Thursday, 10 November 2011

First love and notes

I made a little bird thing. It is called first love by Riolis.
As cute as those birds are, I do not think I want to recommend this kit. Firstly the floss was a mess to work with. The chart said to use three strands of floss, and did not come precut. Secondly the floss kept breaking apart so I could not use more than 20 cm long thread, and worst of all. It made knots constantly. But it is a cute design. And I might make another one down the road, just with lovely DMC or something or other.

This is a charming angel birthday card, ignore the ugly purple background.
Happy Birthday dear aunt.
For some reason the first row is upside down and the other rows of notes are the right side. Since I am planning of making my aunt's name or happy birthday printed above the angel I think the fact that it is upside down will not be noticeable. But until then it is.

All made in stash. I like dealing with stash. But for another quite remarkable reason, my stash does not seem to decrease in their number. I do not see a link whatsoever between the stash increasing and new packages from sewandso arriving.


E2 said...

Can't see anything upside down about the notes, very cute angel :D (and birds)

Vilje Vanilje said...

Ah, that's good. :) Thank you.