Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas Angel to you!

I am still not done with the Christmas Presents...
But I have until four tomorrow. And the angel is Aaalmost done. ^^

And some of my projects got done. The cat and the hat and one potholder, but then I ran out of yarn, so the second will get it after Christmas. :)

The bees are on hiatus, my mum is getting the rabbit picture instead. And the crochet angels I never started because I couldn't find the yarn. I have been Christmas cleaning, teehee. But this angel will be done by tomorrow. Might not get washed or framed. But the angel will be done. I am thinking since I have the aida to spare to make another facing the opposite way for next Christmas, so by then the picture will be complete? And for next Christmas make a frame too? I am sure my aunt will be pleased.

The purse that has been on hold since last Christmas is still not done... But, it is Christmas, so this is no time to think about all the things that have not been done, but those that made it.
So Merry Christmas indeed

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