Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Monkey business and other business.

This a monkey, for the boyfriend. Don't say I didn't start early, this is his stocking for next year. ;)
And he thought it was his present this year, aww, bless him.

Look at his eyes, it is a french knot. FRENCH KNOT. I did it, I learned it all by myself. And how I loathe those french knots. Typically french.

Another Tadah-Business! This is the rabbit all done. And see how much better it looks than with those awful feet?
And I must say, I loved doing the tree. Maybe my friends mother was right, maybe I would love to sew like she does?

Guess What I Did?

But the rabbits were all done, and I have only two potholders, two cross-stitches, a hat, an angel, and one more item to do before christmas? I have time to make some more? Right?
And those cards I was making, you may ask, or rather you may not, because the cards are on hold atm.:P


E2 said...

Congratz on the french knots, the monkey is like a spitting image of your boyfriend;)

Vilje Vanilje said...

THank you:) I know, he and his bananas, and he does enjoy being upside down disturbingly a lot.