Thursday, 24 July 2014

So hot I have no good title for this post

Yay, I have some finishes, even if they are not complete finished finishes.

Tadah! I finished this! I only need to sew the lower part, but I am looking for its finished companion to see how far up I sewed that one so that they can match. No luck so far. Did I tell you I first found my box of unstarted kits, then my box of Wips, but I have still not found my box of finished objects… This is getting a little bit silly.

And I finished this lovely little thing. Not sure if I want to attach the magnet on the back or give it a string and make it an ornament… Isn't it just like life to have a finished ornament the day after ornament onsdag? And since I am not always very patient I had to show you as soon as it was finished.
The piece is called Mill Hill winter bunnies. I hate beads might I add, it was impossible to get the floss into the white beads even with the appropriate needle, so I had to use only one strand instead of two as was stated in the chart. The red beads were a lot simpler to do since their holes where bigger. 
But it looks good finished none the less, or finished but not finished finished.

Oh, and making Christmas decorations when it so hot it is almost 30 degrees inside does not help making it any less hot btw. Complete humbug. Bunnies will only turn into puddles far away from each other so not much of a photo op.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tadah, I made a pillow

Since I quite like to finish things (you can't really tell by my long list of wips can you, but I really do like to finish things, I just easily get bored) I sat up all night making this little pillow. I quite like it. And since my sewing machine is still not in the new flat I sewed it all by hand and my arm quite hurts. Moving has turned out to not be too good to my body, I have bruises everywhere, my knee is sore with a huge bruise, I sprained my ankle, my arms are heavy and my back is aching. Rather fun actually, but now I can sit and watch TV and stitch! I also found the box with wips, so no more starts for me:( Too bad as I was enjoying those mini finishes (well, one mine finish).

And our cabinet is looking fuller each day. Look at all the bunnies? Adorable. 

At the moment I am stitching a Permin wall hanging with a rabbit and daffodil that I started quite some time ago, I love stitching this, and I hope I will have it finished soon so that it can be with its pair.
I bought it way back here. An here is where I started from, I don't think I have touched this since I showed you my wips list. 

I will leave you here with some bunny pictures, the bunnies seem to have gotten over their little tiff yesterday, but I am still on edge. Mimle still runs hiding if Valmin is a little rough, but I have spotted them sitting together in a little bunny ball. They are adorable. But it is getting a little hard giving him his meds every six hours, I want at least eight hours solid sleep soon as I am getting cranky.

These pictures are a couple of days old, but they still huddle together like this I just don't want to bother them with taking a picture in case it disturbs their frail peace.

I love my bunnies. I just hope they love each other. I know they love me, because when Valmin was chasing Mimle, she went and hid next to me. I gave her some cuddles and she was happy, happy enough that when Valmin came she stayed so that I could pet them both next to each other.

Look at his poor ear, it is healing though. I hope he won't have a big hole in his ear forever...

Sunday, 13 July 2014

There is no day like bunday pictures

I still haven't found the box containing my started cross-stitching, I did however find the one with the unstarted kits…. Boyfriend and I agreed that I could start one of the really small ones, like a mouse loft kit. So I did, and the stitching is done, I am busy finishing finishing it now. By hand, since my sewing machine is not yet in the new flat.

Boyfriend said it looked like a self-portrait, not going to tell of whom, but I can say that Mimle was called chubby by the vet;)

Today we have started on putting together an IKEA kitchen cabinet, so there hasn't really been time for much weekendy things, we also put up the TV. So it is getting there.
Something else is also getting there, the bunnies, they can nap face to face now. And their night pen is looking good too, so wanna see some bunny pictures? The bunnies are adorable together and I am very pleased with their space too.

He is healing pretty good, and taking his medicine like a good boy.

Valmin loves cuddles and will turn into a blob when touched, and when we stop he will nudge our hands to continue.

This is how our entry is looking like, at present the bunny room. When finished and furnished they will have roam of the house all day and get to stay here at night. Just in case of fire I want to find them easily.

On top of the Hol is the place to be. Inside the Hol is their litter-tray, the cloth is fastened with some sort of anti-slip-off-fabric, to prevent injury.

Look, they can share a meal!

And cuddles!

And Mimle grooms Valmin, and we got it on camera;)

What do you think of their enclosure?

Monday, 7 July 2014


M: -Oh, no, they spotted us, let's pretend we didn't see them.

M: - Those stupid paparazzi's and their flashes. Taking pictures of someone relaxing in their bed with their special someone. It is appalling.

M: - Let's give them a good shoot, maybe they will leave us alone.
V: - ZZZ

(And for some reason I am singing paparazzi like Berryz Koubou's song "Asian Celebration" instead of the more famous paparazzi song that should first come to ones mind?)

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Welcome Home

Meet little Valmin, our newest member of the family. He and Mimle became almost instant friends and even if there is no sharing of food yet, although they can eat next to each other, we have seen grooming. Mimle's ears are squeaky clean!

We will just leave you with a few pictures of the lovebirds.

First meeting in the new home after meeting at the shelter.

He is grooming next to Mimle

Drinking water and resting.

Mimle kept asking for cuddles just like the little sweety-pie she is.

Mirroring, when one started grooming, the other followed. But if Mimle starts to lie down and Valmin comes to join her she gets startled and jumps a little further away.

But it looks promising! Keep your paws crossed!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Moving on up

Since today is moving day we are busy busy busy! But look at our little bunny corner at our new place?
Did you notice the big pink polkadot rabbit on top of the cabinet?

I like it:)

Yesterday we went to IKEA to buy some new rugs for the bunnies and look at a sofa and a cabinet for the kitchen. And we were so lucky we got the last sofa, and everything will be delivered today! Tomorrow it will really feel like home when we turn into a family of four.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Feels like home already

My mum bought me this, and now it feels like home! 

Thank you!
And it is plastic so it will survive even me.