Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My weekend

I was with my mother last weekend, and we went to a flea-marked. It was very fun, sunny, and we found lots of pretty things, since boyfriend and I are moving again, this time to a more permanent location I thought it would be nice to have some more of the essentials. Like vases, plates and serving platters. Also I walked past over a dozen rabbit decorative things, and only bought one, a pink rabbit to put cotton in you would be proud. Very practial at least that is my story and I am sticking to it. 

 So we bought some household essentials, they are now stacked in two boxes in my old room at my mothers until we have moved, so I will show you some of the highlights then I think. But I can show you the furniture we bought.
This hat shelf and stool. 

I think I will paint the hat shelf but we will see.

I am pretty sure this stool have had its cover removed and redone, because the fabric is lovely. This will come in handy when we have people over for a extra chair and it is perfect for using as a piano bench or somewhere to sit when sewing on the sewing machine. (not that we have a piano, but we do have a sewing machine).

The furniture is now also in my old bedroom waiting for me to pick them up.

My mother and I also did some regular shopping and bought some moving crates and yarn. My mother shoved me a sweater she knitted for herself and as the kind daughter I am I asked her to make one for me too, so she had to buy yarn…;) Not that I heard her complain. I finished my knitted secret project and started on another secret Christmas gift.

Thursday, 24 April 2014

Bunny and Blanket

Bunny is molting AGAIN, and feeling poorly AGAIN. She eats and we are monitoring if something comes out the other end, but so far nothing…. I am giving it another hour before I call and get an appointment. Stupid bunny. I comb and comb and she molts and molts. At the moment she is hiding under the sofa, but she just ate some alfalfa hay.

But in other happy news, I have finished my blanket! And yesterday I took some pictures outside.

There is one more row of white on the border than on the pictures.

I quite like it, even if my attempt at complete random placing of the squares failed and I ended up with a  
pattern, so then I went with it and made more patterns. It fits one person. (at least one in my family since we are not tall people). 

Measurements will follow.

And to finish here are some pictures of bunny yesterday when she was feeling happy.

Even if she looked a bit funny.

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Easter Vacation

And what am I doing?  I am reading, so far I've read two e-books and two paper books. I've read one book from the library called "Hvorfor hopper jeg" by Naoki Higashida and one I borrowed from my friend called "kongens merke" by Erling Pedersen. I liked both books, but I have no idea what book to start now. None of them seem to call out to me, so I guess I  will just have to pick one at random. 

I have been doing some crafting as well, and eating of candy. Mimle is mostly sleeping under the sofa as I am in the doghouse because I cleaned her glands yesterday and washed her eye as she had something in it… She seems better today, but has started to molt AGAIN. So I guess I have to spend some time combing her as well. Boyfriend is at a wedding in England, I hope he buys me something! I have so many things on my list that I would love to get from the UK. 

Since bunny is mad at me there will be no picture of her today, I doubt she would agree to pose, we would only get a snapshot of a blob under the sofa in bad lightning that could just as well be a dust bunny as a real one. But I will be back, she can't stay mad at me forever, I have already tried to bribe her with so many treats today….

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Uh-ee it is Tuesday again and I am naughty again

My new favorite group and my new favorite song.
I know I am weird and thus I listen to weird songs, but that is ok. 
Korean is much more difficult than Japanese, I can hardly follow the lyrics even when I have them in latin letters in front of me. But I will learn those lyrics one day they sound like so much fun!

And I really should take a day and sew in those buttons that have fallen of various clothes so that they become usable again…. But I'd rather be naughty and start something new. I got some yarn from my friends again that they inherited. I am such an yarnoholic and stasher.

Here is the only picture you will see of this until January 2015. Because it is another Christmas present.  Yes I am currently crocheting three Christmas presents and I am adamantly ignoring the more pressing matter of a March birthday and said birthday gift crochet start:P

And those little snowflakes will one day turn into something bigger and presently turn into a present, or rather three.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Bunny and the box

There is something new in the house.

What is it thinks bunny as she carefully goes to explore. A few dashes back and forth just in case the sounds outside of the leaves rustling turns out to be something sinister from inside the box.

 But it smells yummy...

The yummy is hay! Hay with something else. Must put head as much inside as possible to find out what that sent is….

It is dandelion. The last dandelion from last year. Mimle eats fast, but is still on the lookout as good bunnies do. 

Lets hope the dandelions soon start to grow outside, because the last dried dandelion is now officially eaten up…

But no worries.

Remember I said I had a secret? Well, I can spill it now. We are moving in the summer! To a lovely flat with two bedrooms and a porch and even a tiny patch of grass where I can grow all the dandelion I want, or rather all that Mimle wants...

Here are some pictures from the flat I got from the sales paper, it goes without saying (although boyfriend thought I should say it anyway) that this is not our furniture, our house is much more bunny friendly and full of yarn...

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A sneaky Peek

So this is my secret project at the moment. One not secret, which is the blanket that still only has five more squares to go, and the secret which will be a Christmas present.

And in two days I might have another secret which I can tell you. Maybe. Keep your fingers crossed.

Have I told you that I might possibly be the worst person in the world at keeping secrets? I am. 
And I have had this secret for so long but I guess I can keep it in for two more days.

Other than that, today is the day I am vacuuming up under the sofa, so I guess this is the look I will be getting for the rest of the day. 

 If I get to see her face at all, I might just get the "speak to the butt cause the face ain't listening" deal.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

My exchange gift

As Easter is one of my favorite holidays (you may guess it is because of the bunnies  and if so you are entirely correct.) I love getting and sending and making Easter themed items (because of the bunnies) and so I joined an exchange. Here is the lovely card Hollybunny made for me. (Isn't that the most perfect handle? It has bunnies in it!)
The design is from the latest Cross Stitch Cardshop number 95, there were so many fabulous designs in that magazine (with so many bunnies).

Anyway. Boyfriend and I were at a party yesterday, so today is a slow kind of day. With only a bit of laundry done and the rest of the day spent in the sofa watching TV and crocheting. I still have not finished my Crochet Blanket, but I am getting there, the end is in sight. Only five more squares to go!
Even bunny is chilling today, and I understand completely with her redecorating frenzy in the past couple of days. 

And yes, I had just finished vacuuming, apparently it was too clean. But thankfully, it is only the area on the side of the sofa near the bookcase where demolition and bunstruction happens, so I am content with letting her have her fun a few days before cleaning. No one can see it unless they are inside the living room or on the sofa. (unless they see my blog). Might be time to vacuum again today, she got a new cardboard box from the store yesterday so I won't feel bad when I take her leftover sticks away. (Yes, the entire tunnel is destroyed). Mimle says she wants a new one for a house warming gift, thank you;)