Tuesday, 4 October 2011

'This the secret season to be jolly

And here in between school and stuff we are very jolly ( that means I am) and am making Christmas cards. And making my lists and checking it twice and thrice and so on.

I bought a magazine called "Enjoy Cross Stitch Christmas", and while it was a lot thinner than last year I felt that the cute designs made up for it. Since it comes with threads, aida, cards, ribbons and felt I did think double the prize than normal was fair. But then i started sewing, and the thread quality is hideously bad. It takes nothing for the threads to snap. Usually it snaps about three times. I start off with shorter threads and pull extraordinarily gently, but still it snaps. I think this will be the only time I actually use up the threads since I have to throw away half of it. I am seriously contemplating just using threads from my stash... But we will see. All I can say is, if you think the price is fair for a thin magazine without decent thread then by all means buy it. I would not recommend it. Next year I am not going to buy that magazine at all.

Even if the characters are this cute. Look at the little face. And sorry for the blurry photos. I do think I will find my glitter glues and embellish.

This one I made last year though. I just finished it yesterday.

I hate all the glue marks that stick through the aida, anyone have a solution for that?

4/13 is done.

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