Sunday, 28 November 2010

Sock it to me baby!

Because the stockings are all done. D-O-N-E.
This is for the stepmother. Hence the red and girly sock.
The backing is grey fleece. I got a new sowing machine for my birthday, so I am in training. I love my new sowing machine. My only regret about this sock is that the angels at least should have been facing the right way even though the letters don't. But I was not sure how big the socks would turn out when I started. But, oh well, it still looks lovely?
(and angels do have wings and can fly and therefor they can be found in any position.)

This is the stocking for my dad, it is grey and boring. And a mouse in the lettering and green fabric matches the others. Also, did you notice how it hangs from a different side than the other one? It is because it is the male sock:P

Bad picture, but it is difficult taking pictures in the winter, because it is dark all the time. But, you can still see the finished result. What do you think?
A snowman and snow crystals and it has dark blue fabric and the same checkered fabric as the other two. I like it.
It looks like a family owns these.

Now all that is left is buying the stocking fillers.

Doesn't it look Christmassy?

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