Friday, 29 January 2016

Yoku dekimashita

Today started with shopping with mum. We had lunch and bought lots of yarn!
and some other small things... Like a new carpet and chocolate....
We weren't really going to buy that much, but when Panduro suddenly had a lucky bag sale we pounced. I mean 30 kr for something worth 200? We bought seven!

They belong to Mimle now! 
Also we got these awesome paper bags.

Just look at all these nice colours! Not all of this is mine I must add, some are my mothers and some she bought me so that I could make her an iPad cover.


Later I had friends over and was Sensei, I taught them how to make a granny square and then
 we had dinner and later tea. Both girls brought their own food. M called and asked me what I would like if he had time, I asked for either sushi or MacDonalds.... He didn't have time for either. Guess what my students brought?

Yes, One brought sushi and the other brought MacDonalds....
But M did bring me Burger King so he is not in the dog house. The men hang out together at Friend One's house while we had our session.

Apparently I am really good at teaching, instead of just showing them what to do I taught them what to do and how to tell if you have done it right. I felt like a real kindergarten teacher when answering their question of: Is this right? Let's count together to see if we get the number of stitches the pattern  states, and then I proceeded to count out loud whilst pointing to each stitch, my students said it was very educational. Student Two actually got quite far on her square, student number two hadn't done this since she was a girl and had chosen a more difficult pattern I think and to top it off she was tired after a week of hard work. But both had fun and got to take their yarn home to finish...

Pupil One made a five corner square in blue and pupil nummer two made a classic granny square. The colourful five point shares are mine, one I made today and the others are from before... The dark pink granny square is mine btw.

Pupil Two will just increase her square until it is finished and then it will be a babyblanket whilst number One plans to make several squares into a baby blanket. 

But for that we need more yarn! There is always an excuse for more yarn!
I look forward to next time!


So this year I am going to count how much yarn goes in and how much I spend, so here goes, this might sound a bit depressing.

300 gram Østland wool yarn, 150 in light brown and 150 in light pink, some of which I am going to make into an iPad cover for my mum.
300 Turqoise wool /acrylic mix yarn from Panduro
300 orange wool/acrylic yarn
200 purple wool/acrylic yarn
400 grams of red cotton for Christmas next year, last Christmas everywhere sold out so I am trying to  be smart, this is intended as a Christmas present, from Søstrene Grene.
150 grams og light cotton Turqoise
and finally 150 grams of darker Turcoise which will turn into a winter-pillow for someone.

Since two skeins of yarn left my house one could say I am 
50 grams of Drops Baby Merino Jeans ble and
50 grams of Søstrene Grene cotton in pale pink

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Happy bunday

I am still not feeling well, so no progress on the skirt, I have been lying on the sofa watching TV with M most of the weekend, feeling sorry for myself and wondering just how much snot one person can really produce.... (we have now watched all of X-files and are ready for the new season! Which we are really exited about.)  

Bunnies have not been idle, they got a new fort the other day and M made entrances to it and it is now the best thing EVER. Mimle is busy making her home just right, while Valmin was trying to have a nap inisde the fort, he gave up and went to sleep somewhere else.

Later they got some salat and this is a good shot by M.

But they can share sometimes. Mimle was grooming Valmin here but alas we didn't get any tongue action here....

I am hoping I'll get better really soon because I have things to do and places to be and lots of Dexter to see. (still on season 4, but I have finished Roswell which was fine and started on the new season of Bones on Netflix).

Friday, 22 January 2016

Finished Friday

I don't think I ever showed you my finished snowflake tablecloth? But here it is, in a rather blurry photo since such is winter here that the window with good taking pictures lightning is quite slim...
But I do have a little bit of leftover yarn, hmm, maybe I need another smaller snowflake tablecloth?

M and I had sushi today and it was oishi! I feel worse with my cold today than yesterday so I hope this does not turn into a three week cold again, I am quite good at those...

I hope to do more on my skirt tomorrow!

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Enabler, although I was not too hard to convince!

My friend and I had a cofee-date and she suggested to meet at the shopping centre so that I could buy some yarn, my goal was to not buy so much yarn this year and not any in January. but I heard through the grapewine that this awesome torcouise was swapped into another so my willpower was wearng thin and then fading completely when my other friend asked me to stop by the store and look for yarn for her.... I was strong, and only bought a little. Two colourfull ones that are going out, but I have no idea what project, yet, another green to finish a leftover green from my hats and some new yarn for a new project! 

The grey yarn will turn into a shorts for me hopefully.... Maybe under my skirts when it is almost twenty minus outside, since it is wool. And now I won't buy anymore until next May when I am making baby things. Fingers crossed, unless there is a sale!

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Ornament Onsdag

It is proper Winter here these days with cold weather and snow so I thought making another ornament. I have gone sleighing quite a few times actually and it was a lot of fun.
This is another Permin kit neatly finished in a couple of days even if I did have to unpick quite a lot since I used the darkest blue where the middle blue was supposed to go. Oops.
Another gift done. If I make a few of these gifts as I go I have high hopes for next Christmas.
Now I think it is almost time for another knitted start....

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Tuesday talk

Bunnies got a new toy! They are pleased, as well as a cardbordbox, I am sure no bun will sleep tonight since they will be busy redocorating. Mimle likes everything just right! And Valmin likes to wreck things. So all is the same here in the warren.

I am busy doing one of my resolutions, finishing things and these days I have been busy sewing in ends. And watching TV. Mostly women giving birth and showed about animals, that is what you get for getting up in the morning and watching TV. :p so everything is as always here in the sofa too, watching TV and crafting. I hope I have something to show soon though because it is hard to blog about sewing in yarn ends.......

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Still skirting

Still doing my skirt, I am now about halfway I think. It is warm and good on my lap while I work on it which is excellent because outside was minus 17 this morning and inside was only plus 17, so I spent quite a while drinking and holding my tea before my hands were warm enough to move, serves me right for waking up at four in the morning, right?

Bunnies were thrilled that I took out my grandparents old wooden thing to photograph the skirt, I thought it would look good for comparison.
Valmin chinned it....

....then Mimle chinned it....
And now I am not quite sure who owns it anymore.

Well at least I am making progress.
But honestly I would much rather be making a nice big WARM blanket in wool, but that is just how January is right? Maybe a new start is in order, I mean I have been meaning to make a baby blanket soon. Or I should dig out an old WISP blanket? 

In the mean time I think I will do a little more on this blanket  skirt.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Skirting the issue

I should be doing some projects on a deadline, but I am so engrossed in crocheting this skirt. I am having fun making it and hope it will be finished soon. I have started the decreasing already and used almost two skeins of yarn out of seven I think.

Bunnies and I slept most of the day today but I am awake now and watching Dexter which I am also quite engrossed in, have watched season one already it it is quite amusing.

Friday, 8 January 2016


It is finish Friday! And I have a....

....start. 315 stitches per row. Sorry for the poor quality photo, but there isn't much light here in the evenings.
But it is on my 2016 wish list.

But I do have a semi-finish, not much bigger than it was about a year ago but I think it is big enough for our table, just need to weave in some ends.

Next stop: ending station, good night from the bunny train.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Ornament Onsdag

The first proper finish of the year! I made an ornament, and now that Christmas is over and packed I am going to stop making seasonal Christmas things and start on the things that have been on hold. 

I might try to continue making presents a little in between. But we will see how good I will be about that. Hehe. New projects are always more fun.

Sunday, 3 January 2016


Bunnies are not always the easiest to photograph....

But I do sometimes get rather amusing photos.

The tree is gone. (well not quite, just outside, we might give some branches to the buns later)
The decorations are almost gone.
The cakes are not gone, yet.
The holiday feel is gone.


I love advent, I L O V E Christmas, I  love new years eve parties too and I love the in-betweens, but sometimes January can be good too. Easier to go to the store for one. I hope M will work a little less overtime this year, after all we still have lots of shows to watch and things to do.

Friday, 1 January 2016

2016, this year

Happy new year!
M and I have had a slow day today, watching the Sherlock special and playing katamari forever. (thanks E2 and D too)

I finished another pair of wrist warmers, but still not doing what I should be doing. I hope this year I will be better at doing things on a schedule and not at the last minute.
Also I want to cross stitch more.
Continue on my knitting adventure and actually finishing my knitting jacket.
Finish more things.
Making presents for everyone.
Trying to make patterns from my own head.
Making clothing for myself.
And swimming once a week and being more social and doing more things!
Let's hope this year is better for everyone and that everyone is kinder, happier and more forgiving and I hope my bunnies will be happy and healthy and not too skimpy on the kisses!

Let's go 2016.