene Grene cotton.

Bunnies are not so lovey-dovey today, as they are having a siesta and sieastas are best when single apparently. But the other day I caught them playing tag with lots of binkyes and ending with kisses so they are good.

Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday date night

M and I are having Friday date night today with Sushi, Big Bang Theory, The Walkin Dead and X-files.
That is what happens when M come home early, so we pretend Valentines is today. 

I have some gifts blocking for Sunday, but since we are going to a triple birthday I need to make more. Two heart coasters since it is the season and a small doily. So I got to use some of that read yarn after all.

And the -I need these coloured balls of yarn just because I love the colours but I don't have a need for them just yet-  baby blanket is coming along... I like colourful baby blankets and I don't care about gender colours. I like pink so I use pink. I like blue so I use blue. I like these greens and some red and peach would look nice so I used them too. All cotton from Søstrene Grene.

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Today is pancakeday! So we had pancake for dinner and for dessert with cream and chocolate. Yay.

So, Valmin likes tea now and no mug is safe, he jumps up and puts his paws on the mug, draws it nearer and almost spills tea on himself, then he sticks his head into the mug and laps it up.... Sillybun. Other than that he spends lots of time grooming, more than Mimle, which is a shock!

I need to make more krumkaker, because I am good at it and it is delicious. Here is my favorite mug, candy bowl and caketin. We need more nice moments and this was a nice moment :)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Bunday and things

Today is fastelaven, we have a branch with feathers but I slept almost all day with a bad throat so no buns and cream, yet....

Still plodding along on my knit, here is my bought scarf under for size comparison, almost used up 100 grams of yarn already and then I have to learn the decrease. Hehe. Next time I think I will make my increase on every sixt row instead of fourth like now...

And I started some granny squares because I needed something fun and easy. After all granny squares are quite addicting. A baby blanket since I am making baby things this year!

No bunday without buns! Here they are eating rocket, they need separate bowls or Valmin will take his loot and hide from Mimle which always means she eats his lot too!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Knitting Adventure

I am hoping this will turn into a present, because even though I am trying new colours and actually like green I still feel orange is not me so I need to find someone to give this to that actually likes orange...
If this colour were not on sale I never would have bought it, but sometimes it is nice to work with a palette that you normally won't use and I do like the colours especially since it is so dark and cold outside at the moment...
Other than being a present and an easy knit it is helping me get better at knitting, since I am adding a stitch every four rows I am getting better at increasing and later decreasing and the pattern is in English which is a first for me in my knitting adventure so I feel my confidence rising. Yay me.

My wrist is still not back to normal after my fall so I am taking things slowly....

Monday, 1 February 2016

Out and about

I was out shopping with *Kio today, after I stepped off the bus I realized my hat and crochet mitts were missing! And it was blowing a cold wind and snowing too so I had to buy some emergency accessories.... And I fell on the ice so I feel slightly bruised and sore and sorry for myself.

Lucky for me the scarf was on sale, the hat was cheap and the mitts were OK. But I am still a bit miffed, I am going to call the buscompany tomorrow and see if my stuff might be there... If not I may have to crochet a new pair, but the last pair was really slow going....

I have however a new start, I felt inspired by the scarf I bought and decided I should try and make something similar. It is the yarn I bought on Friday! I may or may not have come out of the store with more yarn, but I am not telling. Not until I have a finish. Although my justification for this new start is that I only have one knit started and that is a hard one, so an easier knit was needed! Especially after my fall!

Bunnies love their new carpet. Guess which bunny is the biggest!