Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The stars beneath the angels, or was that above?

Last year I bought this on sale right after Christmas and I thought it would make a lovely Christmas gift. But then, I put it in a drawer and forgot all about it, that is, until some days ago. I was trying to find an advent tablecloth that has been AWOL the last two years. I still cannot find it, but I did find this, and now I do have an advent tablecloth because I scurried to the store and bought myself two(!).

Now this little beauty will probably turn out a lot different than what is says on the picture. ( so we will see the real picture on the revealing of this finished piece, then, just for fun). Because, in all honesty, how many angels do you know that sits on top of the stars? No, the stars should be around them, or over them, but not beneath. And, since I am a bit skimpy on the fabric, perhaps this will indeed become a twin set. I did a small fail, and checked the key on the chart and started with two strands as listed only to find out two halves of two angels in to it that the backstitch was indeed two, but the rest was in three strands.... And I who thought that I was beyond those petty rookie mistakes. Oh, well, just go over with one thread and no-one will notice;)

I have some more things to show, but that won't happen for a few more days;) The computer is a bit pre occupied these days by kareshi and his exams.


Naughty Smithereen said...

I guess one can argue that being God's messengers, angels can be above the stars just as well as beneath them...? We are after all talking about God the almighty father and creator of the universe...

But I'm all for artistic freedom and I'm sure it will turn out lovely. Looks nice so far :)

Tinkerbell said...

No one will notice anyway^^, They are very cute thou^^,