Finished Objects


Peter Rabbit On a Pot:

 Somebunny To Love:

Owls (Ugler I mosen):

Welcome Rabbit:

God Jul Letter-holder:

Present for my cousin, Permin

A Christmas Ornament

My own Star-Trek bookmark Design.


Gift for my mother.

Gift for Nira Christmas. It is a pillow, but it is not yet filled here. 

A small bird picture for my mother.

An Angel for my mother.

This is the first lady in a series of three, someday, I will make the rest of them. I have saved aida for it so that they will match. I have no idea when I finished this however, so I am just going to place this in the middle of 2011.

A fox for my cousin, in this picture it is not yet cut and glued to the filt.

A picture I made for my aunt and uncle, they got it for christmas and I think they like it. The greens in the frame really reminded med of them.

A bookmark for my mother in law to be someday, this is I think a heritage design? I bought it at Bath Cathedral. 

An Angel Ornament, I made this for my youngest aunt a Christmas some time ago, she always liked angels and carols and singing. This reminded me of her. I don't get to see her as much as I like because she lives far away, but I always think about her when I sing carols.

For some reason I don't have the picture of this finished, but I know it is finished. I gave it to my friend Evi. She used to have fishes with the funniest names. And she likes cats, her grey cat looks nothing like this however.

For my boyfriend, this was a Valentines gift in 2012 I think? Because we are lovebirds together.

Hen Potholder, I gave this to my uncle for Christmas 2012

Own Design a Christmas Present for Beth 2012:

Mickey Mouse & Minni by DMC, gift to boyfriend. 

My own Christmas Design 2012

 2012, gift to my mother, I finished this last year right after Christmas and I had it hidden away for a whole year and in between moving houses I misplaced it, but I found it just in time.

Own design, I made this to my boyfriend, you can see in the other gift this one is not quite finished in this picture, but I did finish in time for Christmas 2012.

A gift for my little cousin who got taller than me way too fast. (it is actually blue even if it looks purple in the picture. I am sure sparkly aida would look even better, I guess I need to find someone else to make this for also.)

An Christmas ornament for my cousins kid:

I think this was one of my favorites. I made this for my friends mother, who used to be my boss. ^^ She likes owls and books, the book modeling it was a gift from her daughters to me.

I made this for my friend for Christmas, with Sherlock Holmes books on the side. ^^ 

 Snowflake Ornament, given as a Christmas ornament.

Somebunny to love: Collecting Flowers

Gorjuss: I love you little rabbit, for me.


Small hanger ornaments, not re-homed yet. Freebies from WOCS I think.

Gorjuss:New Hights, given to my friend as a graduation present.

An ornament, of, surprise, surprise a rabbit. For me.