Sunday, 19 September 2010

Happy Bunday aka Sunday, but I like bunday better

Here is my inspiration, the pictures are not that good, but they will have to do.:P
I got all these from a magazine. So of course I had to start to stitch most of them right away. Oh, they will become wonderful christmas presents.... I cannot wait.

We watched Howl's moving castle today. It has been a long time.

These are some of my current projects from those magazines... The pink one, I think I will keep for myself:P

Well, more will come, hopefully soon, because I am so full of ideas and things I want to make that I feel like I am bursting. And I keep getting angry and upset when laundry and such comes in the way of my stitching. Stiching and swooning over rabbits. Those are my current hobbies. With a bit of crochet in between. ^^But trouble with that is all of my crochet projects are a menace because in them I have to change thread so often that I feel like I never get really into the flow....:( zannen.

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