Tuesday, 13 December 2011


This is what I have been doing this weekend. I made seven of these little snowflakes.

And then, I was being a good girl and taking my angels out, and did all the metallics on it.
And then what did happen? I spilt some tea on my fabric... Fortunately it went away when I washed it. But should I take it as a sign that I should work more on it.? Or less?

Anyway, it is dry now, and stainless and therefor maybe it is time I start on it again?

Today, little girls came at our door and sang the Santa Lucia song, and we got "lussekatter". After my failed attempt at making yellow ones yesterday these tasted so much better. And since I don't work in a kindergarten I thought I would miss that song this year, so I am extra pleased^^
I have also been baking applecake for my birthday.

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