Friday, 22 October 2010

The snow is falling, get in the spirit

Here is the stocking cross-stitch, now I have to find some fabric and make the sock:P
And me who suck so much at sewing;)
But I will do my best and practice so that making small things will be problem free.
You can see the stitching on the snowflakes, but I don't mind, you have to fasten them somehow, and in stitches is best so it does not fall of, that would be a lousy gift, right?

She is now a lady and I cannot wait until she becomes an angel. But she looks great, right?
I might be able to make a couple more. Maybe.
Should there be stars around her or some kind of background? How should I frame her? Should there be a contrast colour between the frame and fabric? A blue cardboard maybe?

Any ideas? Maybe I have to wait and see and decide when she is done? I have to buy frames also, now why didn't I go to more flee markets? :P

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